MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 20: Guilty

After 2 days...

I haven't met Jax and even avoided the other four devils for these 2 days.I just want to maintain distance with them.Especially with Jax.I have to admit that I feel safe with Jax but that's why I'm afraid.I can't even imagine Jax leaving me after I get too close to him.So,it's better to avoid him before my heart shatter.

"Anna,are you ready?",Blaire asked me.

I nodded.
We are going to club tonight.It's Lucy's birthday today.So,we're going to celebrate it.The main reason for this is not Lucy's birthday, it's to make me feel better.

They didn't tell me this but Lucy is a person who's not interested in these kind of celebrations.I told them that I'm not coming but they forced me to come.So,i'm going there now.
-In Club-
We slip in among the crowd.It has been a long time since i came to a club.

Everyone is dancing to the blaring music.I can feel the bass and the crazy beats.

"Let's have some drinks first",Blaire told us.She actually shouted so that we could hear her.

In a sudden,i noticed something.I turned 360° but i couldn't find those three girls.

Thank god.Katy is there.She is coming out of the crowd.

"Hey, where are Lucy and Blaire?",i asked her.

"They're talking with their high school friend.They told me that they will come here in a while", she said.

I nodded and sit in the chair in front of the bar counter.She sits beside me.

"Anna we came here to relax ourself.Just forget what happened before this and enjoy",Katy told me.

"Yeah,you're correct",Blaire said as she approached us.

"Hey why you didn't order anything?",Blaire asked.

"We were waiting for you",Katy said as she smiled.

"Ahh so sweet.Let me order beer for you?Are you okay with it",Blaire asked us.Lucy and Katy nodded for it but i didn't replied anything.

"Anna what do you want?",Blaire asked me.

"I don't want anything"

"Anna we come here to forget everything and be relaxed.It's also Lucy's birthday!Do you remember that?"

"Yes Anna.At least you should drink something for me.",Lucy said.

"Okay i will but not now.You all drink first.I will drink later"

"Hmm okay",Lucy said.

They ordered beer and starts to drink it.After a few minutes,Blaire and Katy went into the crowd and started to dance.They're so graceful!

Lucy is sitting with me because i said that i don't want to dance.
Then i realized something.My phone is ringing for the 106th time.I thought it was Jax because he didn't stop calling me for this two days.He even came to my room to see me but i locked the bedroom door and sit inside.So,he didn't saw me.He also messaged me but I didn't reply.

I feel really bad for this.Atleast i should tell him something instead of hurting him like this.But it's...I know that I won't be able to control myself if i talk to him again.


I came out from the thoughts when Lucy called me.

"Are you okay?",she asked me.I nodded.

"Then why are you not answering your mother's phone call?"

Ohw yes!My mother called me just now.

"Yeah i will be back",i said as i went out from the club.I'm so sure that she can't here me if i talk to her without coming out from the club.The music is so loud.I mean, it's not a club if the sound is not loud right?Yeah.

Wait a minute!Am i a stupid?Why am i asking questions and answering it myself?Urghhhh.

I called my mom after coming out from the club.

"Hello mom"

"Hello sweetheart.Are you busy?"

"No mom"

"Really?You didn't answer my phone call just now.So,I thought you're busy"

"No mom.I'm not busy.I'm so sorry for not answering your phone call mom.I'm at club with Katy,Blaire and Lucy.It took some time to come out from the club and call you back",i explained.

"Ohw.It's okay dear,no worries.How are you?"

"I'm good mom.You?"

"I'm fine dear...I think I'm disturbing you.Go and enjoy first dear.I will call you tomorrow"

"Oh no mom.Why are you talking like this?You are not disturbing me"

"I know you will say this dear but making your friends wait for you is not good"

"But mom"

"Anna,listen to me.Go first.We can talk later"

"Hmm okay mom.Bye"

"Bye dear"

-call ended-


I jumped and my phone fell down from my hands.

"Katy you shouldn't give me shock like this!My heart stopped for a second",i told her.

"Oops I'm sorry",she said with puppy face.

She took my phone from the floor and my phone starts to ring.She look at the phone to me.

"What?Why are you looking at me like that?",i asked her.

She gave the phone to me and i saw...Jax.

I didn't answered the phone call and it stopped ringing.

"Anna",Katy called me and i looked at her.

"I think you should answer the phone call"

"Are you kidding me?You know why I'm avoiding him right?"

"Yes,of course i know that but...I think he's hurt.You know.. It's..."

"Why are you beating around the bush?Just tell me",i told her.

She sighed."Okay.You said that he is taking care of you right.Then you become close to him.I know about you very well.Usually,you don't trust anyone.Especially,not any guys but that day you told me that you feel safe with them but now you're avoiding them.Just think about how it feels.Imagine it.I'm so sure that Jax is hurt.He is messaging and calling you nonstop.Yesterday, he looked so hurt when you tell him to go back from our room "

This is really bad.I'm already feeling guilty and she's doing this to me.I thought that she'll understand me but she is talking like this.

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