MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Can you bear the pain if the person you loved is a betrayer? There's a huge difference between 'need' and 'want'.She wants him to tell the truth but he needs to keep it as a secret. The problem is He'll die if he keeps it secret and she'll die if he tells the truth. "This is a game between life and death. Once you've stepped into this dangerous world, it's hard to get out of here. It is also known as MAFIA."

Romance / Thriller
The Queen
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Chapter 1: Dream place

(This story is still on process and not completed yet)

My name is Anna and I'm 18. This year is gonna be so special to me because I'm joining a wonderful university that I wanted to go to since 8 years old.(since 8 years old, weird right) It is the Harvard University. I don't know why I love to go there but...of course, there's a reason. The university is far from my house and that's the reason. So, no one can control me. I can be myself and of course, I want to enjoy my teenage life. I mean, do you think I can enjoy my teenage life by staying with my parents? Definitely no right.
"Stay safe. Be healthy. Study well. If you need anything just call me. Don't mess up with anyone. Be friendly with everyone. I'll tell Katy to be with you always. Don't go anywhere without her and "
I rolled my eyes.
"Mom I'm not a 6-year-old kid. I'm a teenager now and I'm not gonna be kidnapped at the campus. I'm just going to study and are you telling me that Katy will protect me? Did you forget that she is also the same age as me and this is also the first day for her?"
"I don't care how old you are. You're always a kid for me dear. I just want you to stay safe", told my overprotective mother.
"I'll be safe mom. There is nothing to worry about. You're the one who must stay healthy and safe", I told her before placing a kiss on her cheek.
"I know you can handle everything by yourself but I'm just worried...worried about the past that you had. I don't want you to be sad again because of anyone, any guys. When I was in a hearbroken state you're the only person with me. You are the reason that made me feel I must be alive", tears started to form in her eyes.
Actually, she is right. She's overprotective because we had a bad past. She just wants me to be safe. She doesn't want to see me being inside the room, crying and being heartbroken. She is scared because sometimes my past will make me weak than anyone could ever imagine. I'll behave like a stupid. I'll be a crybaby, I won't eat or sleep well, I'll be depressed and frustrated, which will lead me to suicide. Sometimes I won't be able to breathe because of crying a lot.
I hugged her immediately and said, "I love you mom".
That's when I heard a knocking sound on the door. I know who it is."Katy!" I invited her inside and gave her a hug in excitement. I'm so excited to visit my dream place. I said goodbye to my mom and told her to be safe and healthy before Katy and I leave from my house. I'm really gonna miss my mom. This is the first time I'm leaving her alone at the house and I feel bad for that. But I have no other choices since I'm trying to forget my past.
"What's wrong?", Katy asked me.
"Why are you asking this question all of a sudden?", I gave her a confused look.
"Don't try to hide it. I know about you. You're not okay since you left home. Are you worried about your mother?", she asked me while driving the car.
I have to admit that Katy is a good observer.
"Yes. I know that she'll be able to handle everything by herself but I'm just worried", distress covered my face.
"Don't worry Anna. She'll be alright. Now it's not the time to worry. We should be happy. We are going to the great Harvard University! Far from home. We can be ourselves, go outing, enjoy our life and of course, we can meet some handsome boys!", she winked and started to scream in enthusiasm.
Finally, there we are. We are at Harvard University. Luckily, we got the same room on the campus. The view is mesmerizing. After roaming and searching our room on that huge campus, we found it with the help of a senior girl. It's a tiring day but we are still excited to look around the place. We sorted out our clothes and things in the room without messing it up. In about one hour we finished setting up our room.
We informed our parents that we are on campus before we went to the cafe.
"Omg, this place looks so beautiful", she told me as I agreed. After we entered the cafe, we ordered a milkshake and a piece of cake. I took a view of the cafe. It seems like a restaurant more than a normal cafe. It's huge and clean. It's even decorated with lights. I enjoyed the view while taking a sip of the milkshake and that's when I got myself into a great trouble.
Every place has a devil that bullies the juniors. At university and colleges, they're known as seniors. Someone has interrupted me when I was enjoying the view on my first day there. He blocked the view and saw me up to down like he hadn't seen any girl in his whole life.
I didn't even glance at him. All I did is just drinking the milkshake and ignoring him. I didn't say anything to him because my mother told me to be friendly and don't mess with anyone. It has been more than 5 minutes but I still felt his gaze on me.
He was actually piercing me with his eyes. So,I lost my control and was about to ask him 'are you mad?', but before I could ask him he started to speak.
"Are you blind?", he asked me in a gruff voice and made me jump.
I finally looked up at him. He is freakin' handsome. He has brown eyes, dark coloured hair and wearing a black shirt, which has a sentence telling that 'be you and don't be a copy of others'. Oh wow.
By the way, I'm a good observer, right?
Before he could tell anything, I made a reply by looking straight into his eyes.
"What do you want?"
"So does it take this much of time to talk to me?", he winked.
I rolled my eyes and blurted, "I don't like to waste my time"
Omg, what did I say just now? My mouth is a jerk.
"Well, you sound like an arrogant"
"If you think that's the truth, yes I am", this time I know that it sounds arrogant.
"Don't try to mess with me, you little girl. You better watch your words", he said as he raised his eyebrow and stroked my shoulder.
"You better keep your hands by yourself Mr senior", I said while glaring at him.
He smirked, "You know that I'm your senior right. So you should shut your mouth and remember what I said, DON'T MESS WITH ME OR YOU'LL BE IN TROUBLE"
I laughed, "does it looks like I care? I'm not going to be scared of you. SO NOW GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME"
Wait. I noticed something. Everyone in the cafe was looking at us but I didn't know the reason. Then he took his hand off my shoulder. I smirked. Of course, I know that I'm intelligent. All of a sudden, he grabbed my milkshake and threw it all over my face.
What the-
"You've messed with me even after I warned you so many times dear.Look.Now your face is covered with anger, does it looks like I care?", he smirked.
He continued," Well this is just the beginning. BE READY."
I got myself into trouble on my first day.Great.Now I know that I'm stupid.
Then, Katy and I went to our room. He just spoiled my good mood on this precious day. Katy's advice made me control my anger. If she's not with me, I'm sure that I'll get detention before the next day starts because of messing with him.
The word 'BE READY' is still roaming around in my head. The way he said that is making me a little nervous. I had a gut feeling that more problems are waiting for me in this place. Let's wait and see what's gonna happen next.

(Author's note)
Hi everyone! This is my first book. Thanks for reading and please comment about how you feel or tell me if I need any improvements.Thank you❤️

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