MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 22: What should I do now?

I went upstairs and opened the room door.


Oh god,is he crying?My heart is hammering.

He is sitting on his bed and looking at me with concerned eyes.He stand up and asked,"What are you doing here?"

"Jax i-i..",i stumbled on my words without knowing what to say.

"Anna,are you okay?",we made an eye contact.

Shit!I shouldn't have done this to him.Katy is right.He's hurt.I can tell that he's holding his tears and controlling his emotions.Seeing him like this is hurting me.The more i feel him,the more my heart ached.

"Anna what happened?",before he could finish saying this,i hugged him tightly.

"I'm so sorry Jax",I cried.

"W-Why are you crying?"

"I shouldn't have do that.I'm sorry"

"You didn't do anything.Don't cry",he said as he caressed my cheeks.

"Don't lie.I know you're hurt",i said.

He pulled me into a hug instead of saying anything.I cried in his arms.
After a few minutes,
"Anna,you're crying alot.Why are you being so weak today?Does something happen?"

I shooked my head as i wiped my tears.

"Tell me why were you crying",i asked him.

"I-I wasn't crying when you came in",he told me as he avoided eye contact but i looked at him without breaking the eye contact.

"Stop looking at me like that",he said.

"Okay then tell me the truth.Why are you lying?"

"I'm not lying"

"Is it? Don't try to lie Jax"

"I SAID I'M NOT LYING",he shouted and made me jumped.

"Anna,I'm not really in a good mood.Just go away.I'll talk to you tomorrow and also I'm not lying",he said calmly.

"Then how did you know that I said you were crying when i came in?I just asked why were you crying?I didn't said that you were crying when i come here"

He looked shocked and tried to turned around to avoid me.

"Jax",i called him and stopped him from moving away.

"Jax why are you cryi-"

He hugged me and cried.Why is he crying?Oh god,my heart!I hugged him back.Why is it hurting this much to see him like this?I have just seen him laughing,smiling and being jovial but now...

'the person who laugh a lot is the one who experienced a lot of pain',maybe this quote could be truth.

Without even knowing,tears starts to overflowed on my cheeks.This feels so different.I am being too weak than him.

"Jax please stop crying.I couldn't see you like this",i whispered.

"I'm sorry",he stopped hugging me and wiped his tears.

"Jax wh-why are you-",i noticed something.

"Jax what happened to your hand",he had tied his right hand's fist with a handkerchief and it has blood stain.

I tried to untie the handkerchief but he avoided.

"Anna don't"

"Jax please let me see",i said as i look straight in his eyes.

He look down and showed his hand to me.

My heart ache increased when i saw his hand's fist bleeding.I looked around and noticed a broken mirror.
I look back at him and asked,"Jax did you punched the mirror?Are you mad?Why did you do that?"

"Anna I-"

"Tell me where's the first aid box",i said without letting him to speak.

"Anna it's o-"

"Jax tell me fast!",i ordered.

"It's on the second row of shelf in the next room"

I left him and went into the next room of his room.I searched it in the place he said.
Yeah,found it.I bring it to his room.

"You should wash it first.There are some mirror particles",i said and lead him to the washroom.

I started to wash his hand slowly and make sure it doesn't hurt him a lot.
I look at him and noticed something again.He's not even giving any reactions.I feel the pain when i see the scar on his hand but he's behaving like it's nothing.He's looking at me nonstop when i was washing his hand.

After that, i bring him and sit on the bed with him.I started to do the first aid.I applied the oinment slowly.I looked at him and asked,"Does it hurt?"

He didn't said anything and smiled.

"Are you smiling?Here i'm feeling the pain and you're smiling.Isn't it paining?",i asked him.

He smiled and said,"I don't feel it"

"Are you even a human or did you jumped from mars?"

"I feel the pain in my heart more than in my hand.So, I don't feel it",he said while looking down at the bedsheet.

I looked at him before continuing the first aid.I stayed quiet after that.

"Why this sudden silence?",he asked me but i didn't replied.

What he said just now is roaming in my head.He moved my chin up and make me look at him.

"What happen?",he caressed my cheeks with one hand.

I shooked my head and continued doing the first aid.He didn't stopped looking at me.

"Why did you ignore me these days?"

I started to cough.What should i tell him now?I have no idea about it but I'm sure that I shouldn't tell him that i love him.

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