To Love a Psychopath

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Chapter Five


Kate felt exhilarated from her run.

It was a fresh, crisp morning, birds were fluttering around getting their morning worms, the sky was clear and the sun wasn’t biting at all. She had been cold when she first stepped outside 42 minutes earlier, but after the hard push she was coated in a glossy sweat and the music in her ears was thumping a raging beat as she turned into her street, her lungs gasping for air.

She slowed to a walk and looked down the street, the shiny black Mercedes should have been travelling towards her already but as she looked down the road she could see it was still parked in the driveway opposite her home. Kate wondered if something might be wrong with Joan, or if she was just taking a slower morning than usual.

Joan looked at her watch and fought an internal battle once more, she knew she would be a few minutes late to work; not late to start because she always arrived an hour early, but late to the time she liked to arrive. She was a stickler for routine. However she was mostly happy to be a few minutes late because she wanted to speak to Kate before the day began, so she calmed the voice in her head berating her for the tardiness that was coming with thoughts of the meal she would cook – if Kate said yes that was.

As she got closer Kate saw her neighbour placing her transparent shoulder bag in the passenger seat of the car before she walked around to the back of the vehicle, a warm smile upon her face as she looked down the street, right at Kate.

The ear buds were plucked from her ears and deposited quickly in her pocket as Kate saw the gesture as an opening. She smiled back and made more of an effort to catch her breath as she approached. Even from the distance between them Kate could see that the uniform her neighbour wore was immaculately pressed, her black neck tie was tied into a Windsor knot with perfect precision, and her hair had not a single strand out of place pulled back into a tight bun.

“Good morning,” Joan offered in her deep, low voice as Kate came within a few meters of where she stood. She could smell the sweat on the woman as her bronze skin glistened in the morning sunlight making her white scar stand out, but her tight nylon clothes clung to her body and accentuated her feminine figure. Even now Joan still could not quite comprehend the picture that she saw before her and the information she had been given about Kate by her henchman only the night before, they didn’t add up. This woman was living in a cheap old house, with a beat up old car, second hand old furniture to fill her house and it didn’t calculate with the information of who she actually was and what she actually did for a living.

“Hey, good morning. I enjoyed our little catch up the other night.” Kate was quick to open with a compliment, she was in a fantastic mood and her endorphins were running high from the exercise. She was also extremely excited to not have been the instigator of the conversation for the first time, she took it as a sign that Joan was warming up to her.

“Yes. As did I.” Joan wasn’t going to give away more than she needed to now that she had all the information she required, she felt like she was now in perfect control of the situation. Once again he had done his job well, and been paid well for it. With all the new Intel Joan had about Kate she felt in a much stronger position to allow herself to become emotionally involved, or at least form a closer friendship with the woman that seemed intent on forming some kind of relationship with her. “We should do it again. Do you have plans Friday night?”

“Oh, um...” Kate stumbled for a second only because she wasn’t expecting an offer, let alone one for dinner, not because she had other plans.

Joan interpreted the stumble wrong and her voice turned cold. “Never mind, if you are busy I’m sure our diaries will line up again sometime,” Joan stated as she began to walk around her car again to the driver’s side. She kept her emotions in check externally but couldn’t help but feel a burning hot rage on the inside at the thought of being rejected so quickly, especially after Kate had been the one to instigate whatever it was that she felt was building between them.

“No, no,” Kate followed her few steps and Joan turned around again, her anger quelling. “No I don’t have any plans.”

“Good.” A smile that was only slightly forced brought some sparkle to the black eyes. “Dinner. 8pm. I’ll cook something nice, you bring wine. I have vodka for later.” Joan knew she was being brusque but she was pushing with all she had to keep herself friendly after the flush of rage only a few seconds before. She found that she was emotionally explosive around Kate on that morning and she didn’t understand why, emotions were not something she had battled with much in her life thanks to her father.

“Sure, sounds nice.” Kate smiled warmly as she looked up at Joan who practically towered over the top of her with her uniform heels on. Reaching out she pinched a miniscule fleck of lint between her thumb and forefinger from the lapel of Joan’s suit jacket and flicked it away before gently smoothing the fabric with flat fingers.

As Kate’s fingers had approached Joan had felt herself freeze, her heart held its beating and her breathing paused a second as she felt her neighbour teasing at her chest. It was everything she needed to blow the anger right out of her and was replaced with a rush of excitement mixed with anxiety. As Kate looked up at her again Joan could hear her own heart thumping in her chest as loud as a drum and she was sure Kate must have also been able to hear it.

The flash of an imagined moment filled Joan’s mind as she saw herself grabbing Kate by the waist and pushing her hard up against the shiny Mercedes, their lips coming together in a passionate embrace of lust. She would feel the sweat on Kate’s skin as she held her face in her other hand and as their bodies pressed together the smell of Kate would permeate into the fabric of her suit, giving her the scent to take to work with her for the day.

It was only a moment of a vision and Joan simply smiled warmly at Kate as she wondered what was going through her neighbours head at that exact moment. Joan inhaled deeply and was filled with the sweet scent of Kate’s post-workout sweat mixed with the perfume she wore as they stood beside each other.

Kate was caught in her own vision of feeling the curves and angles hidden beneath Joan’s suit as she explored them with her fingertips. She wondered how many scars did her creamy skin hold, how lightly would she have to touch it to make her tingle with goose bumps, and what would she taste like when Kate’s lips explored her. She could feel herself tingling deep in her stomach and bit her lip playfully, looking right into those black eyes that were sparkling with excitement just as she knew her own green ones were.

Joan felt like the moment was extending into something that could be dangerous this early in the morning and snapped out of it. It was only a second, a lingering second between the two neighbours as they both slipped into their own imaginations with the other, but it was shared.

With a smile and a brief, “Better get to work,” Joan slipped into the driver’s seat and waved Kate goodbye. As she drove down the street with the classical music station playing her heart was thumping in her ears so loud she could barely hear the music and her stomach was so full of butterflies she barely felt like the car was moving at all.

Kate stood rooted to the spot in her neighbour’s driveway for a moment as she took in what had just happened while she watched the intimidating vehicle pull away from her down the street, and she had to hold herself back from frolicking across the road as she returned home.

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