MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 13: Why?

He went outside and i sit in the chair.There is a table and two chairs.I took a deep breath and read the questions again.That's when i saw him.Two securities bring him and force him to sit in the chair which is kept on my opposite direction.They tied his hands with a chain so,he couldn't move or come near me.After the securities went out ,i decided to ask him the questions.

"Why did y-"

"This is not good for you",he said as he look straight in my eyes.It feels like he's looking into my soul.I made an eye contact with him.He's trying to tell something but he's hiding it.For a second,I lost in his gaze.It's just...Something in his eyes.I came out from my thoughts when he cleared his throat.I broke the eye contact and look down at the paper and table.I don't know what happened to me just now but all i know is he's a puzzle box.

"Did you come here for a tour?"

"What?",i look up at him and asked.

Again,he look into my eyes and asked,"who send you here?"

"I have an assignment about-"

"Tell the truth"

"I'm telling the tr-"

"I said tell the truth"

"What do you mean by tell th-"

"Lying is not a good thing"

I sigh."Can you stop interrupting me?"

"I won't interrupt if you tell the truth"

"Why do you think I'm lying and you're not even letting me to tell the reason of why i came here"

"There is no need to hear the reason from you when i already knew the reason"

"You know the reason?"

He nodded.

"Then tell me the reason",i asked him.

"Why should i say the reason when you know the reason?"

Urghhhh.He is making me frustrated.I don't think he'll answer my questions.

"Looks like someone is not getting a right word to continue this conversation",he smirked.

"Did you killed anyone?"

He didn't reply and smiled.


"Who is the idiot that send a cute little kid inside a jail to investigate a criminal?"

"I'm not a kid",i rolled my eyes.

"You are not but you are"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You are such an innocent",he said and smiled.

He is smiling again.Why is a criminal looks so handsome and charming???

"Who told you that i'm an innocent?"

He laughed and said,"I'm too good in reading a person"

I gave him an annoyed look."Mr Adriel Marcus,i'll ask you some questions and you should tell the truth.First question,what happened before 3 years?"

His eyes turned dark for a second."Do you really wanna know that?"

"Yes",i told him in excitement because he's gonna tell the answer.So,i can escape from the five devils earlier.He asked me again,"Think well,do you wanna know it?"

"Yes.Just tell me"

"Well,i was eating and sleeping at my house peacefully"

I was blank for a second.I'm talking seriously and he is JOKING.

"What?",he asked me innocently.

I keep my hands on my head in frustration.He laughed and said,"Relax,ma bella".Now,he is making me more depressed.Why everyone are calling me 'ma bella'?

"Adriel look.Please answer for my questions.This is so important for me"

He smiled for the third time.


"You are so innocent than i thought.Listen,this is not safe for you.Just go back and don't come again."

"Who are you to tell me that? and I'M NOT AN INNOCENT"

"Is that so?",he raise his eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes,"Why are you thinking that I'm an innocent?"

He laughed again,"Does anyone beg a criminal to make him tell the truth?"

I think about it for a second.Yes right!Oh my god.How stupid am I?I am asking him too soft.How does he tell the truth if i'm being soft?

"Just listen to me.I don't even know who you are but i'm sure that this is not safe for you.Go back and tell your professor that you're not gonna do this"

I stayed quiet.How is it possible?I'm stucked.The devils are not going to let me go until I get the answers of that questions.I've already started to lose my hope.Adriel is not gonna answer my questions.WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?

"Excuse me",i heard a voice.It's the security."Time's up.You should leave now",he said.

I nodded.I take my things and went near the door.
"Hey baby",Adriel called me.


"Don't come here again.I'm telling this to your own good",he said with a concerned look.I went out.I saw the devils standing near their car.Jax tried to read my mind with his intense gaze.

"What happe-",before Alex could finish his question i interrupted and said,"let's go".

They looked at each other when i get in the car without saying anything.It was so quiet until we reach our campus.I get out of the car when we reach there.I can tell that they're confused because i didn't open my mouth and went to my room.

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