MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Can you bear the pain if the person you loved is a betrayer? There's a huge difference between 'need' and 'want'.She wants him to tell the truth but he needs to keep it secret. The problem is He'll die if he keep it secret and she'll die if he tell the truth. "This is a game between life and death.Once if you've stepped inside of this dangerous world, it's hard to get out of here.It is also known as MAFIA."

Romance / Thriller
The Queen
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Chapter 1: Dream place

My name is Anna and i'm 18.This year is gonna be so special to me because I'm joining a wonderful university that i wanted to go for since when I'm 8 years old.(since 8 years old,weird right) It is the Harvard University.I don't know why i love to go there but...of course it has a reason.The university is far from my house and that's the reason.So,there is no one can control me.I can be myself and of course i want to enjoy my teenage life.I mean would you think i can enjoy my teenage life by staying with my parents?Definitely not right.

"Stay safe.Be healthy.Study well.If you need anything just call me.Don't mess up with anyone.Be friendly with everyone.I'll tell Katy to be with you always.Don't go anywhere without her and "

I rolled my eyes.
"Mom i'm not a 6 years old kid.I'm a teenager now and i'm not gonna be kidnapped in the campus.I'm just going to study and are you telling that Katy will protect me?Do you forget that she is also same age as me and this is also first day for her?Actually she is same as me mom."

"I don't care how old you are.You're always a kid for me dear.I just want you to stay safe" told my overprotective mother.

"I'll be safe mom.There is nothing to be worry about.You're the one who must stay healthy and safe mom." I told her before giving a kiss on her cheek.

"I know you can handle everything by yourself but i'm just worried...worried about the past that you got.I don't want you to be sad again because of anyone,any boys.When i was in hearbroken state you're the only person with me.You are the reason that make me feel i must be alive" tears form in her eyes.

Actually,she is right.She's overprotective because we had a bad past.She just want me to be safe.She doesn't want to see me being inside the room,crying and being heartbroken.She is scared because sometimes my past will make me weak than anyone could ever imagine.I'll behave like a stupid.I mean i'll be a crybaby,i don't eat or sleep well,i'll be depressed and frustrated that will lead me to suicide and it'll also make me hard to breath.Actually i'll not be able to breath.

Then I hugged her immediately and said "i love you mom".

That's when i heard a knock sound on the door.I know who it is."Katy!" I invited her inside and give a hug in excitement.I've started to feel the excitement and can't wait to visit my dream place.I said goodbye to my mom and tell her to be safe and healthy before Katy and I leave from house.I'm really gonna miss my mom.This is the first time I leave her alone at house and i feel bad for that.But i have no other choices since i'm trying to forget my past.

Hi guys!This is my first book.Thanks for reading and please comment if there is any wrong or if i need some improvements.Thank you❤️
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