MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 10: Is he trustable?

Anna's POV

I woke up and realised that i've slept on Jax's shoulder.After the movie finished,we go to the car and it's too quite because he didn't put the songs.Finally,he starts to talk.

"Why did you come here?",he asked me.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm asking about why you choose this place to study.I mean,your house is far away right.You can stay at your house and study there but you didn't do that.So,is there any main reasons?"

Why is he asking this question?Doesn't he get any other questions to ask.How could i tell him that i came here to forget my past?I stay silent and my heart hammered when the thoughts came across my mind.I even forget that he asked me a question.

"Excuse me,miss Anna.Did i asked anything wrong?",he asked and made me come out from the thoughts.I replied him,"Nah.Nothing wrong.This university is famous and known as a good place to study.That's why i came here"

He looked at me like he knows that i'm lying.After 20 seconds of silence he told me,"Lying is not a good thing miss Anna"

"W-what?I am n-not lying",i tried too hard not to blabber but failed in it.

"Miss Anna,don't ever try to lie.Especially, don't lie to me.I can find it so easily"

The traffic light is in red now.I look up at him when he made an eye contact with me.His eyes are so captivating.

"Looks like someone is too good in reading mind",i told him and he smirked.
We went to the campus.I get out from the car and wait for him.He locked the car and leaned on the car bonnet.

"Thanks",he told me.

"For what?"

"For coming with me",he said as he put his hand in the pocket.

I smiled.He is so handsome and he even thanked me.I crossed my arms amd asked him,"are you a good guy or bad guy?"

He chuckled,"Why are you asking me this question?"

"A question won't be an answer to another question Mr Jax"

He laughed and said,"You are different"

I look at my dress and check if everything is okay or not.Then i asked like an innocent,"What's different? Everything is okay what?Am i look like an alien?"

"I didn't tell about your dress or how you look like.I know that you're not too innocent"

"You're wrong.I'm an innocent.I didn't understand what you told me just now.That's why i asked you that",i shrugged my shoulder and tried to behave like an innocent.

He crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow,"i told you that i can find it if you lie Miss Anna"

"Let me act lahh Mr Jax.You're making me embarrassed ",i said as i pout like a kid.

Then,he starts to laugh again.I will behave like this only with a few people.I won't be close to many people.I don't know how but i feel good when he's with me.He's not behaving like a devil.I don't have any idea about why everyone is scared of him.He is kind and friendly.

We tell bye to each other and went to our rooms.I opened the door and noticed that Blaire,Lucy and Katy are looking at me like they've seen a ghost.

Katy run towards me and asked,"Anna are you okay?"

"We didn't mean to leave you alone Anna.They intimidate us and we have no other choices.Did he threaten you?Are you okay?",Blaire asked me with a concerned look.Lucy just froze in the place and looked for an answer from me.

I stay silent for 5 seconds,thinking about why they're worried.

Ohwww.They don't know what happened right.I even forgot that i had a problem with the five devils before this.Well,not devil.I mean,Jax is not a devil.

"Girls,no need to worry.I'm perfectly alright",i said with a smile on my face.They give me a confused look and asked,"We're worried about you but you look like nothing happened.Can you explain us what happened?"

"Relax girls.When i went downstairs to meet you,Jax grabbed me and told me that you girls are already gone.I didn't believe it at first then i had no choices because i noticed that your car was missing there.Then,he brought me to a restaurant and we ate there.After that we watched a movie in theater.When the movie finished,he brought me here and i came into this room.Then,you girls already know what happened after that",i said this in a breath which gets a shock reaction from everyone.

I sit on the couch and they looks at me with wide eyes.

Katy : "He brought you to a restaurant?"

Lucy: "Then he brought you to a theater?"

Blaire : "And you watch movie with him?"

"Yeah.So what?",i asked them like nothing happened.

Katy : "You are even asking 'so what'?"

Blaire : "Well,can i know what changed you in a sudden?"

I chuckled and tell them to sit beside me."Girls, don't worry.He didn't intimidate or threaten me.He maintain the distance with me and protect me.He even slapped a person who looks at me like he's gonna eat me"

"What?He slapped a person for you",they all said in unison.

"Yup.I was also shocked at that time but he doesn't looks like a devil.He...He is a kind person"

"Wait.What is happening here?Did he drag you into black magic?",Katy asked.

"Nahh.Actually,i'm telling the truth.He is actually something different.I don't know how to explain but i-i feel safe when he is with me.As you know Katy,usually i don't trust anyone.I don't even have any men in my life to protect me.The men in my life had just gave me pains and problems but when he is beside me,i feel something different.My gut feeling is telling me that he is not same as the other men",i share my thoughts with them.

I'll always have a gut feeling about a person is trustable or not.After i came out from my dark past,i've stopped myself from trusting people.When i spend time with Jax,i came to know about that he has two sides.One is the rude and devil side which he is showing to everyone.Another side is sweet,kind and caring side which he is hiding from everyone.I don't know what it is but i'm sure that he is hiding something.

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