MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 18: Every man are not same

"Oh shit what's happening here?",the bodyguard came in as some other bodyguards came with him.

They handled the other black mask guys.I turned around to look at Adriel when he said my name and run towards me.He pushed me and I got hit on the wall.

"Oh my god Adriel!"

There's a guy came towards me with a knife and Adriel safed me by pushing me but now his right hand's arm is bleeding.

"I'm so sorry",I cried in guiltiness.

He looked at my eyes intensely and said,"Don't cry.It's just a scratch"

"It's not just a scratch.You're bleeding",I looked at his bleeding arms and cried.

"It's not safe for you.Let's go",the bodyguard told me and grabbed my hand.

"But...",I stopped him and looked at Adriel.

"Don't worry.We will do first aid for him.Let's go"

He didn't gave time for me to talk and lead me to the gate.I heard Adriel saying,"Don't come hear again" before getting out from that place.I still could feel the fear.When the bodyguard opened the gate,


My eyes met his.I hugged Jax and cried.He hugged me back tightly and stroked my hair.
He whispered,"It's okay.Don't cry,I'm here"

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?",Lucas shouted at the bodyguard.

Meanwhile,Henry grabbed the bodyguard's collar and said,"We told you to keep her safe"

"I-I'm really sorry.There were a fight on the other sight.So,i went there for a while.I don't know this would happen.I'm sorry",the bodyguard apologized.

"Guys, let's go",Jax told them,knowing that I'm getting too weak.He sit beside me and comforted me in the car.Lucas drove the car while Henry took the front seat.Today,it felt like a nightmare.It all happened so fast.I'm still wondering why Adriel helped me.My heart is hammering when i think about what would've happen if Adriel didn't save me from them.

"Why am I here?Whose house is this?",i woke up and asked Jax who is sitting beside me in the bed.

"Relax,this is my room"

"but Jax why am i here?"

"You fell asleep in the car.So i brought you here"

I stayed quiet.

"Ouch",i felt something on my stomach.

"What happen?Are you okay?",Jax asked me.

"I don't know.It's paining",i hold my stomach.

"Let me see"
Jax moved my hands away and came to slide up my shirt."Jax",I hold his hand to stop him.

"Anna let me see.We should know why it's paining right",he said.Since i don't have any choices,i let him to.He slowly slide up my shirt.

-It's bleeding-

"Let me bring the first aid",he said and left the room as fast as lightning.

I have no idea about where this wound came from.Adriel kept me safe and got injured.Ouch! It's really paining.Adriel will also feel the pain right.It's all my fault.I should've listen to him.My eyes starts to tear up.

"I'll do the first a-.Anna,are you crying?Is it paining a lot?",Jax asked me with concerned eyes.

"It's my fault.I should have listened to him.He told me to not come there.He got injured and saved me from them",i cried as i covered my face with my hands.

"Anna, it's not your fault.It's...It's all my fault.I'm the one who dragged you into this.I'm so sorry"

"Anna stop crying.Why are you feeling guilty when you didn't do anything wrong?"

He tried to stop me from crying but he couldn't make it.So,he just hugged me.

"Stop crying.It hurts to see you like this.I'm so sorry",he whispered in my ears.

"I think you should take a bath first.Come",he lead me to the bathroom.

"But i don't have-"

"I know.I'll give you my shirt"

I nodded but i didn't make any move because the scenes are going through my mind.

"Anna,d-do you want me to",he look at me for an answer without completing the question.

I've already know what he is asking.He is asking me whether i want him to be with me when i bath or not.So,I shooked my head.I am...I am really shy and I don't want him to..

He nodded and went outside,knowing that I'm uncomfortable with it.He is understanding everything even when i didn't say anything.He respect me.I really love his character.

My blood ran down with the cold water.I tried to relax myself.My tears started to hide behind the cold water instead of fading away.Since the wound is paining because of the water,i didn't take much time to bath and wrap myself with a towel.

Now,how should i go out?Will Jax be there?
At the same time,I heard his voice.I felt like he's reading my mind even if he's not beside me.

"Anna,are you done bathing?"

"Y-yes",i replied.

"Okay,just open the door a little bit.I'll give you some clothes to wear"

I did as he said.I just saw his hand.He didn't even take a glance inside the bathroom.
He is proving me that every man are not same.I could feel that each an every second when he's with me.

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