MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 32: I trust him

I woke up as the first rays of sunlight lit up the room.
What feel is this? I realised Jax's arms around me. Did we cuddle?
Anyways I love this feel, being so close to him and his hand around me. This makes me feel so safe.

He's still sleeping.
I'm feeling a little drowsy because of the sleeping pill that I took yesterday.

Why is he so handsome? I started to look at his perfect face. He looks like a sculpture, which was made by a professional sculptor. His structured eyebrows, greek nose and alluring lips. He must be fallen from heaven. Does anyone look this charming when they sleep? Not to forget his muscular body.
Arms, chest, abdomen and down there...
Wait, why am thinking these things now? I swear I had never been filled with dirty thoughts like this before.

"Good morning angel", his sweet voice made me come out from my thoughts.

A charming smile appeared on his perfect lips.

"Did you sleep well?", I asked him.


"Why?", I asked him curiously.

I gasped as he pulled me closer in a sudden.

"Because of you", he whispered.


"Yeah I didn't sleep well because I couldn't take my eyes from you last night"

"Yahh stop flirting, you pervert", I snapped.

"What did you say?", he started to tickle me.

"Don't...Stop.JAX STOP!", I yelled.

He laughed and sat up, "Okay let me prepare breakfast for us and you..go and take a bath"

"Hmm okay"

I gazed at him as he came closer to me again.

"What?", I asked him.

"Do you want me to join you baby?", he whispered huskily as he brushed a strand of my hair.

"Not even in your dreams Mr Pervert!", I yelled as I hit him with a pillow.

"Heyy okay chill. Stop hitting me", he laughed.

I stopped doing it and went to bathe after he went out of the room.

I took a quick warm bath and went downstairs.

"Baby you're too quick", he exclaimed.

"Is it wrong?", I pouted.

"Not wrong but I haven't prepared the breakfast yet"

"Any help?", I asked him.

"Nah just sit there. I will serve you soon", he said without even taking a glance at me.

"Hmm okay", I took a seat at the classy bar stool and started to use my phone.

One minute felt like one hour for me so, I stood up from the barstool and went to him. I gave him a jerk by a tight back hug.

"Baby you're distracting me", he told me calmly.

I made my grip on him tighter and chuckled.

"Daddy I'm hungry!", I whined.

The next second, I stopped breathing. I regretted calling him daddy.

"You such a tease. Don't call me daddy or you'll be limping tomorrow", he grabbed and locked me on the wall as I noticed his eyes becoming darker than usual.

I downcasted without having the power to overcome his heat.

"Come here", he pulled me into a hug before turning around.

"wait", he stopped turning and eyed me up to down.

A charming smile appeared on his face.
"you look good in my hoodie", he complimented.

"I know. I look good in everything I wear", I shrugged before reaching the barstool.

He chuckled.

"Here is your Chilaquiles with Guacamole and scrambled egg ma'am", he served it to me like a professional waiter.

"Are you working at a restaurant Mr Jax? You look like a waiter of a fancy restaurant ", I laughed.

He crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow as I laughed so hard.

"Okay sorry sorry", I controlled my laughter and told him to sit on the barstool.

I hummed while having the delectable breakfast. Did he come out from any fiction stories? I mean I thought this kind of man will only be in fantasies but this man is real!

Handsome, caring, knows how to cook, every girl's crush, etc! He has every quality of a fictional hero! Just a wink is enough for him to make thousands of girls simp over him.

" What are you thinkin-", before he finishes this line, we heard the doorbell sound.

"I'll be back", he said before hastening to the front door.

I finished eating and went to the hall. I saw Lucas with Jax. I greeted him and went upstairs while attending to Katy's phone call.

"Yeah, Katy. I will be there soon"

"Make sure to-"

"Katy wait a minute", I interrupted her as I noticed a familiar number on Jax's phone.

I-Isn't it that girl? The one who messaged him that day. After it stopped ringing, there's a pop-up message same as that day. IT'S HER!

" Anna are you there?", Katy asked me.

"I will call you later", I told her before cutting the call.

I took his phone and,

" Darling💕You said that you will be waiting for me right. Now I'm glad to inform you that we can meet tomorrow. Wait for me baby..Here is a kiss for you💋"

What the fu-

After hearing his footsteps, I kept his phone where it was before.

"Anna I have some works to do. Can I drop you at the campus?", Jax asked me in a hurry.

" Uhm yeah sure", I replied.

He dropped me at the campus and I went to my room. I trust Jax b-but I couldn't get that message out of my mind.

Katy told me that she's buying some groceries. Since I'm alone in my room I started to do my assignment. However, I'm still confused but I trust him. After meeting him, I started to believe that not all men are the same. I hope this is the truth.

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