MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 16: Remember the past

One day has finished as fast as lightning and i'm sure it's because of spending time with my girls.After a few days of uncompleted shopping plan,it has completed yesterday.Blaire,Katy,Lucy and i went for shopping yesterday.Time ran so fast after we went into the mall.We bought our favorite sweets and snacks because we don't have anything to eat in our campus.

As you know,shopping won't be completed without buying dresses.I have to admit that Blaire is too good in choosing dresses.She bought black sleeveless dresses for four of us with different designs.Even though it's different designs,it all look so perfect.Katy even joked that she has to learn how to choose gorgeous dresses from Blaire.I felt a little embarrassed when she chose a seductive black lingerie which looks so sexy.I refused and said that I don't want that but she convinced me and told me to buy that.So,i bought it.What she said to make me buy that lingerie is,

*The conversation between us before buying that lingerie*

"Anna,imagine how it'll be like when you're about to lost your v-card.This will look so nice for you when he strip your dress slowly and imagine how he will feel.You will seduce him just by your look.You-"

"BLAIRE!Just stop!Why are you saying these things to an innocent?",i asked her.

"I just want you to buy it"

"You could've just say that.Why are you talking about these things?"

"Well,it is just a natural process that makes you feel-"

"Okay,enough.I'll buy this"

"That's my girl"

I rolled my eyes.

She is a little weird but she is a good person.

"Anna,are you ready?", Katy asked me.

I nodded.

"Be careful"

"She will be careful"
Charles said as he leaned in the wall.Jax is standing beside him.

"Don't you guys know the meaning of manners?",i raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms.

Jax smirked as someone behind him said "No" for my question.I tried to look who it is.Yes,it's Mr pain in the ass.

"I've already know that you don't have manners Alex.That question is for Jax and Charles",i said.

"You little kitten, don't make me angry",Alex glared and warned me.

"Oh is it?I'm so scared.Please don't threaten me.Pleaseeee",i act.Actually,i overacted.

"Just stop your acting 'miss drama queen'.I'm talking serious",Alex warned me again.

"Does it looks like i care 'mr pain in the ass'? "

Oh shit,my mouth is not cooperating.Whyy?I called him with that nickname.

He starts to chase me and i ran again like that day.This time i ran and hide behind Jax.

"Why are you guys supporting her?You heard what she said just now right",Alex tried to reach me but he couldn't make it.

"Alex cool down.She's just a kid.Relax",Lucas said as he laughed.

"SHE IS NOT A KID LUCAS!",Alex said so loud like the whole campus could hear him.

"Relax,Alex we don't have much time.Let's go",Jax said.

We nodded and make our way to the car.Alex didn't stop glaring at me.I really don't want to take a risk of sitting beside Alex today.So,i hit Jax with my elbow to make him look at me.When he look at me and asked me 'what' by shaking his head,i whispered in his ear.

"Sit beside me in the car and tell Alex to sit in the front seat,please",i whined with an innocent face.Jax nodded and smiled,knowing why i'm saying that.

When we reach the car,Alex opened the back seat door.I looked at Jax and wondered what he is going to do.

"Alex,take the front seat",Jax said as i felt relieved.

"But I-"

"Do what i said",Jax told him.

Alex glared at me after guessing that I'm the reason for this.He sit in the front seat.Today,Lucas is on my right side and Jax is on left.I'm still not feeling okay with interviewing Adriel but....i don't have any choices.

I don't even know whether this is a correct choice or not.What if anything happens to me?What if my mom came to know all of these things?What if these five person are using me for their own...
Well,i don't think so.They won't do like that.
But w-what if they're just using me to complete their own works?Actually wait,WHY AM I TRUSTING THEM?

I feel like my head is gonna burst.So many questions are roaming inside my head.I don't even know who are they but wh-why should i have to feel this way?I feel like i have a special bond with these guys.I know it's weird but...

I noticed Jax is looking at me with concerned eyes while holding my hand.I look up at him and made an eye contact.

Wow,does his eyes has any magic power?

"You okay?",he whispered as he looked straight into my soul.

After a second of malfunctioning,i nodded for his question.How does he know that i'm not okay?Then,I immediately break the eye contact.
Oh god.Why am i feeling this way?Do i lov-

'No Anna!NO! Just remember what happened before this',i told myself.

I diverted my mind when we reach the jail.

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