MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 25: Oh no

"Anna wake up"

I woke up and saw Jax with Henry.


"Are you okay?",Henry asked me.

"Y-yeah,i'm okay",i said as i look at Jax.

"It's already late.I think you should go back to campus",Jax said.

I nodded.

"I will bring h-"

"No jax.Stay here.I will bring her there"

"But Henr-"

"Jax",Henry said his name like that's the final decision.

Jax gave me water to drink before i left the house with Henry.

After getting inside the car,
"Stay safe",Jax said to Henry.

It feels like he's telling Henry to keep me safe but i stayed quiet.

-On the way to campus-

It's too quite and the weird thing is i'm not feeling uncomfortable with the silence.Something is roaming in my head.

When the traffic light turned green from red,Henry cleared his throat and glanced at me.

"So you love him"

I started to cough so hard.
He took a water bottle and gave it to me.

"W-what?",i asked him after drinking some water.

"Don't try to hide.Tell me the truth"

After a few seconds,I nodded as he looked at me for the answer.

He sighed and said,"I don't know what to say"

"W-why",i asked him innocently.


Again,silence starts to spread around us.

"What happened to Jax's parents?",i asked him and made him choked on water,which he was drinking on the time gap of waiting for green traffic light.

He immediately closed the bottle's cap and starts driving.I've waited for his answer but...Why is he ignoring this question?

"Henry",i called him but he ignored me.

"Henry!",i called him again.

"What?",finally he replied.

"Don't you hear what i asked you just now?"

"I hear you"

"Then why are you not answering for my question?"

"It's none of your business"

"Then why did you dragged me into these criminal stuffs and made me interview Adriel?"

He sighed again.

"Henry,you're gonna tell me or not?"


He is saying 'no' for this.I wanna know what happened to his parents.What should i do now?
YES!This is a great idea!

I glanced Henry sideways and checked whether the car door is locked or not.It's not locked.Henry jumped when i suddenly opened the car door.


"Tell me what happened or I'm gonna jump from here",i started to blackmail him.


"The choice is yours",i said while suffering because there's a lot of chance to fall on the road.It looked scarier but I will go to any extreme just to know a thing that I decided to know.

"OKAY I WILL TELL YOU! I'LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING!CLOSE THE DOOR",he said as he grabbed my hand to save me from falling.

My heart stopped for a second.There's just an inch gap.Thank god.Henry grabbed my hand at the perfect time.If he didn't do that, probably i would be on the road and got injured.I was blank for a second as my heart started to beat rapidly.

"You're insane.You stupid.Idiot.Why the hell are you doing this?You really did that just to get the answer from me uh?You-"

"Okay Okay.Chill"

"You just gave me a heart attack and telling me to chi-"

"Can you please stop shouting and yelling me?",i said with innocent baby face.

"Okay stop keeping your face like that",he rolled his eyes.

"Then,do you want me to do plastic surgery and change my face?",i asked playfully.

"Don't Anna.You better stop it",he warned me as anger fills him.

Yeah,I've made him nervous.Actually,i shouldn't have done that right?

"I'm sorry",i said in guiltiness.

He glanced at me sideways and sighed to relax himself.

"You shouldn't do like that Anna.It's risky",he said calmly.

"Yah.I said sorry right"

"Yes but-"

I interrupted,"Okay,now stop making me feel guilty.I'm sorry for doing that"

He didn't say anything after that.
"Where are we?",I asked Henry.

I saw a luxurious restaurant on my right side.

"Aren't you hungry?",Henry looked at me and asked.

"I'm not hungry"

"It's okay.I'm hungry.Let's go",he said as he get out from the car.

Is he an unidenticle twin of Jax?That day,Jax did the same thing.Now,Henry is doing it.
Maybe they could be soulmates but not brothers.

"Come out",Henry opened the car door for me.

I get out and followed his lead to the restaurant.Wait.That day Jax brought me to a luxurious restaurant.Now Henry is doing it.Are they rich?How do they get this much of money?

We took a seat and he ordered for us.

I came out from my doubts when he started to talk.

"So?",he asked me.

"So what?",i asked him.

"Looks like someone is thinking a lot"he said as he leaned in the charla king dining chair like he is the ceo of a big company.

Yeah,he really looks like ceo of a company.

"What job are you doing?",i asked him curiously.

He looked confused and starts thinking.

"Why are you asking me this question?",he asked me a question instead of answering.

"Why not?",i shrugged.

"Sir,ma'am, here's your food",a waiter served food for us.

I gave him a smile when he smiled at me.Wait,I noticed something just now.

"Why did you glared at him?",i asked Henry.

"What's wrong with it?",he asked me like nothing happened.

"Excuse me Mr Henry, don't you know how to answer a question?You keep asking me questions without answering for my questions"

He placed his hand on the table and came a little forward,paying attention to me.
"What do you wanna know now?",he asked me calmly.

"See,another question",i said.

He stayed quiet and looked at me intensely.So,i decided to repeat my questions.

"Okay,my first question is why did you glare at him just now?"

"He smiled at you.That's why"

"What?but w-what's wrong with it?",i asked him in confusion.

He looked into my eyes for a second before answering for my question.It feels like he's reading my mind.Yahh,these guys are so good in reading minds.

"Remember,you're a girl.You should be safe.You can't trust every man just like that"

Why is he telling this now?Is it even relevance to my question?

"Hmm let's eat",he said as he starts to take the spoon.

Meanwhile,my mind is still processing on what he said just now.I feel like his eyes are telling me something.I took the spoon and...Wait! 'YOU CAN'T TRUST EVERY MAN JUST LIKE THAT'
Does he mean Jax? There's no relevance with the waiter.It's just...

"Stop thinking",he said without glancing at me.

How is it possible to know what's going on my mind without even taking a glance and look at me?

We finally finish eating.It's really delicious.We went out of the restaurant and get into the car.

Again,silence starts to spread around us.

(After 20 Minutes)

"Do you wanna know?",he asked me in a sudden.

"What do you mean?"

"About his parents"

I thought he's not gonna tell the truth but he's asking me this question.I nodded.

"Can we go to my house?For some privacy"

Going to his house?Alone?Is it safe?
I took a glance at him before i nod for his question.
I don't think he would do anything which is not safe for me.

Suddenly,something pop up in my mind.

"You're the one who said i shouldn't trust men right?",i asked him.

"Y-yeah but I didn't tell you that you shouldn't trust everyone.There's a difference between 'everyone' and 'anyone'."

Urghh,this guy!I won't be able to win in an argument with him.Not even in my dreams.I don't know what's his ambition but he can be a lawyer.It will be so suitable for him.

"We're here",he said after parking in the garage of his big house.

He's increasing my curiosity.Where are they getting the money from?

I followed his lead inside his house.

"Hey Charles,when did you come he-", Henry looked at me to Charles in shock.

My mind starts to buffer when i saw Charles like that.What the hell is he doing? What's the powder on the table?IS HE TAKING DRUGS?

Out of the blue,Henry grabbed my hand and bring me to his room.

"Sit here.I'll come back"

"Henry but-"

"Just stay here",he closed the door and left the room as fast as lightning.

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