MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 17: He look scarier!

After getting out from the car,

"Anna,we have some works to do now.So,we are going out but before you come out we will be here",Jax said.

I nodded and went inside the jail.
"I told you you to not come here"

"I know",i said to Adriel.

"Are you trying to make your life like a living hell?",he asked me.

"If you answer for my questions,then I won't come here again"

"I'm not gonna tell you anything"

"Why",i asked him in frustration.

"Get the hell out of here"

"No I can't"

He is repeating the same thing and making me irritated.

"You must do what i said if you want to be alive",he said.

"I'm not scared.Now,tell me the truth"

He stayed quiet and looked at me intensely.

"Why are you looking at me like that?",i asked him.

"Do you think that I don't know the real reason of why you came here?"

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Listen Anna,you-"

"Wait,how did you know my name?"

"I know everything.Just listen to me.They are using you to fulfill their work.Don't trust them"

"i-i don't understand"

"I know that you understand",he said.

I have no idea what to say next.
He continued,"why are you trusting them?"

"Adriel what are you talking about? You're diverting me.Answer for my question"

"Just stop acting you idiot!I'm talking about Jax and the other four person",he shouted in stern voice as he hit the table which made me jump.

My eyes were filled with tears without informing me.I-It was just...He looks scarier.In a moment,his anger started to disappear slowly when he noticed tears in my eyes.He sighed,"Just listen to me.I know everything.Don't trust them.I-It was..I'm so sorry for shouting at you.Don't cry"

"I...I'm not crying",i said as I looked down at the table.

"You're trying not to cry.I can see the tears in your eyes clearly.Don't involve in these things.This is not safe for you"

In a sudden,some people came into the room with wearing black mask.One guy from them grabbed me as I screamed,"WHAT THE HELL!"

"Who are you?What are you doing?Leave her", Adriel shouted.

The guy locked me and pinned my hand on wall.I tried so hard to push him away but he's too strong.I can't do anything but I started to cry in nervousness.He closed the gap between us.He runned his face through my hair and neck which made me feel disgusted.Meanwhile,Adriel is shouting and trying to break the chain which is tied in his hand to the table.

My body started to shiver when another black mask guy started to touch my body,moving his hand under my shirt.
"Leave me.Let me go,please",I cried out loud.When i gasped because of his fingers approaching my breasts,

"YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER!",Adriel grabbed the guy and punched his face so hard which made him bleed.I noticed that Adriel broke the chain.He grabbed another person's hair and hit his head on the table which made the guy fainted.When Adriel came to hit the person who is holding me,the guy took out a knife from his pocket and hold it on my neck.Adriel didn't make a move and froze in the place.

"I'm going to kill you if anything happens to her",Adriel warned the guy.

The guy hold me so tight and i cried,"Adriel,please help me!Please".I could feel my tears falling down my cheeks like a heavy rain.

Adriel look scarier when he's angry but his eyes turned to a caring and concerned look when he looked at me.

"Anna,close your eyes",he told me.
"Just close your eyes",he repeated.

Without knowing why he is telling me to do this,i closed my eyes.When i opened my eyes after a second,i saw the guy who has been holding the knife is on the floor with blood splattered around him and a blood dripping knife in Adriel's hand.He is so strong and too good in fighting.How did he save me from the guy just in a second?

I hide behind Adriel when i saw another black mask guy,approching me.I hold onto his shoulder and whispered,"I'm scared"

"Don't worry.I won't let anything happen to you.Let me play with them for sometime",he said as he wipe his blood from his lips.

He told me to close my eyes before start fighting with them.I did as he said.I opened my eyes for a glance to know what's happening.OMG!My heart stopped for a second and i gasped.There's just one inch from the knife to my neck when a guy tried to kill me.It felt like a movie's fight scene where hero save heroine from the villain.

"Why did you open your eyes now?I told you to close your eyes",he said and continued,"Anna stop crying.I can't see you like that"

He broke a guy's neck and came to me.
He hold my shoulder and make an eye contact with me.
"Don't worry.I'm here.Relax",he said with concerned look.It made me feel a little brave but his look changed too fast when a guy tried to attack him from behind.

Wait,is he having eyes around his face?How did he know someone is coming behind him without turning around?He hold the guy's neck and hit him on the wall.

Oh god!I'm not gonna come here after this.I didn't thought that Adriel will be this scarier.

"Oh shit what's happening here?",the bodyguard came in as some other bodyguards came with him.

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