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Chapter 26: They can't do like that

Henry's POV

-On the way to his house(when he drive Anna from Jax's house)-

She is telling me that she loves him.I don't think it's a good idea.

"I don't know know what to say"

"Why?",she asked me with an innocent face.

God,why did you created her this innocent?

"Nothing",i said.

She is too innocent.I've expected her to not fall for him but what to do? Urghh come on, she's just a kid man!When Jax told me about his plan i told him that it's not a good plan.He'll always listen to me but this time it felt like there's no other choices.So,i agreed to his plan,which is making Anna fall for him to find out where is her father.

I just felt like it's not good.I mean breaking a girl's heart is not a good thing.Especially,a girl like her.She's way too innocent just like a kid!I could feel it.I have no idea about why I'm feeling this way but it's just... Whenever i look at her,it feels like I have a special bond with her.I don't know why I'm caring for her.

I drink some water to relax myself before the traffic light turn green from red.

"What happened to Jax's parents?",she asked me and made me choke on water.

I started to drive and ignored her question.

"Henry",she called me but i didn't reply.

"Henry!",she called me again.

"What?",i asked her.

"Don't you hear what i asked you just now?"

"I hear you"

"Then why are you not answering for my question?"

"It's none of your business",i told her because i have no idea about what to say.

"Then why did you dragged me into those criminal stuffs and made me interview Adriel?"

Urghh this girl!I sighed.

"Henry,you're gonna tell me or not?",she asked me the same question.

I said 'no'.

In a sudden,
I'm driving car and suddenly she's opening the car door.

"Tell me what happened or I'm gonna jump from here",she said while suffering.

What the heck man?Is she blackmailing me just to know the answer for her question?


"The choice is yours"

She is crazy! I couldn't even press the brake pedal.If i do like that, probably we will be dead because there are cars and lorries behind my car.


I sighed in relief.She just made my heart stop working for a second.

"You're insane.You stupid.Idiot.Why the hell are you doing this?You really did that just to get the answer from me uh?You-"

"Okay Okay.Chill",she told me like nothing happened.

"You just gave me a heart attack and telling me to chi-",i could feel the tension.She would probably be on the road if I didn't grab her hand at the correct time.

"Can you please stop shouting and yelling at me?",she said with innocent baby face.

I shooked.My blood is boiling because of what she did just now.

"Okay stop keeping your face like that",i told her.

"Then,do you want me to do plastic surgery and change my face?",she asked playfully.

Is she kidding me? She's not afraid of me.There's not even 1% of nervousness in her face.Everyone will shiver just to stand infront of me but she is behaving like I'm nothing to her.

"Don't Anna.You better stop it",i said as i feel the rage filling me.

"I'm sorry",she said,guiltiness in her eyes.

This girl is really something!

"You shouldn't do like that Anna.It's risky",i said calmly.

"Yah.I said sorry right"

"Yes but-"

She interrupted,"Okay,now stop making me feel guilty.I'm sorry for doing like that"

She is not even letting me to be angry towards her.She's melting my heart with her innocence.
-At Henry's house-

I opened the door and went inside my house as Anna followed my lead.

Charles is here?
"Hey Charles,when did you come he-"
I turned around and looked at Anna.Oh no!I shouldn't have bring her here at this wrong time.I didn't thought that Charles will be here,taking drugs.

Immediately,I grabbed Anna's hand and brought her to my room.I told her to stay there and went back to Charles.

"Charles,look at me.CHARLES!"

OH God! Looks like he overdosed.I've told him to stop taking a lot of drugs but as usual he didn't listen to me.

My phone started to ring.Great!I picked up the call when i saw the name 'Lucas' on it.

"Hey Henr-"

"Lucas,listen to me first.Come to my house fast.Now"

"Why?What happened?"

"I will tell you everything later.Just come here"

"Okay,I will be there in 5 minutes"

He hanged up the phone.
It's not a big matter but the thing is Anna don't know about us.She'll be so confused right now.

Lucas came to my house as fast as he could.

"Henry,what happened?",Lucas asked me.
"Charles..He took drug again.Why is he not listening to us?Looks like he overdosed",Lucas continued when he noticed Charles.

"Lucas,can you bring him to your house?",I asked him.

"Yeah sure..But why?Is anything wrong?",he asked me as he tried to read the surrounding.

"Nothing is wrong b-but...Anna"

"What happened to Anna?"

"Nothing.S-She is here"

"WHAT?",he asked me in shock.He continued,"But why is she here?"

I explained everything to him.

"But should we really have to ruin Jax's plan like this?",he whispered,so that I'm the only one who could hear him.

"She's a kid man.Do you really want her heart to be shattered?",i asked.

"N-no it's not like that but.."

"But what?",i looked for an answer but he didn't said anything.So,i continued,"Lucas, let's just think about what we should do now.I don't think we have much time.She is in my room alone.She would be nervous and confused right now"

"Y-yeah you're right.I will bring Charles with me but what are you gonna tell her?"

"I don't know.Don't worry.I will handle it"

He nodded.He bring Charles and went out.
I make my way to my room.I opened my room door and saw her sitting on the bed while holding her legs and resting her head on knees.She looks like a baby.

I went near her as she look up at me.

"What's happening?",she asked me innocently.

"It's..It's just nothing"

"Then what was Charles doing there?"

"Uhmm.H-he...I'm so sorry Anna.He will take drugs sometimes but i didn't expect it to happen today",i explained as i sit in the bed beside her.

"You're saying like it's just a small matter",she said.

"W-why not?For men, it's a normal thing",i said.

I give her some water to drink.

"D-do you take drugs?",she asked me while looking at me with those cute eyes.

"N-no",I said.


I shooked my head as a sign of 'no'.

I noticed something.She's being too quiet and she's thinking a lot.

"What are you thinking about?",I asked her.

She looked at me like a cute little kitten and asked,"C-can you drop me at campus?"

Okay,now I came to know that she's nervous.
I nodded as I didn't find any words to say.

I bring her to my car and make my way to the campus.She is being too quiet.She must be so nervous now.

I drove her to the campus and went with her until her room.

"Hmm.Take care",i said after reaching her room.

She nodded.

I left her and went to Jax's house.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING UH?",i shouted without noticing Lucas there.

Lucas and Jax looked up at me like a lost puppy.

"Where's Charles?I thought you'd be with him",i said to Lucas.

"I left him with Alex and came here"

I nodded and sit in the couch.

"So what was you talking about?",Lucas asked me.Jax continued,"Yeah right.Why did you shout at me just now?"

"Don't you know what you're doing?",i asked him.

"First tell me what you are talking about",Jax said.

"You just made Anna fall for you right?"

"I-I...Uhmm it's..",he stumbled in his words.

"What're you gonna say now?Are you gonna say that it's our plan?"

"Yeah.That's the truth right?",Jax said.

"Is it even possible to break her heart like that?What happened to you Jax?I didn't thought you'd be a merciless person like this"

He stayed silent while looking down at the floor.

"Why aren't you talking?Say something Jax"

"What do you want me to tell now?I've already told you the plan right?",he said.

"But Jax-"

Lucas interrupted,"So what's the reason of your sudden care towards Anna?Did you forget that she's Danial Bennett's daughter?Did you just forget what he did?"

Yeah, he's right but i..I don't know why I'm caring for her.

"Y-yes Lucas but do you think she's like her father?",i asked him.

"I don't think showing mercy to our enemy is good",Lucas said.

"But our enemy is her father,not her",i clarified.

He looked at me for a while and,"Not good Henry.This is really not good."

"What do you mean?",i asked him.

"Guys,stop arguing.We've already started this.So, let's just stay in the track",Jax said.

"Jax, I don't think it's a good idea",i said calmly.

"Henry,why are you worrying a lot?",Lucas asked me.

"Guys,do you understand what I'm saying or not? She's an innocent"

"So what?Let it be like the parent's karma affecting their child",Lucas shrugged.

I have no idea about why they aren't understanding what I'm trying to say.Knowing that they're not gonna listen to me,I just said bye and went back to my house.

I don't think there's a benefit in trying to convince them.So,lets just wait and see what's gonna happen...but I'm sure that I won't let them to break her heart that easily.

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