MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 9: She is just a kid

Jax's POV

"Are you done with bullying her?",I asked Henry.He didn't reply for that and he looks confused.I noticed that something's going wrong.

"What happened?",i asked him again.

He blabbered.I didn't see him this confused before this.Even when i have any problems,he'll tell the solution within a second.He is too good in handling situations.In a couple of minutes,Lucas,Charles and Alex came in.They asked Henry ,"Why did you tell us to come fast?Is there any problem?"

He took a deep breath and said,"Guys...This is an important thing.Alex close the door first"
After Alex closed the door,he continues"We got a hint to find our enemy"

"What are you talking about?I don't understand anything",Lucas said.

"Okay.Remember our plan about doing pranks to Anna yesterday ?",Henry asked and we nodded.He continued,"As we planned,i went to her room and messed up the room.That's when i...i saw a picture there"

"What's the problem with the picture?Why are you behaving like you've seen a ghost there?"Charles asked him.

"Yes.It's more better to see a ghost than seeing that picture.In that picture,i-i saw Anna's family"

He stopped again.I lost my control and asked him,"Henry just tell us what's wrong with it.It is just a picture of her family.I didn't see you this confused before this.Just tell us what's the matter"

"She is the daughter of Daniel Bennett",he told us as fast as lightning.

"WHATTTTT?",we all asked at the same time in shock.

Lucas : "How did you know that?"
Alex : "Are you telling the Daniel Bennett that we've searching for three years?"
Charles : "I can't believe that she's his daughter"

They queued up with questions but I didn't open my mouth.It's really shocking and unexpected.

"Relax guys.She is with Aunty Isabelle,Daniel Bennett and another guy.I don't know who is he.It must be her family.I torn the picture when i see his face.I didn't expect that she'll be the daughter of him.By the way, it is a great hint.We can find where he is hiding these years by following her."Henry told us.

"Yes Henry.You're absolutely correct.She knows where is her father right now.We must take revenge for what we lost in our life.He must give answers for what he did",i said.The pain that i've been holding these years makes my heart hammered.

"What are we gonna do now?"Charles asked.

I look at them and said,"Don't worry.I'll tell the plan soon.I'm gonna make him regret for what he did.THE HELL IS WAITING FOR HIM".Rage filled me when the thoughts crossed my mind.We've a dark past that no one could ever imagine.It's all because of him,Daniel Bennett.He had killed our loved ones.We lost our parents when we're just 18,19 and 20 years old.Lucas and me is 20 y.o at that time and Henry is 19.Alex and Charles are 18 y.o.We 're matured that time but there's a lot more to enjoy.The happiness,peace,love from parents had faded from our life.

I wipe the tears from my eyes when it started to form.

The next day (at theater)

I bring her to the theater.She watched the movie but i couldn't focus on the movie.It's because,so many thoughts are roaming in my mind.I still can't accept that she is the daughter of Daniel Bennett.I thought that it's hard to make her fall for me but it's not that hard i think.I could see that in her eyes.I don't know what she's been through but i can tell that she has an untold pain in her heart.When i locked her in the wall,it's...I don't know how to explain it but when she tries to make eye contact with me,i can feel the waves of feelings on her.I don't think that she is like her father.Maybe she's like her mother.I know a little about her mother.My mom had told me that her mom is really kind,innocent and a lovable person.Eventhough I hate Daniel Bennett,I'll always have a respect for her.I don't remember her face because i'm just a kid when i saw her last time.

I didn't see a girl like Anna before this.I mean, she is too innocent.When i look at her my gut feeling is keep telling me that she's a kid and don't break her heart by making her fall in love.I don't know why but...I have no other choices.I must know where is her father.I swear that i'll never hurt her too much.That's it.

I feel something on my shoulder.Oh god,she's gorgeous.Her head is on my shoulder and she's sleeping.I didn't disturb her and watch the movie.When there is about 15 minutes before the movie finish,she wakes up.I can tell that she is feeling uncomfortable after she knows that she has slept on my shoulder.

She asked 'sorry' and i reply her 'no worries'.It's cute when she ask sorry.It looks like a 4 years old kid is asking sorry for stealing chocolates.I really have to admit that she's gorgeous.Her hair was golden blonde and it flowed over her shoulder.She has strawberry sweet lips and soothing voice which mesmerized me.Her dark amber eyes along with the thick eyelashes has a power of melting one's heart.It's attractive and captivating.Overall,she is such a cutie pie.I won't behave as harsh as i behave with others and i won't hurt her too much.I'm not a ruthless person.It's just my situation.I can't be kind to everyone because the work i'm doing is not a work that kind hearted person will do.Sometimes situation will determine a person's behavior.I'm in the situation where i must be like this and this is me.

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