MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 23: I've no idea

What should i tell him now?I have no idea about it but I'm sure that I shouldn't tell him that i love him.

He cleared his throat but i didn't give any reactions.

"Done",i said as i finish doing the first aid.

"I will keep this in the room",i said as i stand up from the bed.

I took the first aid box and turned around.

"Ahh what are you doing?",i asked him.He grabbed my hand and make me sit on his lap.


I tried to escape from his grip but I couldn't.He is so strong.

"Ouchh",i hold my stomach in pain.

"Oops, I'm so sorry",he apologized.

He accidentally hit my stomach and the scar that i got that day didn't recovered yet.

"It's okay.Let me go now",i said and tried to escape from his grip again.

"Shhhh.You can't escape from my grip unless i let you go.Stop moving or you're gonna hurt again",he said.

Yeah actually he's correct.So,i stopped moving.

"How's the scar?"

"Recovering",i said.

He slowly moved his hand and tried to lift up my shirt.I stopped him but he didn't listen to me.

I could feel his warm breath on my neck.He lift up my shirt and,
"Having bandage.Good girl"

"Okay now let me go"


"But Why"

"I didn't forget what i asked you just now.You ignored my calls,messages and now,you didn't answer for my question"

"Jax let me go"

"Tell me what happened then i will let you go"

I sighed,"okay fine.What do you wanna know?"

"Why did you ignored me?"

"Jax,ask me anything else than this"


I moved again but i couldn't escape.

"I told you right.You can't escape.Just tell me.Why did you push me away that day?Why you didn't answer my calls and messages?"

"Jax i couldn't"

"Anna,i know that you're hiding something.Tell me what is it"

"I'm not hiding anything"

"Don't lie.Be happy that i'm asking you this question decently"

"Believe me.I'm not lying"

"You are trying me uh?"

He let me go but before i could reach the door,he grabbed me and locked me on the wall.His left hand is on my waist.He pulls me more closer as i forgot to breathe.

His face is so close to mine.He buried his face against my neck.His lips and warm breath on my neck.My knees goes weak all of a sudden.I hold on his shoulder for a support.

"Tell me why you ignored me",he whispered huskily and makes me shiver.

"Jax please",i whispered.

"I said tell me"

"Jax",i gasped when his hand slipped under my shirt.

"Aren't you gonna tell me?",he asked me as he moved his head back and made eye contact.
He touched my lips with his magical fingers.

"Why are you doing this to me?",he asked me.

"I-I didn't do anything",i said as i hold my breath.

"Oh is it?",his left hand is on the edge of my pants and about to slip inside.

"Jax don't",i tried to push him but as usual i couldn't do that.God,why is he so strong???

He bring his face close to mine,his eyes on my lips.His lips were about to crash mine.I made my grip on his shoulder more stronger and buried my face on his chest.

"Trying to escape uh?",he said as his hand slowly starts to go under my pants.

"Jax please stop!You're making me weak",i whispered.

"I know",he said but he didn't stopped his moving hand.

My heart is thumping like it's gonna jump out from my chest.

"Okay I'll tell you!please"

"Hmm.That's my girl.Tell me"

"Yah give me some space"

He smirked and moved away from me.
He crossed his arms and waited for my answer.

"I-I was...It's...I-",i blabbered.

"Say something more than that"

I was literally shivering and I don't know what to do.

He waited for my answer but i don't know what to say.I looked down at the floor and avoided eye contact.

"Hmm.First,think the answer.Then,talk to me",he said as he turned around and took a water bottle from the table beside his bed.

I don't feel strong enough to tell him that i have feelings for him.I have no ideas to lie and I'm also sure that he could find it so easily if I lie.

So,i decided to escape and went near the room door and opened it slowly.

In a sudden,I gasped and turned around.

"Tryna escape?",he closed the door and locked me.

He came closer to me again.His face is too close to mine.That's when my eyes met his.I tried to avoid that eye contact but i don't know why,his eyes are so magical.

It feels like I'm in a dreamy land.I was looking into his heart when he looked into my soul.His hand slowly sneaked around my sensitive skin and pulled me closer.
I'm losing myself in his gaze.In a minute,our lips found it's way to connect each other's soul.Our lips crashed as we closed our eyes.

We're just feeling it.The feel is.. it's just different...too different.His tongue exploring mine when i started to explore his without realizing what i'm doing.I have no idea about how this is happening.I won't usually lose my self-control but why is he making me feel this way?
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