MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 3: DEPRESSED

Finally, it's eating time!

"Hey, Anna! How's your lesson?", Blaire asked me.

"So far good and how's yours?"

"Same as yours", she smiled.

"Girls, can we go and eat now? I'm really hungry!", Katy told us with a pity face.

"Aww, so cute. Girls, let's eat before she starts to cry. Is it okay if we eat in the cafe?", Blaire asked us.
We nodded. Yesterday's scene started to travel inside my head when we entered the cafe. We bought food and chose a table.

"Wow! It's yummy", Katy told us while eating a hamburger.

"Yes of course. I will punch the worker if the foods aren't good", Blaire snapped.

"Are you kidding? You wanna punch his face if the food isn't good?", Lucy asked innocently.

"You're so sweet Lucy. You are supporting the worker. She's right Blaire. Can you imagine the worker's reaction when his wife asks him 'where did this scar come from?' How can he reply that a girl punched him at university?Pity of him you know", I told them while showing funny face reactions.

They burst into laughter after imagining that situation. The smile on my face faded away slowly when I noticed them entering the cafe. My eyes went wide when I saw them. Blaire is right. They are good-looking. I have to admit that they look so handsome and hot. I turned around and noticed Lucy, Katy, and Blaire's eyes on me.

"What?", I asked.

"It's them. Aren't you scared?", Blaire asked me.

I turned around and looked at them again. I noticed Alex, pointing his finger at me and saying something to the three guys around him. Wait, one person is missing. Blaire told me that Alex has four friends but there are only three with him now. Alex and two guys started to walk towards me and one guy went to buy food at the counter.

'Anna, be COOL', I told myself. Usually, I won't be afraid of anyone but after Blaire told me about them...Fear started to fill me. I tried my best not to show my nervousness to them. I finished eating as he sat on the table, the same as yesterday. I could feel his eyes on me.

"Are you scared, ma belle?", he asked me. Why the hell he is calling me 'ma belle'? I don't want to mess it up again. So, I looked at him and asked politely, "What do you want?".
He smirked and didn't reply to me. He ignored me and turned his head to Katy.Urgh.HE'S MAKING ME FRUSTRATED.

"Hey, Katy. Why are you having such a friend like her? Don't you get a good friend?", he asked Katy while pointing his finger at me. I feel like I want to break his finger. His friends are just staying quiet. Can't he be silent like them? I'm wondering when he's gonna leave this place.

After noticing Katy's silence he started to speak again.
"Well, your friends are scared of me but I couldn't see fear in your face. I think your mother should've raised you better than this. Before you come here, she must've told you that you must respect your seniors"

Katy looked at me and shooked her head. That's a sign of telling me to stay silent. She knows that I can't hold my patience if anyone talks about my mother. If anyone talks about my mother, I'll go to any extreme such as breaking the person's tooth or even his head. It had happened one time when I was in high school. I broke his tooth and also his hand. I nearly get expelled from school but thank god it didn't happen. I'm holding my anger but he's still continuing it and making me more frustrated.

"Are you angry, ma belle? Your cheeks are turning red. Oh, I'm scared."
He watched me intently. He knows that I'm getting mad and he is still doing like a jerk. He stood up from the table.



"I think what I told you about your mom is right. That's why you're quite right? You're not even speaking up for your mom. I think you don't like your mother and that's why you're staying quiet. Why you don't like your mom? Is it because she is having a connection with another perso..."

"JUST SHUT UP YOU MOTHERFUCKER", I shouted and grabbed a cup of juice from Alex's hand as I splashed it on his face. Suddenly, Blaire grabbed my hand and led me out of the cafe. That's when I noticed something.

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