MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 14: Caring

"Anna are you okay?What happened?",Katy asked me.

I picked up my water bottle and drink water to calm down myself.I turned around and noticed Katy looking at me.
"I'm o-"
"What happened?",Jax opened my room door and asked me.

Katy and I looked at him until he starts to talk.
"What?Why are you looking at me like that?",he asked us.

"Excuse me, don't you know what you did just now?",Katy asked.

"What did i do?",he asked in confusion.

"Jax,you didn't even knock the door and my heart beat stopped for a second",i said.

"Ohw sorry for that...Come with me for a while", he grab my hand and bring me outside.

I don't know whether i should laugh or feel bad for Katy.She looks so worried and confused.

"Jax where are we-"

"Stay quiet for a while".Why is he interrupting me and not letting me to talk?Adriel also does the same thing.I really hate it when someone interrupt me when i talk.He brought me to the garden.We sat on a bench under a tree.

"Are you okay?",he asked me.

"Excuse me Mr Jax,you also can ask that question in my room right.Why did you grab my hand and bring me here?You almost forget that i'm coming with you and you walked so fast"

"I thought something happened there because you're not in a good mood after you came out from jail"

I stay silent,not knowing what to say.

"Is everything alright?",he asked me.
I shooked my head.When he opened his mouth to ask something,Alex joined us.

"Hey,are you okay?"

I stay quiet again.Alex sat beside Jax.

"Anna what happened?",Jax asked me.

"I don't think he'll answer for my questions"

"Then why do we send you there?For a tour around the jail?You are the one who should make him tell the truth",Alex shrugged.I glared at him and said,"He's such an arrogant like you.How is it possible to make him tell the truth if he's like that?",I shrugged same as Alex did just now.I noticed Jax on sideways.He looked at Alex and me before he chuckled.

"This is not good for you",Alex said as he glared me.

"Ohw is it?What are you gonna do now?Are you gonna threaten me again?",i asked playfully and made him more irritated.

"Ahhh you little chick,come here!"

Alex chased me as i run.

"Hey you stop",he yelled.
I didn't listen to him and ran more faster.

"Oopss I'm sorry",i accidentally hit someone.When i look up at him,i came to know that it's Lucas and Henry.I noticed Alex is still chasing me while saying "Lucas don't let her go"

I hide behind Henry and said,"Henry help me"

"Wait wait wait!Alex why are you chasing her?",Henry stopped Alex and asked him.

"Henry why are you helping her?She is an arrogant"

I sticked my tongue out and wiggled my fingers by ears like a kid to tease him.

"Henry let me go!See what's she doing"

Henry,Lucas and Jax laughed because of us.

"Alex,cool down",Jax said as he smiled.

Alex couldn't do anything after Henry released him but all he can do now is glaring me.

Lucas chuckled and said,"Alex don't glare at her"

"You don't know what she did.She-"

"Alex",Henry said his name and he stayed quiet after that.


Someone called me.I turned around to see who it is.It's Katy.

"Come here.Your mom is calling",she said.

I checked my pocket and realized that i didn't bring my phone.

"Okay bye",i said and went to my room with Katy.

"Hello mom"

"Hi dear,are you busy?"

"No mom.I'm not busy and if i'm busy i'll free my time for you"

"How are you?Did you take your lunch"

"I'm fine mom.I didn't eat yet.I'm not feeling hungry.What about you mom?"

"I'm good dear.You should take care of your health and eat well"

"Sure mom.How about your work mom?Is everything alright?"

"Yes dear.Everything is perfectly alright.How's your studies going?"

"It's a little hard but i'll do my best"

"That's my girl.Okay dear i have some works to do.I just call you to make sure everything is alright.Take care of yourself"

"Sure mom.Take care of yourself.I love you.Bye"


"Is everything alright?",Katy asked me.

"Yes.I think she's just worried about me"

"I didn't asked about that.I'm asking about the jail"


"Why you look so cool?You are not even being scared or stressed"

"Relax Katy.There's nothing serious about it"


"Katy relax",i said to make her feel better.
She's just afraid because it's not safe for me.She's such a caring person and that's one of the main reason why i love her a lot.

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