MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 12: I'm not going to do this

I couldn't sleep last night.The five devils are ruthless.They are forcing me to do this.I've just seen jail in movies but they're telling me to go there and interview a criminal.How am i gonna do that?I'm so nervous!

It's 7.30 a.m.I should get ready fast or they're going to come into my room and intimidate me.

I wear long-sleeve shirt and black pants after bathing.I unlocked my room door and,

"Are you gonna go with them?It is not safe for you.I'm scared",said Katy.

"She doesn't have any choices.She must do what we said"

I turned around and looked at the doorway.It's them.

"Are you ready?",Henry asked me.

Why is he asking me this question? Don't he know that i'm not ready because i don't want to do this?

But i know it's not possible to tell them that i'm not ready for it or 'Mr pain in the ass' aka Alex is gonna threaten me.So i nodded for his question.

"Okay then let's go",said Charles.

I tell Katy to not worry and follow the five devils to their car.I hope that Jax will sit beside me so,i'll feel a little better.I know that the word 'luck' has disappeared from my life after i met these devils.So,i didn't felt suprised when Alex and Henry sit beside me.THE PERSON I HATE THE MOST IN THIS TEAM.

Alex is the main reason for every problem that i'm having now.Henry is the one who tore a picture that i kept for years as a memory.

Jax drove the car and Lucas is in the front seat.Charles is coming on another car.

We get out of the car when we reached jail.Well, the jail is too big.I'm seeing jail in real for the first time.There are some securities at the jail entrance.Fear is spreading all over my body.I feel like i just want to run and hide somewhere.I don't want to go inside the jail.

"Look Anna.You're gonna act as a student who has an assignment of interviewing Adriel Marcus.You need to get answers for these questions",Henry gave me a paper sheet of question.

First question : What happened before 3 years ?
Second question : Why did you came to jail instead of your dad ?
Third question : Did you kill anyone ? If yes,how did you kill them ?
Fourth question : Where is your father,Edward Marcus ?

I look up at the five devil.

"These are the main questions that you need to ask him",said Charles.

"Don't try to escape.We won't let you go until you find answers for these questions.You have 1 hour time to interview him in a day and you're gonna meet him three times a week.If you got answers for these questions,then there's no need to meet him again",said Lucas.

I'm filled up with fear and it was more nerve wracking when Jax told,

"There will be a guide for you to bring you inside.We'll wait for you in the car"

My eyes go wide and i asked him,"ARE YOU GONNA SEND ME THERE ALONE?I CAN'T DO THIS!"

"I already told you that you can't escape",Lucas told me.

Tears starts to form in my eyes because of anxiety.Jax said something to Henry inaudibly.Suddenly,he grab my hand and lead me to another side,far from the others.

"Don't worry.Just be relax",he told me.

"How is it possible to be relax?",I took a deep breath and continue."Jax please,I'm not gonna do this".I couldn't control my tears and started to cry.I covered my face with my hands because i don't want anyone to see me crying.

"Ma Bella, don't cry",he hugged me and stroke my hair.

"I'm so scared and-and my mom will be worried if she knows what's happening"

"Don't worry.She won't know what's happening until you tell her"

"But I'm not going to do this...i-i can't.Atleast you should come with me"

"No I can't.He knows me...Anna look at me",he caressed my cheek and made me look at him.I made eye contact with him and he said,"It's totally safe for you.No one can harm you when I'm with you.I won't send you there alone if it's not safe for you.I mean it.Trust me".I know that he's not lying.His words and his concerned look is giving me confidence but my brain is refusing it.

I nodded for what he said.He gave me a hug,knowing that i'm still not okay with it.I hug him back more tightly.I've never felt this safe with someone.It's a little weird because i'm feeling safe when i'm in a situation of going inside the jail and investigate a criminal.

We went near the car.Henry and Jax came with me until the entrance gate.Jax hold my hand and comfort me.I saw Lucas talking with a security near the gate.

"He'll bring you to Adriel",Henry said as he pointed the security.He continued,"he will be there for you as a bodyguard.You can call him if you need anything."

I nodded when the security asked "are you ready?".Jax let my hand go.So,I turn around to go inside.Suddenly,i felt a hand grabbing my hand.
"Don't worry.We'll be here and you can come before the time's up if you feel unsafe or scared",Henry told me with concerned look.

I was blank for a second because it's so confusing.First,he did a prank on me.Then,he intimidate me.Now he is caring.It is too hard to judge their characters and especially this guy.Uhmm not only Henry,Jax is also the same.I can't even guess their characters.I feel like i want to ask him whether he is a good guy or bad guy.Since i don't want to do that,i just nodded and went inside.

"Can i know who are them to you?",the security asked me.

"Who are you talking about?",i give him a confused look.

He looked at me for a second and smiled.

"Why are you smiling?",i asked him.

"You look so innocent.Frankly, you're more like cute little girl",he said.

"Well,i'm 18 years old"

"Yeah i know.I'm just telling how you look like"

"You know that?How did you know i'm 18 years old?"

"Lucas told me.Uhm..Actually,Jax and Henry also told me yesterday"

"They'd already informed you yesterday?"

"Yes.It''s really shocking that they are caring about you a lot.I didn't see them care about anyone like this.Yesterday,Jax called me and informed everything.He tell me to take care of you.Then,Lucas called me and said that i must keep you safe when you're here.When he hang up the phone,Henry called me.He told me to keep you away from Adriel.Charles and Alex also called and told me to not let Adriel come near you."

My brain malfunctioned for a second when he said that.Are they caring for me?No,why should they...but.....urghhhh i don't understand anything!!!

"Okay,you can sit in the chair.There is a button under this table.I'll come here if you press this button",he said.

My brain is still processing on what he said about the five devils.It took so long to get a word to reply him so i just nodded.He turn around to go out from that room.

"Where are you going?",i asked him.

He smiled again and said,"Don't worry.I'll be at outside of this room and you can call me whenever you want by pressing the button.Adriel will be here in a minute.You can prepare yourself before he come."

He went outside and i sit in the chair.There is a table and two chairs.I took a deep breath and read the questions again.That's when i saw...

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