To Love a Psychopath

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Chapter Eighteen


Joan drove home with a smile on her face. In the beginning it felt like the weeks of late nights would be a death sentence. But it was over, quicker than Joan had ever imagined it would be; she had gotten the results she was after very early into her experiment and was quite satisfied. Kate hadn’t asked again what it was that she was doing at the prison so late at night, and although Joan wondered if Kate had suspicions about her tactics and intentions, she was glad that the subject had not been breached again. Even when Joan was nursing a sore wrist that she tried so hard to hide, and subsequently failed, still Kate asked nothing after Joan had offered the explanation of slipping over. So many different things were falling into place now she felt like it was finally all coming together.

She couldn’t wait to be in Kate’s arms, to finally spend the evening together again, talk, eat dinner and sleep in the same bed with her all night. It felt like a dream. A happy dream. Joan allowed herself to simply enjoy the happiness she was feeling as she drove home, knowing she was driving home to Kate.

Pulling into their street Joan’s eyes searched for signs of life at Kate’s house.

Nothing stood out to tell her that Kate was home and as she pulled into her own driveway she saw in her rear view mirror that the driveway behind her was empty.

Her heart fell. Disappointment filled her veins and she questioned herself about their relationship as she sat in the car staring into the mirror at the empty driveway behind her. She caught sight of her own eyes for a moment and despite herself she softened. “Don’t be stupid,” Joan said to herself in the mirror. “She loves you, she’s just running late.”

Joan pulled herself together and figured Kate would be home soon.

Kate stopped at the market on her way home, she needed some fresh produce because her fridge looked like that of a bachelor and she knew how shameful that was. She grabbed a basket and began the trek up the street to collect all the freshest produce that was still left from the day of trade.

“Oh hello,” came the chirpy feminine voice that rung a hundred warning bells in Kate’s head.

Turning to where the voice had come from Kate’s eyes fell upon the slight figure of the forensic psychologist whom she had met only a few nights before. The smile was bright but her eyes were roaming for information. “Hi there.” Kate smiled politely but wasn’t willing to open a dialogue as she continued her slow walk of discovery in the market. She knew that when Joan had said ‘discreet,’ it had meant she didn’t want her work colleagues to know she was in a relationship, let alone with a woman.

The woman fell into step beside Kate, carrying her own basket. “You’re the Governor’s friend, right?” Her short blonde hair bounced slightly as she walked beside Kate, and her stiletto heels clicked on the pavement only slightly echoing around the marketplace as people still flooded the street collecting their produce for the week.

“Neighbour,” Kate corrected with a forced smile.

“Ah yes, the neighbour who brings food. That’s very thoughtful of you, are the meals she brings in from home from you too?”

“Sometimes, I suppose.” Kate knew what she was doing and didn’t want to let the woman in on anything that wasn’t her business. If she wanted private information about Joan she would have to ask Joan herself, it wasn’t Kate’s place to say anything and she was all too aware of that, not to mention how worried she was about what might happen if something were to leak back to Joan about their impromptu run in. “What is it you want from me?”

The psychologist grabbed Kate’s arm and with a simple manoeuvre brought them both face to face in the busy marketplace. “Look, it’s not my place to pry-”

“Then don’t,” Kate cut in, her voice becoming low and dangerous as her green eyes burned into those of the woman whose hand was still around her arm.

“Just hear me out,” she let go of Kate’s arm and held her hand up in the pose of surrender and placed them both back on the handles of her basket. “The Governor is under a lot of stress, I have great concerns about her mental health and workload, without even starting on her lack of empathy and emotional depth I’m worried about her coping strategies and the toll her job is taking on her both mentally and physically.”

Kate couldn’t help but stand there and listen, the woman had struck the right key instantly, she was also concerned about the same things in Joan and suddenly realised she wasn’t the only one seeing them. Maybe there was something wrong with Joan.

“I’m not going to say anything to her about you, as far as she is concerned I don’t even know you exist, but I am concerned and there are some questions I would like to ask you regarding her mental state and wellbeing at home. Is that maybe something we can do?”

The woman was friendly enough, Kate thought, and she seemed genuinely anxious about the situation. She wasn’t pushing or making demands, she was simply trying to connect on a human level for the benefit of a mutual acquaintance. “Maybe,” was all Kate was prepared to offer until she knew more about this woman and what it was that she really wanted. Kate was well aware that most people played games, and she didn’t for a second think that this forensic psychologist was above that line. Kate needed to know that she wasn’t collecting information to use detrimentally against Joan, and maybe then they could talk about things, maybe.

From her handbag the woman pulled a business card and handed it to Kate. “Call me, if you decide we can chat sometime.” With a smile she took three steps backwards and turned, blending into the crowd and disappearing.

Kate looked at the card. The woman had withheld her name the other day, she had stopped and made a point of it, and now the same woman had just handed her a business card with her name and phone number on it. She stuffed the card into her pocket, ignoring what it meant that she had pocketed it instead of tossing it in the nearest bin. Deep down she already knew she was going to call the woman; it was just a matter of when.

Pulling into her street Kate saw that Joan’s car was neatly parked in the driveway and her heartbeat quickened. Fishing her phone from her pocket as soon as she had parked her own car Kate activated the screen and saw no new messages, Joan must have only just gotten home. Kate decided to leave the groceries in the car for now and see Joan before she would have to return to work.

There was almost a spring in her step as she crossed the street and pulled out her key to Joan’s front door. Kate’s skin tingled with anticipation and her racing heartbeat caused butterflies in her stomach. She raised her hand to find the lock with her fingers but a centimetre from the door it opened.

Joan was standing there, freshly washed and wearing nothing but a dressing gown, her hair still damp and slippers on her feet. The wicked smile spread across her face was infatuating. She grabbed Kate by the wrist that was extended to slip the key into the lock and as though Kate was as light as a feather Joan pulled her inside, pushing her hard up against the back of the front door as she closed it again in one swift movement.

Kate moaned into Joan’s open mouth as they kissed like teenagers hiding from their parents. Their tongues took turns dancing around one another and Joan’s teeth found Kate’s bottom lip as she gently bit down and sucked on the plump flesh.

With rough, needy hands Joan unbuttoned Kate’s shirt one handed as the other hand pulled the collar to the side and her lips found the soft skin of her lovers neck and collar bone.

Kate felt a warm rush inside her body and a dampness in her underwear as her stomach became exposed. “How did you know I was here?” The words escaped her mouth in a breathy whisper.

“I heard your car when I was finishing up in the bathroom, I saw you coming across the road,” Joan muttered between taking mouthfuls of Kate’s skin in her teeth gently as she teased. “Where were you? I’ve been aching to see you.”

“I stopped at the market after work.” Kate didn’t even think about the question that was asked, only what her body was screaming at her right now, what she needed. “How long have you got?”

“All night. I’m all yours Kate, it’s done.” Joan spun Kate around and pulled the shirt down, it peeled from Kate’s body and she suddenly felt the cold door on her warm stomach and chest as Joan pushed into her back, grinding her hips into her lover’s as she pinned her.

Kate moaned again from the friction of the movement and when it lifted she felt Joan’s hands expertly working the button and zip at the rear of her pants, a strange arrangement but it made the pants look fantastic. “What do you mean?” It only took a few seconds and the pants dropped to the floor in a shimmy of fabric.

In a delectable tease Joan used her fingertips to entice the tender flesh tucked just under the line of Kate’s lacy panties as she pushed up against her on the door and taunted her lovers’ ear with the tip of her tongue. “No more midnight visits to isolation. I’m home. I’m yours.”

Kate was writhing with the building pleasure beneath Joan’s touch and Joan’s last words pushed her right to the edge. Joan revelled in the sounds she could get Kate to make with merely a touch and she continued to tease her for painful minutes, taking great joy in every whimper that escaped Kate’s beautiful pink lips.

“I have to have you,” Joan whispered thickly right into Kate’s ear, sending a ripple of ecstasy down the woman’s spine. “I need you to come for me.” It was true, Joan did need it, but not for reasons of pleasure, she needed it for the simple purpose of control. It was all she knew.

Kate felt the fingers pull aside her lacy panties and slide inside her right to the knuckles. Instantly Joan was deep inside Kate and was moving her fingers in the way she knew it would make Kate crazy. It was enough to push her over the edge almost instantly.

Joan felt the power of the orgasm and knew she had complete control of their relationship, now she felt the freedom to give pleasure until it couldn’t be taken anymore. By the time she was done with her Kate would know exactly who she belonged to.

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