MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 21: Is he okay?

This is really bad.I'm already feeling guilty and she's doing this to me.I thought that she'll understand me but she is talking like this.

"Anna, don't get me wrong.It's just..You shouldn't do this to him"

"I know that Katy but",I feel tears in my eyes.

"I'm scared.I'm scared of losing people that i want to be with.I-I just...I..",i gulped and continued,"Katy,I'm afraid that I will fall for him.I mean,i've already fell in love with him",i blinked often to avoid my tears.

"Anna,are you serious?I know that you two are being close but i didn't thought that-",she looked at me with concerned eyes.

My phone starts to ring again.It's Jax.I couldn't hold my tears.It started to fall down from my eyes as i feel it's weight decreasing in my eyes.

"Anna are you okay?",Katy asked me.

I wiped my tears and nodded but i know that i'm not okay.

"I don't know why but i'll always feel something different when he's with me.I don't even know that I'm in love with him but wh-when he came more closer to me,I could feel it.I don't want to love him but i couldn't control myself.This feels so difficult.Even more difficult than before this"

She give me a hug.

"I don't know what to do Katy.It feels bad to know that i'm in love with him but it feels more bad because I'm avoiding him.What should i do now?Please tell me something Katy.I need your help",i cried.

After a couple of seconds,"Anna,i will tell you my opinion but I won't force you to do it.It's your choice.I think you should talk to him because avoiding him without telling the reason is not good.I'm so sure that he's not going to leave this matter without knowing the reason.I also know that you won't be able to hold this guiltiness in your heart.Also,i think you should express yourself and tell him how you feel about him.I mean,you should tell him that you love him"

"But katy how should i tell him that i have feelings for him?What if he thought that I was talking to him because i love him and not because of friendship?",I asked her.

"What if he loves you too?"

"Katy,it won't happen.Not even in dreams.Did you forget about him? Everyone are scared of him.We also heard that he broke a person's nose that day right"

"Yes but we don't know the reason behind that right?I don't care about it.Just think about how he's behaving to you.Why is he taking care of you and making you feel safe when he's being rude to others?Why should he behave different just with you?"

Yeah right.She's correct.Why is he doing like this?

And again my phone starts to ring.

"See,he is calling you every 10 minutes anna.Please listen to me.Attend the call"

My brain started to malfunction.

"Anna fast",Katy shouted.

Without thinking,I answered the call.
I waited until he starts to talk.


My heart hammered when i heard his concerned voice.Oh god,he's hurt.I can tell that with his voice.I can feel it.

"Hello Anna,are you there?",he asked me.


He stayed silent,same as me.

"Are you okay?",he asked.

"Hmm",i said as i didn't get any words to say.

In a moment,he cut the call.I looked at Katy.

"What happened?",she asked me.

"He cut the call"

"Is he angry?"

I stayed quiet as his sad voice roamed in my mind.

"Anna are you okay?",she hold my shoulder and asked

"Katy,i hurt him"

"What happen to you?What did he say?",she asked me.

"He didn't said anything.He just asked me whether I'm okay or not"

I continued,"He's hurt.I can say that with his voice.I think I should meet him"


I nodded.

"Do you know his house address?"

I nodded again.
She booked a cab for me.The cab came there so fast.I hugged Katy and thanked her before getting into the car.

I have no idea about what I'm going to tell him.I just wanna see him and make sure he's okay.

I reached his house.I paid for the cab and opened the door.He didn't even locked it.I went inside and looked around but he's not there.Maybe he will be in his room.

I went upstairs and opened the room door.


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