MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 30: Feel good

We reached fun fair in about 15 minutes.We get out of the car and saw the other four devils who were waving their hand to us.

I followed Jax to them.
Am I supposed to trust these guys? But Jax is making me feel safe!He is behaving like a good guy.

B-but sugar and salt looks the same right?

Omg! I couldn't control the tears and I think he noticed the tears in my eyes just now.He is a eagle eyed person.Why am I making it obvious ? Probably,he'll know that I'm not okay.The problem is I couldn't control my emotions.

When we was about to reach the other four he stopped me.

"What happened to you?Are you okay?",he asked me while trying to make eye contact.

"Y-yes",i said as i averted my eyes from him.

"You sure?",he asked me with concerned eyes.

I nodded and assured him.It really feels like he's caring for me but what about the message?

"I will call Katy",i said and went away from him.

I immediately called Katy with literally shivering hand.Jax joined the other four.They were talking but Jax's didn't stopped observing me.I'm so sure that he will find out how I feel because he's too good in these things.

"Hello Katy.Where are you?",I asked her.

"We're on the way,near the funfair.We'll be there in five minutes"

"Katy come fast please"

"Why?Is everything alright?"

"Katy don't ask me anything.Just come fast",i said while glancing the devils.

"Okay.Blaire go fast..Anna,we will be there okay.I will hang up the phone now"

"Katy,don't",I blurted.

"Why?Are you okay?",she asked me.

"Katy don't hang up the phone until you reach here",i told her as i feel insecure.

"O-Okay",she assured me.

In around 3 minutes,they reached the funfair.I sighed and hanged up the phone.

"Hey are you okay?",Katy whispered to me as they approached me.

I nodded.

We turned around because of the whistle sound of Charles.

"Let's go",he told us.

We joined them and went inside.I stayed beside Katy and didn't went near Jax.He kept glancing at me.Jax told something to Lucas as Lucas glanced at me.
Okay, what's happening now?

"Girls where are you gonna go first?",Lucas asked us.

"Anywhere.We'll follow you",Blaire said.

"Then, let's go to Waltzer first.Is it okay?",Lucas asked as Blaire nodded.

I could see a huge ferris wheel on the right path,which will approximately take 30 minutes for one rotation.
On my left path,i could see waltzer.

Out of the blue,I noticed Jax is walking beside me.

He cleared his throat.
"Guys,we will join you after a while",he informed everyone as he grabbed my hand.

Nonononono!I'm not gonna go.Please!

"B-but I-", before i could say anything,he interrupted,

"You all can spend some time together.We will join you later"

I didn't even get a chance to talk.They all nodded and went on the left path as Jax brought me to the right path.

"But Jax..I wanna go with them",I said in a trembling voice.

"Don't worry dear.We will join them later",he told me without looking at me.

"I d-don't want t-",before I finish my sentence,he pulled me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder to make me quiet.I look at him as he made eye contact.I swallowed after looking at his eyes which is darker than usual.

He is making me too nervous.

I'm sure that I won't be able to stand infront him.He's making me feel safe and nervous at the same time.Not to forget how hot I'm feeling while being this close with him.His heat could really burn me in a second.

He brought me to the huge ferris wheel and we sit inside.He sit beside me,too close.After it started to spin,

"What happened to you?",he asked me.

"N-nothing",i said while looking at another direction.

"Do you think I'm a stupid? You're not okay since we left the cafe",he told me.

I swallowed hard.
"There's nothing like that.I'm fine",I lied.

"I've already told you to not lie to me...You're really making me depressed by thinking what I did wrong",he admitted.

"Yahh believe me.I'm not lying"

"Then, why aren't you making eye contact?",he asked and tried to move my chin to his direction.

I avoided it.
"YOU'RE MAKING ME FRUSTRATED.DO YOU UNDERSTAND?",he shouted at me in gruff voice and made me scared as hell within a millisecond.Tears started to overflow in anxiety.

His dark eyes turned to concerned look.
"Why are you-",Jax whispered.Before he finishes his question he pulled me into a hug.I hold on his chest and sobbed.

"I'm so sorry for shouting at you..Wh-why are you crying?At least tell me something.Just be frank",he crooned.

Even if he's the one who's making me feel insecure and nervous,i don't have other choices.I should just depend on him right now.I have never seen a person being this scary when shouting.

"You're shivering.Angel, don't cry please.Why did you became weak in a sudden?",he asked me.

"Because of you",i admitted.

"M-me? What did I do?",he whispered while making his grip on me more tighter.

"Jax,I'm scared.Too scared",I whispered.

"Why baby?",he asked in a concerned voice.

"Don't ask me anything.I just feel nervous.I couldn't control my emotions..My emotions for you",I confessed.

"I-",before he starts to talk,I interrupted,

"Don't say anything till I finish... You're making me feel safe like nobody else but you're also making me feel so weak and nervous as hell",I buried my face on his chest and hugged him tightly.

I continued,"I don't know much about you...I don't know what you were doing before this.That day you confessed to me and today..This is a day that I won't forget in my lifetime.I've tried so hard but I couldn't control my feelings for you.If you know that you won't be able to spend the rest of your life with me,please go away from me Jax.Please!",I cried on his arms.

His heart is beating so fast,just like mine.He stayed quiet and I couldn't control my tears.I know that I'm crying too much.We're actually on the maximum height of the ferris wheel.They stopped it there for a while.

"I...I d-don't know what to say",he whispered like he don't have the strength to talk.

He continued,"please stop crying first...Baby I'm not being able to gather my strength to talk.I couldn't utter a word.Please don't cry"

He wipe all my tears and hugged me again.Tears are still flowing from my eyes.

He swallowed.
"Anna,I've already confessed.I-I just wanna tell you that y-you can trust me and believe me,I-I won't go away",he assured me.

After a while,i stopped crying as he comforted me.His hand is holding mine while my head is taking rest on his shoulder.He wrapped his left hand around my shoulder to make me feel safe.

"Angel,can we just go back to the mood like when we're in this morning? Remember,this day haven't finished yet.Let's enjoy this day as much as we can.Deal?",he asked me.

I nodded,"deal"

"Please smile",he said but I didn't smiled.

"Isn't this ferris wheel is too height?",he changed the topic.

"Ahhhhhhh!",he screamed in a sudden.

"What happened?",i asked concernedly.

"Nothing.Does Blaire look this funny while screaming because of this height?",he asked me playfully.

Immediately, I burst out laughing as he laughed with me.

"I think she'll look more funnier than this",I laughed.

We get out from the ferris wheel and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I love this feel!

"Where are they? Let me call Lucas",he took his phone and I noticed a change in his face expression.

I took a glance sideways at his phone and noticed that he's looking at the missed calls and a unread message from the number.He just avoided it and called Lucas.
After the call,

"They've went for a ferris wheel ride",he told me.


Wait,what about Blaire?

"What will be Blaire's reaction?",I looked at Jax.We burst out laughing after imagining Blaire's situation.

"Do you like this rides?",Jax asked me.

"Yes I love it",I exclaimed.

"You're not scared of it right?",he asked me.

"No",I admitted.

"That's my girl",he exclaimed and brought me to roller coaster.

I wear the seat belt and looked at Jax,who was looking at me.He came closer to me.

"What are you doing?",I asked innocently.

He didn't replied and checked whether the seat belt is strong or not to make sure I'm safe.Then,he wear his seat belt.

"What?",he asked me as I didn't stop looking at him.

"Could you stop being so lovely?",i asked.

A beautiful smile appeared on his beautiful lips again.I hold his hand as I feel the jerk of rollercoaster before it starts.It's been a while since I experienced rollercoaster rides.

After becoming comfortable with it,I started to enjoy the ride and whoop.He started to shout in excitement with me.It was so thrilling and I really enjoyed the ride.

"It's awesome",I exclaimed as he nodded with grin.

After that,we joined the others.I noticed Blaire's face.She looks like a tomato after coming from the ferris wheel.Until 11 p.m,it was so adventurous and lovely.We all went to many rides except Blaire,Lucy,Lucas and Alex.Since Blaire is scared of height,Lucas said that he'll bring her to the other side.So, Lucy decided to go with blaire while Alex decided to give company to Lucas.

Katy,Lucy and Blaire started to be comfortable with them.They even talked with them.After some rides,we joined Blaire at the small games where we got souvenirs such as keychains and cute toys.I even teased Alex when he got a perfect toy for him.It's a monkey toy.I told him to look at the mirror while holding the monkey toy and said that he looks same like the toy.He started to chase me as usual and we two made everyone else laugh like hell.Especially,I didn't saw Lucy laughing this much before.Alex is so good in making her laugh.Jax won a fluffy white and red teddy bear for me.It look so cute and it's size is perfect for me to hug,not too big neither small.

"I will drop Anna there later",Jax told Katy.

They all left from there as I get into Jax's car.

"Are you still not enough of spending time with me",I asked him.

"You don't look tired neither",he smiled.

He sang songs that were playing in the car and I joined him.He looked surprised after I sing.

"Your voice is so sweet.You could sing very well",he admitted happily.

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