To Love a Psychopath

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Chapter Seventeen


The first week passed slowly. Joan and Kate had finally exchanged mobile numbers so they could keep in touch with each other through the night shift.

A few nights Joan returned home late to find Kate sleeping in her bed, other times her bed was empty and the lights across the road were out.

Some night’s she would come home for dinner after her shift ended. She would enjoy a brief visit with Kate for a few hours, and then return to the prison until the early hours of the morning.

On the weekend Joan would spend her days going about her regular routines, ensuring she spent some time with Kate before going back to the prison for the hours she would spend with the inmate in solitary.

Kate worried about how much sleep Joan was getting and what it was doing to her mental state which she thought was already compromised enough on a good day.

Joan worried about how far she would have to go to get the results she was aiming for and how long it would take.

Kate made dinner and placed leftovers in Joan’s freezer, along with a fresh plate in the fridge for when she returned home, if nothing else at least she could make sure her lover ate a decent meal when she finally returned home.

Joan appreciated the gesture more than she would ever be able to verbalise. With her black leather gloves on she picked a black-red rose in the moonlight and with ninja like stealth she placed it on Kate’s doorstep. A thanks this time rather than an apology.

The text messages were short between the women, but meaningful.

Joan genuinely missed Kate and the time they spent together, even though they still had time together during some evenings it just wasn’t the same.

Kate felt a peculiar loneliness without Joan’s presence for dinner, wine and a sleepover every couple of nights, what they were living through just wasn’t enough and Kate felt an ache deep in her heart.

It was a Thursday afternoon on the second week when Kate couldn’t take it anymore. She looked up the number for the prison on her lunchbreak and dialled. Someone answered. She asked for the Governor. They asked her to hold. No hold music while the call was transferred. Another person answered. Again, she asked for the Governor. This time her name and reason for calling was requested. Tell her it’s Kate. Joan answered immediately.

“Kate? What’s wrong?” Joan’s voice was sharp with worry.

“Nothing Joan,” she lied. “Everything.” Kate could feel herself about to burst into tears and took a breath to calm herself. “I have to see you, I miss you like crazy. Can I bring you dinner tonight?”

“I won’t be home until late.” Joan was completely devoid of emotion as she spoke to Kate as though she was nothing more than a nosy neighbour. She had to be blunt, careless even, if she thought about the pain she felt of missing her lover she would be a mess and everyone at the prison would see her weakness like a shining beacon. It would be used against her, and she couldn’t have that.

“I mean at the prison. Can I bring you dinner?”

“Oh.” Joan was caught off guard, she hadn’t even thought of it as a possibility, but in fact it was. And they would still be safe. And she would be able to simply dismiss any questions from staff as to who the woman is. “Yes, I believe that will be fine.”

Kate nearly cried from happiness but managed to hold it together with a small giggle. “Okay, what time?”

Joan ran over the roster in her head, when the shift changes were and what the movements of her staff would be like that evening. “Seven. We can have a vodka.”

“Would you like me to bring some?”

“No, no. I’ve got some here.”

Kate smiled at that. “Of course you do. I’ll see you then.”

“Oh and Kate,” Joan added quickly and her voice dropped even lower than normal, “please remember, we will have to be discreet.”

“Yes Governor.”

She knew the retort had been meant mostly as a joke, but Joan still felt a pang of guilt as she hung up the phone, she didn’t want to hide their relationship, but it was the only way to remain in complete control of the situation around her at work. Correctional justice was a predatory industry by nature and those who climbed the chain of command quickly regularly did so by having dirt on those around them. Joan wasn’t about to let anyone use Kate as her dirt.

It was 6:45 when Kate arrived at the prison that evening. She had no idea where she was going or what she was doing, but she saw Joan’s car parked in the Governor space and knew she was in the right place. Her phone chirped; it was a message from Joan.

Meet me at the staff entrance gate on your right.

Kate looked around, the flood lights were spewing an orange light across the car park and she could see the gate, but no Joan. Then she looked up and saw the security camera, Joan was watching. Kate stepped out of her car with a flood of nervousness rushing through her body, perhaps it was the strange unnatural lighting, or the ten foot high razor wire topped fence but something was making her insides squirm. She reached back into the car and grabbed the plastic bag that held their food made her way to the gate, she could hear her sneakers slapping on the ground as an echo through the large space as the noise bounced off the walls of the building in front of her. Standing beside the gate she took a deep breath and waited patiently.

Someone was walking towards her from the other side of the gate within 30 seconds. Kate looked up but she knew from the footsteps that it wasn’t Joan, they seemed to be too short and too fast, and the heels clicked against the pavement with a slightly higher noise than Kate was used to hearing from Joan.

“Can I help you?” The chirpy feminine voice came as the woman walked into the light on the other side of the gate and flicked her swipe card in front of the reader.

Kate remembered what Joan had said about being discreet; she hadn’t expected to run into anyone, let alone in her first minute on the premises. “I’m just bringing the Governor some food,” she replied as she watched the woman open the gate and walk through, closing it behind her with a firm snap to ensure the locking mechanism engaged.

“Are you a friend of hers?” The woman wasn’t wearing prison issue uniform or a badge, and it was too dark to see her ID on her swipe card.

“I’m her neighbour, she’s been working late a lot.”

“Oh, that’s awfully nice of you. I’m-” the woman suddenly broke off and re-thought her introduction. She offered her hand with a forced smile that almost passed as true. “I’m the Forensic Psychologist for the prison. It’s nice to know the Governor has some people on the outside looking out for her. Do you want me to take that up to her for you?”

“No, no. She’s coming to collect it.” Kate smiled politely and she knew Joan wouldn’t be far away.

“Okay, well hopefully I see you around again. Goodnight.” The woman walked off to her car under the orange glare of the flood lights, her heels clicked their high sound and echoed through the car park. It seemed she was intent to get out of the way before the Governor came walking up behind her. She had a feeling that she wouldn’t be particularly forgiving about her having run into this mystery woman in the car park.

Kate heard a car door open and shut once those high heels had stopped echoing, but no start of an engine. She refused to turn around and look and make things worse for herself or Joan. Patiently she stood rooted to the spot and prayed that Joan wasn’t far away, her heart ached to just be close to her for a while.

She heard Joan approaching before she saw her. Those heels on the feet at the end of those legs rang such a tune of familiarity now that Kate could pick her from a mile off. It was the way she walked with such confidence. It was the way the sound commanded attention just as Joan commanded the attention of those around her. It was the unwavering dedication of a prison Governor broken down into a simple sound.

Joan walked into the glare of the orange floodlight and approached the gate where Kate was patiently waiting with the plastic take away bag looped over her fingers.

They both smiled, neither of them could help it. They had barely spent time together in the last two weeks other than short hours here and there or sleeping in each other’s arms. Joan held her arm out and waived her swipe card in front of the reader. An electronic click and the gate automatically unlocked itself. Kate opened it and walked through, hearing the clink of metal and the electronic click once more as the gate locked itself once again as she snapped it shut behind herself. For a moment Kate and Joan simply stood there staring into each others’ eyes. It was a moment of relief that they could spend some time together once more.

Kate desperately wanted to throw herself into Joan’s arms and hold her tight, she wanted to melt into the woman that she loved and forget the world around them.

“Stick close and follow me,” Joan said quietly, containing her happiness and turning on her heel to start the trek back to her office. She wanted to grab Kate. She wanted to push her up against the fence and kiss her with all the passion she held for the woman and let out the built up affection that had no outlet without their regular trysts. But she held back, there were cameras everywhere and even though she knew she could wipe the footage and pretend nothing had ever happened if there was an incident at all in the coming 12 hours the lack of footage would be questioned. So she waited.

Kate needed no further encouragement; the thought of the prison was intimidating enough for her. Now here she was inside the walls, those ten foot high barb and razor wire fences all around her and the stench of harsh chemicals in the air to cover the smell of close human incarceration. Sticking close was all she was prepared to do; her nerves were still gripping her insides.

The hallway of safety mesh turned into a brick corridor which led to a large glass door. Swipe cards were needed at almost every turn, but through they went without a hitch or running into anyone else at all. Through the offices, into the elevator and up three flights. They approached a door that said Governor and required a swipe card to access. Another office and another door, large windows covered the wall with the door on it and the blinds were drawn from the other side.

Joan walked across the room and opened her office door, closing it behind Kate.

Everything was as neat as a pin. Decorated in black and dark gray the office represented Joan to a T. Neat, orderly, no fuss or distraction. Everything had its place. Everything was perfectly aligned, squared and sparkling clean. Even the pencils on the desk sat right next to each other, five of them all lined up next to each other, tops and bottoms even.

Kate placed the food in the carry bag down on the desk.

Joan was behind her immediately and begun ravishing her lovers neck with kisses, savouring the taste of her skin, before turning her around and finally finding her lips. The lust had been building up inside her since their lunch time phone call and she needed Kate now, she had waited long enough.

Kate moaned quietly as the pleasure started building inside her.

“Shh,” Joan soothed with her lips never leaving Kate’s as she undid her lovers pant buttons and dragged her around to behind the desk and down onto the floor. With her hand pressed over Kate’s mouth to stifle any sound Joan knew exactly what she wanted, and without hesitation she took it. “I’m going to agonise your body with unimaginable pleasures,” Joan whispered into Kate’s ear as she took all the pleasure of control. “You will feel pain combined with the kind of pleasure that you’ve never experienced before as I take what I want and work you harder and harder with every orgasm.”

Kate could feel her body tingling and the rush caused her stomach to back flip as Joan’s hush of a voice whispered harshly into her ear. Her anticipation was building up already and she knew it wouldn’t take her long to tip over the edge of release once Joan actually started on her.

“There will be moments where you don’t think you can take it anymore and you’ll be ready to beg me to stop, but I won’t, and you won’t make a single sound while I’m taking everything I want from you, understand?”

With Joan’s hand still clamped tightly to her mouth Kate still managed to nod her head furiously as her body begged her to agree simply so she could receive what she knew was coming next. She ached for it, she ached for Joan to be inside her, to own her body and make her suffer through the pleasure.

They were both naked within minutes and Kate learned what the full force of the Governor truly felt like as they forgot all about dinner.

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