MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 2: Am I Nervous?

The next day started. I'm excited and also a little nervous because my gut feeling is telling me that something bad is gonna happen. Katy and I got ready a little early.
"Anna you look gorgeous!"

"Not gorgeous than you", I smiled. She is wearing black pants and a white shirt with a leather jacket. She looks beautiful even in normal outfits. She has baby blue eyes, midnight black hair, and honey-sweet lips. She also has a voluptuous figure which is similar to mine.

When we kept our things in the locker, I heard someone saying 'excuse me' and I turned around to look at them. Two beautiful girls stood in front of us. I had seen them in the cafe yesterday.

"Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Blaire", she gave a handshake to me and Katy. The girl beside her does the same thing and her name is Lucy. They are good-looking.

"My name is Anna and she is Katy", I introduced us.

"Nice name. What's your first lesson?",Blaire asked. She is not afraid and talks to us like we have been friends for years. She's so open-minded and friendly.

"Our first lesson is English and what's yours?", Katy asked them.

"Oh. Same as yours", Blaire replied.

"That's great. Let's go together", I told them as they nodded. On the way, Blaire and Lucy kept staring at me for minutes. Why are they looking at me like they're going to eat me? I gave them a confused look,

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Do you know who he is?", Blaire asked me.

This question made me more confused.

"What are you talking about?"

"Uhm, it's about the guy you messed with yesterday"

"I don't know who he is and why are you asking this question?"
Now I could feel the word 'BE READY' roaming around in my head.

"This is also the first day for me but I know about them. My friend's sister told me about them. She warned me to not mess with them or they're going to make my life like a living hell. But yesterday you got into a trouble and it looks like you aren't afraid of him. That's why I'm asking this question"

"Uhm actually why should I be afraid of him? I don't even know his name. Moreover, he is the one who tried to mess with me"

"You're right but h-he is more dangerous than you think. Let me tell you something about him. His name is Alex. You already know that he is our senior. He has four best friends. Their names are Lucas, Henry, Charles, and Jax. If you mess with one person from this five, it means you're messing with all of them"

WHAT? IS SHE TELLING ME THAT I AM MESSING WITH FIVE GUYS? She took a deep breath and continued,

"Last year a girl named Amy messed with them and s-she...she was expelled from this university in the next three months. It happened because of them, the five guys."

My eyes went wide in shock.

"Are you telling me that I'm gonna be expelled?"

"I don't know but I'm sure that you're in trouble. I'm also sure that the other four guys could've known what happened to Alex yesterday", she said with a concerned look.
She continued,

"They are also known as the most handsome guys in this university. Specifically, there is a guy named Jax. He is the heartthrob of this university and also the most dangerous guy among the five. Girls will fall for him easily because of his good looking. Thank god you didn't mess with him"
She is making me nervous but I didn't express it to them. They gave me a confused look because there is no change in my facial expression and it looks like I don't know the meaning of the word 'fear'. Thank god, I'm pretty good at hiding emotions.
We went to our first lesson. It went smooth and nice but I felt like it finished so early. Unfortunately, Katy and Blaire aren't with me for the next lesson. At least, Lucy is with me. I only heard her voice when she said her name but after that, we didn't talk at all. I know that it will take some time for her to be comfortable with talking to an unknown person so, I kept quiet to give her time to be comfortable.
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