MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 28: Do I deserve this?

"How do I look?",I asked Katy after getting ready.

"This dress suits you very well",Katy smiled.

"It's all because of you",I smiled back.

"Do you like it?",she asked me.

"Of course.I'm in love with this dress",I exclaimed with a wide grin on my face.

I'm wearing the maroon flocked mesh sleeve solid dress that Katy chose for me yesterday.It really look so beautiful.

"Get ready and come there",Katy said and left the room.

I have a habit of checking myself on mirror for the last time before going out.So,I did it again and I'm satisfied with my look.

My phone starts to ring and I took the phone.It's Jax.

"Hey, you're coming right?",he asked me without even saying hello.

"Hmm yes.Why?"

"Nothing much.Just double checking",he said.

"Why couldn't you believe it?",I smiled.

He chuckled,"It's not like that.Just wondering whether it's true or not because I didn't thought you'd say yes to this"

"Hmm.Where are you?",i asked him.

He didn't say anything.

"Hello are you there?",i asked him.

"Hmm",he said.

"Where are you?"i asked him again.

"Standing behind a real life angel that falled from heaven",he whispered.

"Wh-what",i whispered as I noticed something.

It didn't felt like I was hearing his voice in the phone but it was more closer to me.My heart started to beat faster for no reason.My ears heard someone's breath.

I felt his presence behind me by his astonishing cologne.I turned around and...Lost myself in his captivating eyes.

Am I in a galaxy filled with a lot of sparkling stars?

My heart fluttered in his charming and affectionate smile.God,why did you gave this much of charmness to one person?How am I supposed to stop myself from falling for this person?

In a moment,he snapped his finger infront my face and made me come back to the reality.

"Are we just gonna spend time by looking into each other's soul like this?",he whispered with having an admirable smile on his sweet lips.

As usual,I didn't get any words to say.I really hate it.I don't know why I couldn't find any words when he's near me.

I heard someone clearing throat behind Jax.He moved and turned around.It's Katy.Thank god.Immediately,I went near Katy.

"Are you ready?",she asked me.

I nodded and looked at Jax.

"I think it's time to go",Jax told me.

Jax and I went outside of our room.

"Be careful and call me if you want anything",Katy told me.

"Don't worry.She'll be safe",Jax assured her.

"I know that",Katy told him and I chuckled.

"Enjoy your day",Katy whispered in my ears and smiled before i went to the parking lot with Jax.

We get into the car and he started to drive.

We stayed quiet while enjoying the vibe.I have no idea about what's happening to me.To be frank,being near him,hearing love songs and enjoying the amazing view is giving me a feel that I couldn't explain in words.

I feel like I wanna go for a long drive at night with him.It would feel so good though.

"Where are we going?",finally I decided to break the silence.Well,I just wanna hear his soothing voice.That's why I broke the silence.

He just took a glance at me instead of answering for my question.

"Why aren't you saying anything?",i asked him.

Again,he just glanced at me and continued driving the car.

"Yahh talk something",i pouted.

He chuckled and said, "Hi"

"I asked you a question and you're saying hi.Is it even relevant?",i snapped.

"You just wanna hear my voice right?Then why should I answer for your question?",he said with having fixed eyes on the road.He just left my mouth fell open for a second.

Now,i regret for breaking the silence.I stayed quiet and noticed that it has been 30 minutes since we left campus.

"Are you kidnapping me or what?",I asked in a sudden and made him confused.

"W-Why?",he asked me innocently.

"It has been 30 minutes.Where are you bringing me?"

"Do you really thought that I'm kidnapping you?",he laughed.

"Yeah.You're not telling me where we're going."

"Ohw.I thought you'd like a long drive",he smiled.

How does he knows everything about me?I didn't even said a word about me.

"Why sudden silence?",he asked me.

"N-nothing",i told him.

"Is it?",he asked me.

"Uhmm...I..How do I look today?",i changed the topic.

He laughed.

"Why are you laughing now?",i asked him.

"Don't you get any other ideas to change the topic?",he asked me while laughing.

I sighed.It just went silent after that.Around 2.15 p.m,he stopped the car infront of a classy and fancy open-air restaurant.

He lead me to the restaurant and we took a seat there.I took a view of that breathtaking surrounding.

"What do you want?",Jax asked me.

"Anything that you like",I said with a small smile appearing on my face.

"Okay", he said and ordered White clam chowder and lobster rolls.

Meanwhile,I replied to my mom's text.I started to squirm under his intense gaze.

"Can you stop looking at me like that Mr Jax?",i snapped.

"Is it my fault if you look this beautiful?",he confessed,making me shut my mouth once again.

"Okay, let's change the topic.Tell me about your.. Anything about you",he said.

"Hrmm.About me?",i murmured and asked,"what should I say?"

He laughed,"Come on,I know that you're not a quiet person"

"I have no ideas..Okay.My name is Anna and I'm 18",I said and made him laugh again.

"Ahh this girl.I already know your name and age",he admitted.
"Hmm okay tell me about your high school experiences.Any memories,maybe",he said.

Whenever I think about my past,the first thing that'll appear on my mind is the pain that I'm holding in my heart.

He cleared his throat after noticing the change in my mood."Isn't there any memories?I just wanna know whether you're a good topper girl or a bad girl",he said.

"It's not like that.I was just thinking what I should say...I'm not really a topper but also not a backbencher though.Well,I'm a good girl",I said as the waiter served us in polite manner.


"What?",i asked Jax.

"Yeah you're a liar.Why should a good girl messed up with a guy on the first day?",he asked me.

He's talking about Alex!
"Alex,I didn't mess up with him.He's the one who talked about my mother.I just have short temper when someone talk about my mom",i said as a I took a bite of the mouthwatering dish.

"Hmm that's good.Didn't anyone talked about your mom at highschool?",he asked.

I started to laugh when the scene appeared on my mind.

"Looks like someone did it before Alex",he gushed.

I nodded,"Yeah someone did it and I broke his tooth and hand"

"Hey careful",i laughed because I just made him choke on his food.

"W-what? It's unbelievable.Did you really break his tooth and hand?",he asked me.

I nodded with a reassuring smile.

"I didn't thought you'd be a bad girl like this.Pity of the person.Is it a girl?"

"No.It's a boy",i said honestly.

"D-Did you just fought with a guy?",he gaped.

I laughed at his reaction and nodded.

"Woah.I need to be careful with you.Alex has really messed up with a wrong person",he giggled.

We finished eating the delicious food and went to car.

In about 15 minutes,he brought me to theater and the movie 'Rich in Love' started.I couldn't believe that he booked a couple seat for us.I don't even know whether we're a couple or not.

It's such an amazing movie,that I didn't realised that it has been 1 hour and 45 minutes.

"Where are we going now?",i asked him.Suddenly,he grabbed my hand and brought me into a clothing store.

"We're gonna buy some things here",he told me as I nodded.

He bought sweatshirt and long pants for both of us.I have no idea why he's buying this but I didn't asked him anything.I mean,a teenage boy and a girl are spending time together and what he did is buying sweatshirt.Looks a little weird but I can tell that he has a plan.

"Let's wear this",he told me.

"Now?",i asked him.

He nodded.We changed our outfit and he lead me to...

"What?Are we gonna go ice skating?",I exclaimed as I observed him bringing me to an indoor ice skating rink.

"Yup baby",he said while looking at me with an infectious smile.

Does he know that I like ice skating or he just bring me here?

"Do you know how to skate?",he asked me while wearing ice skating shoes.

So,he doesn't know that I like ice skating.Okay,feels like it's time to play with him.I controlled the smile,which was about to appear on my face.

"No and I'm a little scared of it",i said while avoiding eye contact because he could find that I'm lying so easily.

He chuckled,"don't worry.I'll teach you"

I was about to burst out laughing.Thank god I could control it.

He hold my hand and lead me to the ice rink.He hold me so tight to keep me safe from falling.He told me to hold the ledge and stand beside me.
Wow, he's standing so stable without even holding the ledge.He should be a great ice skater though.Let's see if he's good in teaching.

He started to teach me slowly as I act as a beginner.I mean,does he know that I won 1st place thrice in state level of ice skating competition when I was in high school?
My left hand is holding the ledge while Jax is holding my right hand to prevent me from falling. It's cold but his warm breath is making me feel better because he is standing so close to me.

"Okay,slowly move your right leg and then left",he guided me.

He is too good in teaching! Now, where's the fun if I don't tease him?

"HEY!CAREFUL",he exclaimed as I gasped.
I planned to act like slipping and gonna fall but it turns out I really slipped on the ice.Is it karma or what? In a sudden,he caught me by waist and his touch made me gasp.He's being so cautious.Not to forget his stability on the ice while wearing the ice skating shoes.

"Are you okay?",he whispered.

"Y-yes",I nodded.

"Are you scared?We can go back if you're too nervous",he said concernedly.

Oh god,why is he so caring?
At the perfect time,the song 'someone you loved' by Lewis Capaldi started to play in the loudspeaker,which is near the ice rink.We could hear it so clear.

"Can we go for a race?",i asked him.


"I asked you,can we go for a race?",i repeated as I started to move away from him.I took a step back,

"Come on,catch me",i said and started to skate on the ice rink like there's no tomorrow.
I left him in shock as he froze in the place after watching me skating like that.In a second,a beautiful smile appeared on his perfect face.He started to chase me.It didn't felt hard because there are not many people.So,he caught me when I was about to reach the opposite ledge.I hold onto the ledge but he pulled me closer by waist after grabbing me.

"Did you lie to me that you don't know how to skate?",he asked me.The smile on his face didn't even disappeared.

I laughed and he started to laugh.

"How come I didn't found out you're lying?",he asked himself while laughing.

"Idiot",i said and started to skate so fast.

"What did you say just now!",he shouted and started to chase me again.

Omg,he's too fast!

"Yahh,okay okay.I'm sorry",I laughed while holding and burying my face on his chest.He caught me really fast.

"Okay,now tell me why did you lie?",he asked me.

"Just for fun.You looked so funny",i said while laughing so hard.

"When did you learn it? You're too good in it", he told me.

"I learn it when I was in highschool"

"It seems like you love to skate",he said.

"Yup.I got first place thrice in state level ice skating competition",i exclaimed.

His mouth fell open.
"It's really great!I didn't expect it"

"So,what about you?",i asked him.

"I won first prize twice in state level",he said with a wide grin.

"Woah!How come you're good than me but just won two times?",i asked him.

"I got a life threat after that.They told me that I shouldn't come to the national level competition because they knew I'll be the winner.I wasn't afraid of them but that was the time when my parents died",he said with eyes downcast.

I didn't thought this question's answer will be so hurtful.

"I'm sorry",i whispered while placing my hand on his shoulder.

He turned back to me and smiled,"Don't worry.It's the past.Let's live in the present.Come on"

He hold my both hands and lead me to the center of the big ice skating rink.He placed his left hand on my waist and entwined his right hand with mine.He didn't break the eye contact and that's when the song 'dusk till dawn' by zayn and sia started to play.

We made small moves first,without breaking the eye contact.

'Light it up,on the run, let's make love tonight
Make it up,fall in love,try'

When this lyric starts to play we started to dance on the ice.Turning,swirling and enjoying the precious moment.He never forgets to make me feel butterflies on my stomach with his magical touches.

Meanwhile,the songs they're playing are being so suitable for this situation.After around 35 minutes of enjoying the moment,

"Is it enough?",he asked me while holding the ledge on my left and right side,locking me there.

"I think you're asking this question to a wrong person.I'm capable of being here all day long with you",i said with a bright grin.

He chuckled,"Aren't you hungry?"

"Hmm don't know",i said.

"Okay,I have more plans.So, let's go...Is that okay or do you wanna be here for some time?",he asked me.

"I don't really care.Just lead me wherever you'd like to",I smiled shyly.

He smiled and entwined his fingers with mine as he lead me out.We changed our outfit back to what we wore before ice skating.I feel cold after coming out from the ice skating rink.Weird right?

"Do you want anything to eat?Any desserts or something else?",he looked at me and asked.

Probably,I will be shivering if I eat dessert and sit in the car,which will be filled by air-conditioner.

"Are you okay?"What are you thinking?",he asked me concernedly.

"Uhmm.Actually...It's cold",I admitted.

In a sudden,he pulled me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder to make me feel warm.This guy is too good in handling me.He lead me to his car.

"Wear this",he took his jacket from the car and gave me.I did as he said.I could feel his exotic cologne on the jacket.He opened the car window instead of aircond.HE IS SO UNDERSTANDING! DO I EVEN DESERVE HIM?

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