MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 19: Tears.

I wear the clothes.His shirt didn't look so big for me or fit for me.I went out from the bathroom and saw Jax.

"Come here.I'll do the first aid for you",he told me to sit beside him.

"It's ok I'll do i-",before i could finish talking he interrupted and said,"Anna"

I understand what he meant by that.There's no way to escape.I sit in the bed beside him as he took out the ointment.He lift up my shirt and tell me to hold it.

He often look into my eyes to read my mind.As usual,i tried to avoid the eye contact.I don't want to feel butterflies in my stomach or something in my heart.His eyes has some magic power that could melt anyone's heart.I don't know whether it's for everyone or is it just for me.

So,I looked down at the bedsheet whenever he look up at me.He started to do the first aid.

Oh god,his touch.
Why am i feeling this way?
Why am i reacting to his touch?

"Close your eyes if you're feeling something...different",he said as he smirked.

I look at him in shock.How is he knowing everything?Am I in his control?He is not just reading my mind,he knows everything!Literally everything!

"Done",he said after doing the first aid.
Again,he made an eye contact.It didn't even took a second for me to lost in his gaze.After a minute,

"Aren't you gonna adjust your shirt now?",he asked me.

"Huh?",i asked in confusion.

He smirked and said,"You better stop holding your shirt or you're going to regret for teasing me.I'm not really a good boy"

Then,i realized something.ahhhh.It is embarrassing.I forgot to adjust my shirt.I was holding it even after he finished doing the first aid. It's all because of his eyes.After noticing this,I adjusted my shirt.

"Are you hungry?"he asked me.

I shooked my head as a sign of no.

"I don't care.I will bring you food to eat.Stay here",he said and left the room again.


I stayed in the room,doing nothing.I felt 200% uncomfortable because it's too silent and I'm alone without doing anything.It's like watching grass.

I decided to look around the room.His room looks so neat and beautiful.There is a painting hanged on the wall.

Woah!Is there any meaning in this painting?

I started to think what's the meaning of the painting.It feels like it has a deep meaning.Someone is standing and looking behind.The place behind him is too dark.

What could be the meaning of this?


I turned around and saw Jax holding a plate.He placed it on a table beside the bed.

"Can't you stay in a place for a while Miss Anna",he crossed his arms and asked me.

I giggled.

"Come here.You should eat now"

"But I don't want to eat.I'm not hungry",i pouted.

He chuckled.

"No.Sit here.I will feed you",he said as he took the plate.

I didn't do as he said and look at him with pity face.

"Anna don't be stubborn.Come here"

"NO",i said.

"You better listen to me.I'm not really a good boy"

"Hahaha what a joke",i said and make my way to the room door.

"Where are you going?",Jax asked me but I didn't reply.

When I'm about to open the door,


He grabbed me and locked me on the wall.In a second,his lips meet mine.

Oh god!His hand on my waist and his lips sucking my lips.Not forgetting his wonderful eyes which is making eye contact with mine.His face is so close to me.I could smell his refreshing cologne.Thousands of emotions starts to swirl around me when he bring his tongue inside my mouth.His tongue starts to dance with mine.It feels like an artist painting a canvas.

He slowly pulled out his tongue from my mouth.He starts to go down my neck and make me gasp.His warm breath sends shiver down my spine.

Suddenly,something hit me.
The thoughts,the memories starts to roam in my head.I could feel tears in my eyes and the pain in my heart.

Immediately,I push Jax away and went out of the room.He looks so confused and came behind me,calling my name.When I opened the front door,he grabbed my hand.I tried to escape from his grip but I couldn't.I know that i don't have much time because I'm starting to broke down.Tears are filling my eyes.

"Anna what happe-"

"Jax please"

"But Anna"

"Jax let me go"


"Please",i said as i push him away.

I walked in the street alone.Tears started to run down my cheeks.The memories are starting to make me weak.I booked a cab and went to the campus.I couldn't stop the tears falling from my eyes until I reach my room.

"Anna",Lucas called me when he saw me.I was crying and making my way to my room.I ignored him and went to my room.

"Anna why are you crying",Katy approached me and asked.

"Katy leave me alone",i said and went into my bedroom.I locked the door and sit in the bed.I couldn't hold the tears.I'm feeling so weak.

Jax didn't do anything wrong.It's just me.I'm so afraid to fall for anyone.

It really hurt as hell to know that I don't have anyone in my life to make me feel safe.Seeing every girl with a person that protect her is not a big thing but when you don't have anyone like that...The feel is like a living hell.Every girl will be a princess for her dad but I don't have anyone to treat me like a princess.It could be better if my mom had told me that my dad died before i born.

It really feels like someone is stabbing in my heart with a sharp knife.Why every man in my life are hurting me?

Not forgetting about my brothers.I don't even know where they are now.

The person that i love and trust didn't love me.He just left me like that.He is a cheater.


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