MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 29: What's happening?

"Feeling better?",he asked me.

I nodded.

"Hmm.It's 6.20 now.We still have around 40 minutes for the next plan.What do you wanna do?"

I looked at him as I feel my stomach is asking me a cup of hot tea.

"Can we drink something hot?",I demanded.

"What about tea?",he asked me like he has already read my mind.

I smiled and nodded.He turned left on the four way junction.

I saw a classy beautiful cafe on my left.We went inside and I was enthralled by the view.It looked like a perfect place for couples.It's lavishly decorated by fresh flowers, tasteful artworks, classical music and linen tablecloths.Moreover, every table only have 2 chairs and it looks like every table is given a private place.

Did he called me to spend time with him or for a date? If this is a date,I can totally agree that this day would be a perfect date.

We took a seat as a polite server came to take the order.

"Here's the menu sir, ma'am",she showed the menu and smiled.

I looked at the menu as Jax did the same.In a sudden,I found one of my favorite tea.

"Mint tea with Lemon-frosted pistachio cake!",i exclaimed as I closed the menu book.

Jax did the same and said,"Same goes for me"

Did he just waited for me to order?
Suddenly,his phone rang and he attend it.

"What?",he said on phone.

I chuckled and he noticed it with narrowed eyes.Isn't he have a habit of saying hello after attending phone calls?

"Hmm",he said.
"Sorry I can't join you today guys",he continued.

Is he cancelling any plans for me?

"What about-",he paused his question and looked at me.

"Can I tell them to join us after this? It's Henry and three more",he told me and continued, "Maybe you also can invite your friends"

I thinked for a second and said, "okay"

He told them to come to the address,which he will send them after this.

When he was about to hang up the phone,the server came and served us.The fresh and aromatic smell of the mint tea is so refreshing.

We started to eat the cake and taste the tea.We enjoyed the delicious taste of it while enjoying the romantic vibe along with the music instead of talking.I glanced at him often and he did the same.While taking a sip of the tea,

"Well,you have a great taste",he smiled.

"I hope so",i agreed.

"Didn't you inform your friends?",he asked me.

"Ohw yes right?",i took out my phone.

Wait,what should i tell them?

"First,can you tell me where we're going?",I asked him.

He chuckled,"Thanks for asking it.I was thinking about what you're gonna tell them without knowing anything..We're going to fun fair and if they're coming I'll send the address"

"Okay",i said and called Katy.

"Hey Anna wassup!",Katy greeted me and I heard another voice behind her.

"Are Blaire and Lucy with you?",I asked her.

"Ohw yes",she exclaimed.

"That's great.Get ready fast.I'll send you an address.We're going to fun fair",I said in a breath and noticed Jax choking and looking at me with wide eyes.

"Wait wait!What did you say just now?Why are we going to fun fair and why should we get ready?",Katy asked me.

"Do you have any plan for tonight?",i asked her.

"Nope",she answered.

"Okay then.You,Blaire and Lucy are gonna join me and Jax along with the other four devils- ",I blurted and started to cough so hard.

Oh my fuckin' mouth! I avoid looking at Jax,who's looking at me with furrowed eyebrows.

"I-I m-mean we're going to fun fair.So, you're gonna join us.That's it",I averted the topic.

"Okay.Send me the address",she told me.

"Alright",i said and hanged up the phone.

I took the tea and,

"Did you just say the word 'devil' ?",he asked me and made me choke on the tea.

"I..I- Mean.. It's...I'm s-sorry",i apologized without taking a glance at him.

He started to laugh.

"W-why are you laughing?",I asked him innocently.

"Did you thought that I'll scold you?Why are you being nervous?",he asked me while laughing.

"I thought you would scold me",I admitted.

"Only stupids will scold an angel.I won't scold you.Especially,not for this reason",he said.

"Aren't you angry?I just mentioned your friends as devils",i told him hesitantly.

"Nah.Relax baby"

He couldn't even stop smiling.He is not angry.Thank god.

"But tell me something",he said in a sudden.

"What?",i asked him.

"Am I included in that devil category?I mean,did you gave me the same nickname?"

Oh no!Should I admit the truth?

"N-Not now but before this..Yes you're included",i said honestly.

He started to laugh so hard as I started to smile because of his handsomeness which was increased by his laughter.

"Nice nickname though",he said without being able to control his laughter.

"But I think Alex got a special name.Am I right?",he chuckled.

Ohw,he still remember the name 'mr pain in the ass'. I laughed and nodded.

"Does your friends scared of height?",he asked me.

"Yes.Blaire",i told him.

"Ohw.By the way,I told you to invite them but you literally ordered them to join us",he smiled.

"Yeah.If not they won't agree because they're still scared of you all"

"Aren't you scared of us?"he asked me with flirtatious look.

"Ohw yes.I'm scared of you.That's why I'm being with you today",I told him.

He giggled.

"Okay,Let me go and pay first.Stay here",he said and left me.

I took my phone and...His phone starts to ring.He left his phone on the table.
Should I attend it? What if I shouldn't? Let's just inform him after he come here.Then,it stopped ringing.
Again,it started to ring. What if it's an emergency?
I took the phone and it was an unknown number.It stopped ringing by the second I took the phone.

Hrmm let's see if it rings again.Suddenly,there was a pop up message.

'hey darling..It's Amy here.Hope you didn't forget me...Btw,thanks for your opinion at that night baby.I really improved myself and I literally became a hot chick than before..Wanna try me for a night?Well,not just for a night.I wanna feel you all day long and I promise that I won't stop you even if you go harder.Reply fast baby.I couldn't wait to let myself seduce by you and I wanna taste you💘'

I gasped as I felt tears forming in my eyes.Wh-what i-is h-happening?
I saw Jax coming towards ms after paying for the food.I kept his phone at the place where he left and started to look at my phone.

Who's that girl? What's she saying? If he's like that,why is he spending time with me?Is he really using me? Adriel told me to not trust this devils right. But I'm not supposed trust Adriel right?

Urghh...Anna,relax! RELAX!

I told myself and blinked often to make sure it doesn't look obvious that I'm not okay.I tried too hard to be normal before he come near me.

"Let's go",he said with a smile appearing on his face.

I smiled and nodded.
We made our way to the car.I just looked down at the floor as the message roamed in my head.

"Hey!",he shaked my shoulder.

I looked up at him,"what?"

"Didn't you hear what I said just now?",he asked me.

"What did you say?"
I realised that I wasn't hearing when he was talking.

"I..I will send you the address.Forward it to your friends",he repeated what he said before this.

I nodded and took my phone.I felt his eyes on me but I don't care about it.We get into the car.

I forward the message to Katy and told her to come as fast as she could.

He looked at me often but I didn't even took a glance at him.I just looked outside by the car window.He started to drive.

It feels so weird! We're not even a couple but wh-why am I feeling jealous.I-It's not exactly jealous.I mean..I don't know.It's just so many questions are roaming in my head and my heart hurts.

Why is he doing this?The thing is I TRUSTED HIM. If he's not like that,then what would be the possible reason of that message? What if she send the message to a wrong person? What about the Heart emoji with arrow? I feel like I wanna take that arrow and kill her with that.

I really need someone by my side now.I need Katy!

"What are you thinking?",he asked me.

"N-nothing",i said without glancing at him.

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