MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 31: Am I alive?

We went to beach and walked there.We're alone.It's 11.20 p.m and there's nobody here.The cold breeze mesmerized me.When the water touches my feet,it felt like the water is bringing all my tension and problems with it.It just went silent but it's a comfortable silence that stretched between us.

I entwined my fingers with Jax as he looked at me in shock for a second.

"Can we sit?",he asked me and I nodded.

We sit on the cold sand.I sit close to him because it's too cold.

After a while,my mood started to swing as many thoughts popped up in my brain.I looked at the beautiful waves gently drenching the sand.

In a sudden,I hold his arms and entwined fingers as I leaned my head on his shoulder.His eyes downcast as a small smile appeared in his face but he hide it in a moment.

It looks romantic but I feel safe and good with him.

"What do you think about the stars?",he asked while looking up at the sky.I started to look at the sparkling stars.

"Appearing from nowhere,twinkling and disappearing in this huge universe.Humans are also same right?Birth,live,death.The thing is...not every humans are being bright like the stars.Not everyone are finding the happiness in life.Not everyone are finding the purpose of life", he said.

I started to think about what he said.

"What do you think about life? What's the meaning of life?",he asked me while looking at me.

"Uhmm.It's...Life is about...chasing and accomplishing dreams?",i told him.Actually it's more like question than a statement.

He chuckled,"When are we gonna live our life if we kept chasing on the dreams?"

We made eye contact.Actually,he is correct right?

He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ears slowly, "Life is about being happy and living peaceful life,dear...Accomplishing dream is also important but it's not the only thing in life.Life is about doing the thing that we love,doing the thing that makes us happy.It's about the small things,happiness and memories that we're collecting each and every day"

He left me in the world of contemplation with his words.

Bit by bit,his face came closer to me as I could feel his breath on me.Our eyes locked like magnets.His thumb gently rubbed my lower lips and it sends jolt of electricity all over my body.His touch made my heart fluttered as always.At a slow pace,his lips met mine.My heart pounded in my chest because of the way he invaded all my senses.The feel of his frame leaning against mine as his arms wrapped around my sensitive skin is unexplainable.Not to forget his masculine cologne that overwhelmed me.He bite my lower lip gently and I allowed the presence of his tongue.His kiss is like black holes,which pulls me in until all gravity is lost under his touch.He parted as he realised I'm running out of breath.He actually made me forgot how to breathe.

I felt my cheeks turning red when he looked at me.I hide my face in his chest because of the adrenaline rush in my body.He hugged me like I was his and placed his chin on my head.

We parted considering his phone,which started to ring suddenly.My eyes downcast because of the feel that he gave me just now.After talking in phone,

"Henry said not to bring you to the campus"

"W-what?",I questioned.

"He told me that they're stucked in traffic jam due to a terrible car collision.He heard in radio that it'll atleast take three hours to get over the traffic jam",he explained.

"What are we gonna do?",i asked him.

After a minute of contemplation,"Maybe we can go to my house.I know another way to my house.It's far if we use the road but I'm sure that there won't be a lot of cars.Approximately,we can be there in 2 hours",he told me.

I nodded as I don't have any other choices.

"Let's go",he told me.

I followed him to his car.Wait,I thought it would be wonderful if we went for a long drive at night right? Woah! God,is this a boon or what? Omg,I couldn't stop smiling.He looked at me with furrowed eyes but didn't asked anything.

"Do you like long drive?",he asked me after getting into the car.

I nodded and smiled.He smiled back and started to drive.

After minutes,I called Katy as I saw her message.

"Hey,what happened?Is everything alright?",I asked her.

"Thank god yes.I got nervous as hell after our car's breakdown.Especially,in that road.I felt like heaven is calling me",she told me.

"Are you okay?Is it safe now?",I asked her concernedly.

"Yeah, we're safe now.Don't worry.Blaire and I are with Charles,Henry and Lucas.Lucy is with Alex on another car",she explained calmly.

"Did you left her alone with him?",I asked her.

"Hmm.Don't worry",she said as she couldn't explain it because of the devils beside her.

"Okay.Careful",I told her before hanging up the phone.

"Is everything alright?",Jax asked me.

"Yes,thank god your friends came in two cars",I told him.

The next 10 minutes were quiet.

"What are you thinking?",Jax asked me concernedly.

"Is Alex a good guy?",I asked hesitantly.

He chuckled,"Don't worry.Your friend is safe"

I gazed at him doubtfully.

"Believe me.He will keep them safe",he reassured me.

He continued,"He is a good person.It's just sometimes his brain won't function properly but after a while he'll feel guilty for what he did.However,he will listen to us if we guide him or tell him after he did something wrong.He is a good listener though"

"Him?Listener?Really?",I asked in disbelief.

"Yeah but he don't listen to everyone.It depends on people and the topic",he demystified.

"So,he listen to you?"

"Yes.He will always listen to me.He even told me that I'm like a guide for him after parent's death",he said.

"Parents death?"

He nodded,eyes fixed on the road.
"His parents died when he's 18..because of that bastard who killed my parents",his delicate voice became cold as his grip on the steering became tighter.

Adriel's dad?He also killed Alex's parents! I'm 18 now and I don't know if I could handle the situation if someone had killed my parents.How did Alex overcome it when he was just 18? It has only been 2 years and he could handle his emotions too well.If I was in his place,I'm 200% sure that I won't be able to overcome it even after 3 years.

"Don't think about it.Just leave the topic",he told me and played the song 'at my worst'.

He started to sing songs as I enjoyed it.After around 1 hour,

"Stay brave okay",he told me.

"Why are you talking irrelevantly?",I snapped.

"It's relevant.I didn't informed you earlier about this road"

"What is it?"

"Mostly nobody will dare to use this road.Especially,at this time",he told me and made me curious.

"I don't understand",I said calmly.

"Okay.In about 2 minutes,this road is gonna be an one way road,surrounded by jungle and it has no street lights.I also heard that this jungle have animals like bears,tigers and even lions",he said like it's not a big matter.

"Stop pranking Mr Jax",I said in disbelief.

Out of the blue,he turned on the high beam and the road is dark without any lights.It's also surrounded by jungle.I was dazed for a moment.

"ARE YOU INSANE?.....At least,tell me that you lied about the animals",I shouted at him.

"Nah,I'm serious.I swear it's the truth",he said in a calm manner.


"We don't have other choices right?"

"Are you crazy? Atleast,drive slowly.You're making my heart skip a beat",I admitted.

"Relax,I will keep you safe and driving slow is not safe.If anything come out from the jungle,we're finished",he said.

Does he even understand or not? It's freaking dark and he's driving the car only with the car's light !

"Relax baby.I had used this road 2 times before this.I will bring you safe okay",he said.

A sudden downpour of rain started and the first 20 minutes was the thrill of my life.

"JAX!",I screamed from the top of my lungs as I closed my eyes and covered my face with hands.

The car went out of track because of the slippery road and he put sudden break before the car hit a huge tree in the roadside.I felt my blood pumping through my veins in anxiety.
He unbelt and came closer to me.He hugged me like he knows that I need his hug to feel better.

"Shhh.We're safe baby",he whispered.


"Here,drink it",he handed me a pill and a water bottle.

"What is it?",I asked him.

"Sleeping pill.You look so nervous.Just take some rest",he told me while stroking my hair.

I contemplated him instead of doing what he said.

"Baby trust me",he comforted me.

I did what he said.Afterwards,I didn't know what happened.All I know is he started to drive and I fall asleep.

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