MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 27: Girls day

Anna's POV

"Hey Anna,what happened yesterday?Is everything alright",Katy asked me.

"Y-yes",i assured her with a small smile on my face.

I know that I'm lying but i just don't wanna make her worry.She's already worrying too much about me.Sometimes she's not being able to focus on her studies because of me.

"I'm gonna cook today.Is that okay?",she asked me.

"YES! Who'll say no for that?",wide grin appeared on my face.

She chuckled."What do you wanna eat?"

"Anything",i shrugged.

"What about pancake?"

"Sounds great",i giggled.

"Okay,I'll prepare it",she said before disappearing to the kitchen.

She is really a good cook.
I started to use my phone.Since I came here,I don't get much time to use phone.

"Holaaaaaa",i heard a voice in a sudden and I jumped out of my skin.
"Blaire you just scared me in a second",i yelled.

"Oops I'm sorry",she said as she pinched my arms.

"Ouch!Why did you pinch me?"

"Just for fun darling",she said playfully.

Yahh this girl.She just barged into my room and made me jump.Now,behaving like it's nothing.She is insane.Well,it will be irrational if i lie that I'm not insane.

"Where's Katy?",Lucy asked me.

"She's making pancakes",i said.

"Pancakes!Wow",Blaire exclaimed in amusement before running to the kitchen.

Lucy and I laughed because of Blaire's overloaded cuteness.We followed Blaire and went to the kitchen.

"No!Is it even possible to refuse what I'm asking?",Blaire whined as she pout.

"Hahaha.Why do you look so cute?I was just kidding you.How could I say no to making pancakes for you?I would do anything for you",Katy said to Blaire with a broad smile on her face.

Blaire helped Katy to make pancakes while Lucy and I selected a movie to watch.

"Ready!",Katy said as she bring pancakes.

"Wow It's too fast",Lucy admitted.

"That's the power of Katy", Blaire said.

Katy chuckled for the compliments.
"Okay enough.Let's eat now.I'm hungry",Katy said.

"Yes me too.Girls did you choose any movie?",Blaire asked.

"Yes.What about 'The Broken Hearts Gallery'?",Lucy asked.

"Nice choice!Is it okay for you Blaire?",Katy asked.
"Anything is okay for me",Blaire replied with a smile.

I play the movie and we started to eat.

"Mmmm delicious!",i admitted while taking second bite of the pancake.

"Yes.I was about to say that actually",Lucy said.

"Especially,the way Katy served is awesome.I'm not really good in making pancakes but after this I'm gonna learn it from you.The banana slices,fresh berries and maple syrup tastes really good!",Blaire said.

"Yeah it's one of Anna's favourite.She like strawberry maple more than this.Since i forgot to bought it,I used maple syrup.After trying a combination of strawberry syrup and pancake,I became a fan of it.Actually,the reason of i started to eat pancake is Anna.Not to be forgotten,she is a great cook than me",Katy exclaimed with a wide grin.

"Is it?Anna when are you gonna cook for us?", Blaire asked me.

"Hopefully soon",I said before taking another bite of the delectable pancake.

"I'm waiting",Blaire winked.

We continued to eat and watched the movie.Suddenly,something popped in my mind.I didn't heard anything from Jax or Henry from yesterday.Should i message him?

Hmm.Nah, let's just wait.However,i'm still not okay with what happened yesterday.I didn't thought that Charles would be a drug addict.

Katy cleared her throat and looked at me.I smiled to assure her that I'm okay.Probably,she could've knew that my mind is not here.

"Thanks for this flavourful treat Katy",Lucy said after finish eating.

After we washed the plates,we took a seat on the couch.

"Anna,your phone is ringing",Lucy took my phone from TV shelf and gave it to me.

"It's Jax",i whispered and went towards the door to avoid disturbing the girls.

"Hey dear,how are you",Jax asked me with a sweet voice.

"Yeah I'm good.Y-you?"

"Looks like someone is caring about me all of a sudden",he said.I could say that he's smiling there.

"No way for that.Don't expect it to happen",i said.

"Oh is it?",he asked me.

"Why?Don't you believe it?",I asked him.

"Nah,I believe it.You applied a bandage on my hand because you don't care about me right?",he tittered.

"Uhm.I-It's humanity Mr Jax"

"Ohw yes i forgot the meaning of that word.When you saw blood on my hand,your eyes started to fill with tears.It's also because of humanity right?"

That scene started to occur in my mind.I stayed quiet as I couldn't utter a word.

"Hello are you there?",he whispered.

"Uh?Oh I-I'M h-here",I blabbered.

I waited for him to talk but it was a dead silence for a minute as we only heard each other's breath.
"Where are you",he asked me.

"I-I'M in my room"

"Is Katy with you?"

"Yes.Blaire and Lucy are also here"

"Ohw that's great.Hrmm...W-will you be free tomorrow?",he asked me.I can feel an expectation in his modulation.

"Y-yeah I think so.Why?"

"Can we spend some time tomorrow?I..I mean maybe w-we can go for a movie or dine or anything that you like to",he said and made my brain malfunction for a second.My mouth fell open in shock.Is he really asking me this?

"Uhm..I..I don't k-know..I m-mean",I exhaled without knowing what to say.

"Hey,what happened?",Katy came towards me and asked.

"Jax wait a minute",i said and moved my phone far from my ear.

"Katy h-he is asking me if i could spend some time with him tomorrow",i whispered to Katy.

"What did you say for that?",she asked me.

"I don't know w-what to say",i admitted.

She think for a second.I expected her to give me an idea because sometimes she knows about me more than i know myself.

"Say okay",she told me.

"B-But Katy-"

"Just say okay",she assured me.

I nodded.
"Hello Jax,are you there?"

"Yes.Have you decided?Are you coming with me tomorrow?",he asked.

"Y-yes",i said without thinking anything.

He sighed."That's great!Around 1.30p.m,is it okay?"


"Okay.Let's meet tomorrow",he said.

"Bye",i said before hanging up the phone.

"What did he said?",Lucy asked me.

"He told me to be ready at 1.30p.m tomorrow"

"Wow.Is it a date?",Blaire winked with a wide grin on her beautiful face.

"Yahh.It's just.. It's just a-",I stumbled on my word.

"Just what?",Blaire giggled.

"Whatever!Leave it",i told her.

"Looks like someone is blushing",Lucy chuckled.

Well,i think it's true.I could feel the heat on my cheek.

"LUCY! Why are you also doing this to me?",i whined.

They started to laugh out loud as my cheeks turned red.

"Okay girls.Pity of her.Let's leave her this time",Blaire said.

"Well, you're gonna spend time with him tomorrow right? Aren't we supposed to spend some time together today?",Lucy said.

"That's a great idea!Today it's gonna be a girls day",Katy exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeayyy! Let's get ready girls",Blaire jumped in exhilaration.
It would be a lie if i say that i don't feel excited with it.However,I feel a little surprised with the change in Lucy's behavior.She used to be a quiet girl but there are a lot of change since she started to spend time with us.We get to know a lot about each other.So, she became comfortable with our friendship and I'm so happy for that.

Blaire and Lucy went to their room to get ready.Meanwhile,Katy and I started to get ready.I took a quick shower because of the hot weather.

"Anna,is this okay?",Katy asked me after getting ready.

She's wearing a light yellow flutter sleeve top with white coloured A-line Skirt.Not to forget the rhodium plated swan pendant necklace,which suits her very well.

"You look gorgeous as usual",I smiled.
"What about me?",i asked while showing my lemonade pink elastic waist skirt.

"You look so beautiful dear",she smiled.

I checked myself on the mirror for the last time before going out.Katy applied pink lipstick and i applied lip balm.I turned right to left and checked myself in the mirror.
'great',i told myself.My mother is too good in choosing dresses for me.The white halterneck top look so good for me.

We went to the parking lot and noticed Blaire and Katy.

"Are we late?",Katy asked them.

"No.We just came now",Lucy said.

"Okay let's go",Blaire said.

Katy drove the car and I was on the front seat.We went to a mall.Girls day won't be completed without shopping and also four of us loves to go shopping.So,we went to a famous mall,which took around 45 minutes from our campus.

"Where do you girls wanna go first?",Katy asked us.

"Let's buy some dresses",Blaire said.

"But we've already bought some dresses that day right?", Lucy asked.

"Yes but..But it's a different place right",Blaire said as she runned her hand through her hair.

"We know that you love to buy new dresses.Let's go",I exclaimed.

Blaire giggled.
"I will make sure to buy you a sexy dress to wear tomorrow",she winked.

"You know that I don't like that kind of dresses",i glared at her.

"Okay relax",she said while giggling.

We went into a dress store.After around 30 minutes,

"Anna this will look so good for you",Blaire said while showing me a red cut out halter dress.

I crossed my arms and glared her.

"Okay.Never mind",she said and turned around.

This girl is really insane.She is showing me sexy dresses,which will reveal most of my body skin.First,she showed me Waist-High Even Split Dress.Then,Draped Neck Crisscross Backless Split Thigh Dress.Now,cut out halter dress.
I'm getting frustrated because of her right now.

"Blaire,I told you that I don't like these kind of dresses!",i told her.

"Okay, atleast choose something and also you've promised me that you'd let me choose a dress for you right?",Blaire pouted.

"Yes but please,I don't want these kind of dresses.I won't feel comfortable with it.If I got interest in wearing these dresses,I promise to tell you that.Okay?",i said.

"Hmm okay.I will choose something you'll be comfortable with",she smiled and disappeared with Katy.

"Hey Lucy,I think this will be suitable for you",I said while showing a black mock-neck sheer panel dress.

"Wow,you know my taste very well.Let me try it",she exclaimed.

She tried it and she looked gorgeous in that dress.She also choosed a peach surplice neck belted dress for me.

"Anna how's it?",Katy and Blaire came from nowhere and asked me in unison.

Katy is holding a maroon flocked mesh sleeve solid dress.Meanwhile,Blaire is holding a white Ruffled Shirt With Green Pleated Skirt.

"Looks nice.For who?",i asked them.

"Uh for your grandma",Blaire said.


"Anna,after minutes of searching, we've chose a dress for you and you're asking me it's for who",Blaire said with innocent face.

"Oops,I'm sorry",i apologized.

"It's okay.Tell me how it looks",Blaire said.

"I've already told you that it look nice",i shrugged.

"Are you gonna buy this?", Blaire asked me excitedly.

"Uhmm.It's nice but-"

"But what?",she asked me.

"It's short",i said honestly.

"Ah come on.I swear you'll look amazing in this dress",she whined.

I chuckled."Okay, don't worry.I just said that it's short.I didn't said that I won't buy it"

"Really?",she asked me.

I nodded.

"Yeayyyyy!",she jumped.

"What about this dress?",Katy asked me while showing the dress that she chose.

"Personally,I like it very much and I'm gonna wear it tomorrow",i admitted with a wide grin.

They looked so happy because i bought it all.I also chose some nice dresses for them.Not to forget the orange Solid Tie Detail Dress that I chose for myself.

After shopping,we went to McDonald's.When our stomach get full,we went back to campus.Shopping took a lot of time.We've planned more things to do but we postponed it for another day.

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