MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 15: Just conversation

-The next day (at cafe)-

"Hey ya,how are you?",Blaire asked me.

"I'm good.What about you?"

"I'm fine"

"Hey girls",Lucy joined us.

"Anna,Katy told us everything.Are you really feeling good?"

"Yes I am",i smiled.

"When are you going to meet Adriel again?",Blaire asked me.

"Tomorrow but I don't think he'll answer for my questions"

"Hmm.Let's talk about them.What's the matter of playing with them?",Blaire asked.

"What are you talking about?"

Lucy smiled and said,"We're talking about yesterday.We saw you running and hiding behind Henry.We saw Alex chasing you and Henry saved you from him"

"Looks like someone is getting close to them",Katy said.

"What's wrong with it?",i asked.I know that they're still being confused and afraid.So i continued,"They're not like what we heard.I don't care about what they did before this but we should know that every person have two sides.They're being friendly and kind to me instead of behaving harsh"

"But they're dragging you into these jail stuff right.What about that?",Lucy asked.

"Yes but...but they are keeping me safe.I don't know why but they're caring for me"

"They are caring, really?",Katy asked.

I'm about to reply her but three of them starts to look at something behind me.So i did the same.

Blaire,"Why are they coming here?I'm still scared of them"

"Hey, what's up",Lucas said as they took a seat beside us.Blaire,Lucy and Katy didn't said a word.I came to know the real meaning of 'dead silence' here.After a moment of silence,Alex starts to talk.

"Hello girls,chill yah.Why are you all looking like you've seen a ghost?"

"But ghost is more better than you"

Jax chuckled and covered his mouth with one hand to control himself from laughing as i choked on my water.It's because Blaire mistakenly said her mindvoice in an audible voice.Thank god Jax and I only heard that.Meanwhile,Lucy and Katy gave her a death glare when they heard what Blaire said.

"What did you say just now?",Alex asked.

Blaire heard his question but she drink water instead of answering him.She's being like a cat on hot brick now.

"Did i ask anything wrong?Why are you girls look like a cat on hot brick now?",Alex asked another question.After knowing that no one is answering his question he continued,"Well Jax,why did you chuckled just now?"

When i saw Jax and Blaire's reaction along with Alex's innocent puppy face,i couldn't hold and burst out laughing.My friends gave me a death glare and Jax look away from everyone to avoid laughing but he failed in it.

"Okay okay.Why are you guys laughing now?",Lucas asked me and Jax.

I controlled my laugh and said 'nothing' as Jax did the same.I know it's a serious situation for Blaire but I have a bad habit of laughing in a situation where i shouldn't.Katy also know about me.You really won't believe but I even laughed when i was getting scold by my school principal in high school because of breaking a person's hand and tooth who talk about my mom.

I really don't know why i laughed at the time.Maybe it's because of his lost tooth.I really have to admit that he look so funny without his two front tooth.

"By the way,where is Charles?",i asked because he didn't come with the devils.Only Jax,Alex, Lucas and Henry came to the cafe.

"He told us that he has some works to do but he'll join us tomorrow.Remember we're going to meet Adriel tomorrow.Don't forget",Henry said.


"No excuses.Be ready tomorrow.8 a.m.",Alex said.

Jax said something to Henry after he spoke to someone in phone.Then,they leave from the cafe when Henry said,"Okay guys let's go"

---after the devils leave---

"Blaire you should control your mouth",Katy said.

"Yes guys,Sorry"

"You all look so relaxed after they went out uh",i told them.

Lucy,"I still can't believe that they're behaving like this instead of what we heard about them"

We nodded and agreed.

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