MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 11: They're men

'Raise up a cup up for all my day ones
Two middle fingers for the haters
Life's only getting greater
Straight up from nothing we go'

My alarm wakes me up.I get ready and went to the cafe with Katy.After we took breakfast,we went to our class a little earlier and sit in the middle bench.

"Good morning everyone",the lecturer greet us and starts the lesson.Suddenly,someone came in and tell something to the lecturer.

"Anna,go to the principal room",he ordered me.

"Sir but why i ",before i could finish talking he interrupted.

"No excuses.Get out"

I went out and make my way to the principal room.Why should i go there?I didn't do anything wrong.It's....Is it like what Blaire told me that day?Am i going to be expelled because of the five devils?Is it the reason of sudden change in Jax's behavior?

No Anna!You are thinking too much.Relax.It won't happen.But what if it happens?

I opened the door with shaky hand.I believe that it won't happen.'Relax'.I told myself to be relax and open the door.

Shit!My eyes go wide when i see them.Is it true?Am i going to be expelled?If not then why are they here?

"Anna,you can come inside",the principal ordered.

After a minute of silence,the principal start to talk."Anna you are going to be with them and help them in doing a research",he told me.

What?Why i should do that?What research?

I asked myself instead of asking the principal.

"S-Sir,I don't understand"

"They are doing a research about Edward Marcus.He is a criminal and his son is in the jail instead of him.You must help them in doing this research"

So what?Why are they dragging me into this?

"Sir,but why i should help them?And i'm a science student not taking journalisme courses or something else"

"I know"

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING.He is just telling me the two words,'i know'.It is not an answer for my question.I look at the five devils and they're behaving like nothing happens.Is it their plan?Why are they doing this?

"Anna,there is no need to be confuse.They are doing this research and i asked them if they need anyone's help.Then,they chose you.That's why i'm telling you to be a part of their research",the principal explained.

"Sir,but...I'm not gonna do it sir"

"Miss Anna,we didn't asked about your opinion.We are informing you that you're also included in this research",said Alex.

"But ",before i could tell anything Lucas interrupted,"No excuses.You are in it.Be ready tomorrow at 8 a.m.We'll pick you up"

They all went out of the principal room before i could clear my doubts.All i can do now is going out of the principal room.My brain is still loading and recovering the scenes that happened just now.I didn't went to the class but i went to my room.I'm not in the mood of studying.So,i'm not going to attend the classes today.

I went to my room and sit in the couch.I feel like my mind is gonna blast.I covered my face with hands because of the tension.Suddenly,i felt something beside me.I turn to see what is it and...

"You okay?"

JAX! What is he doing here?How did he came inside?I looked at the door and think whether i locked it or not.

"You didn't lock the door",he told me like he has read my mind.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have classes?"

"No one will have classes on lunch time.I asked your friends where you are and they told me that you didn't return to the class.They told me that they've searched you but can't find you.That's why i came here and you even forgot to lock the door.So i came in"

I look at my watch.Ohw yes he is correct.It's lunch time.I wanted to ask many questions but i've forget what i want to ask first.I stay quiet until he starts to speak.

"Why are you thinking too much?Relax",he hold my hand,comforting me.

"What is happening here?Why are you dragging me into this?"

"Because we need a girl to help us.I mean,Edward Marcus's son knows who we are.So,we need a person to interview him.Because of we're all guys,we've planned to choose a girl for this.So,we chose you and that's why you're involved in it"

"What if i don't want to",i said as i shrugged my shoulder.

"No need to worry.It's just a small matter.We believe that you can do it and that's why we chose you"

"Principal told me that he is a criminal,does it looks like a small matter?Wait...WHY ARE YOU RESEARCHING ABOUT A CRIMINAL?"

"It''s because",he stumbled on the word.

"Because of what?"

"His son is an innocent but he is in the jail.We want to help him but he's not saying anything to us"

"Why do you want to help an unknown person?",i asked him.

"It's because he is our friend",Charles said as he came inside my room.Jax look at him with wide eyes.

"Wh-..Y-Yesss",Jax stumbled in his words again.

Charles sit beside me.Jax is in my right side and Charles in my left side.

"Look Anna.Edward Marcus and his brother are criminals.Th-They are our enemies.But his son is different.He is a good and kind person.He is stucked in the jail because of his own father and we need to help him.We tried to ask him what happened that day but he is not telling the truth.We also need to find where is Edward.We want to take revenge for what he did.",said Charles.

"SO WHAT?You should handle this on your own if he's your enemy.I'm not gonna help you.Just leave me alone",i snapped.

"As i told you,we are not asking you whether you're doing it or not.You have no choices.You must do what we said or you're gonna regret for not listening to us",Alex told me as he came inside my room.

URGHHHH.Everyone are coming into my room.I hate that!

"I'm not gonna regret for that.What are you gonna do if i don't listen to you?Will you make me expelled from this university?Will you do pranks on me?It's even better to get expelled than being dragged into these criminal stuffs",I yelled as i stand up from the couch.

Alex smirked and said as he stepped closer to me,"Miss Anna, don't think that making you expelled from here is the maximum revenge that we can take on you.We can do more better than that".Then,He leaned closer and whispered huskily,"Don't forget that we are men Anna.Since you are a gorgeous girl,we can take a better revenge on you.That will be an unforgettable experience in your life"

Whatt???Is he saying that he will.....

My eyes filled with tears.Being threaten like this is making me nervous.I blinked often to avoid the tears.

"Be ready tomorrow at 8.00 a.m.We'll pick you up.We are going to visit jail and you should interview Adriel Marcus, the son of Edward Marcus.We will explain everything else tomorrow",said Charles.They went out of my room.

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