MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 33: We don't know about our future..

-The next day at university-

"You must submit this assignment next week. Class dismissed", Professor Brian told us.

"We have a lot of assignments to do", Katy sighed.

"Yes. I don't think we'll be able to submit it on time. By the way, where are Blaire and Lucy?", I asked her.

"Blaire told me to come to the cafe"

"That's great. Let's go", I exclaimed. I checked my phone whether Jax has sent me any messages or not. I didn't hear anything from him since yesterday. I'm still curious about the mysterious message on his phone.

We went to the cafe and found Blaire sitting alone there.

"Hey where's Lucy?", Katy asked Blaire.

"Who knows. She's not even being with me these days", Blaire told us.

Katy and I looked at each other in confusion.
" What do you mean?", I implored.

"Hmm. She got a friend and it seems like she's enjoying her new friend's companion"

"Wait what? B-but she's not that type right", Katy blurted.

" Who's it?", I questioned Blaire curiously.

Lucy is a quiet person. She won't get close to anyone that easily. I couldn't believe my ears now.

"You know him very well"

"Is it a guy?", Katy and I asked her in unison.

" Yes. I-It's Alex", Blaire demystified.


"I know it's unusual but that's the truth. I saw her talking and laughing with Alex. When she came back to the room, I asked her about him and she told me that it was just nothing. But then I noticed her spending time with him. Since she seems to be happy, I didn't ask her anything after that", Blaire explained.

I couldn't believe it. Lucy has left us jaw dropped.

" She's coming", Blaire told us while looking behind me.

I turned around and saw Lucy coming towards us. She took a seat beside me.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?", Lucy asked us confusedly.

"W-Why are you late?", I asked her.

"Uhmm.I was..I was t-talking to"

"Tell them that you were with me. Why are blabbering now?", someone interrupted and when I look up at him..
It's Alex, Mr pain in the ass. He took a seat beside Lucy.

"She was with me. So what?", he leaned on the chair and asked me with an arrogant look.


I glared at him without saying anything. Usually, Lucy will stand up for me if anyone talks to me arrogantly but this time..It feels different. I feel dumb for letting her talk with him.

"Anna please stop glaring at him", Lucy told me and left me in turmoil.

" Lucy are you mad?"

"Stop scolding her", Alex warned me.

" She's my friend. I don't need your permission to talk with her", I snapped.

"Anna why are you-", Lucy tried to shut my mouth but I interrupted,

"Lucy what happened to you? I couldn't believe you're doing this. You're supporting him instead of supporting me"

"She has rights to do it and she doesn't need anyone's permission to make a decision", Alex intruded.

" Can you just shut up?", I yelled.

"Anna mind your words", Lucy shouted at me.

Katy and Blaire tried to make her silent but they couldn't.

Lucy continued," Why are you telling him to shut up? I can do whatever I want. Did I ask you anything when you spend time with Jax? No right. Then, why are you asking me these questions?"

"B-but Lucy w-wait", I tried to stop her but she didn't even take a glance at me. She grabbed Alex's hand and went out of the cafe.

She left me in a world of contemplation with her words. This is the first time I'm hearing her talking like this.

"A-Anna", Blaire tried to say something but I stopped her and went out of the cafe.

I don't know what to say. Why is she behaving like this?
I don't think it's safe for Lucy to be with him. Jax told me that Alex is a good guy but I just couldn't believe it. If he's a good guy, he wasn't supposed to behave like this right.

I really need Jax with me now!

I went to my locker and...


I noticed a girl with Jax. To be honest, she looks like a slut. Wearing a red A-line dress while showing cleavage of her tremendous boobs.

Why the hell is he letting her touch him? She's standing too close to him that her boobs are touching his chest.


I averted my eyes from them and went to my room straightly.

"Anna are you okay?", Katy asked me concernedly.

"Leave me alone", I told her and sit on my bed.

She went out with Blaire.

I don't understand what's happening around me. I'm so confused.
I sit on my bed for an hour while hugging my favourite teddy bear, which Jax gave me at funfair that day.

My eyes got heavier and a tear dropped on my cheek.

I couldn't hold it anymore. So, I called Jax but he didn't attend my phone call.

It's breaking me inside. I'm feeling so possessive and insecure. This is the first time he didn't attend my call. I wanna know who is that girl!

---phone call---

I woke up and realised that I fell asleep. I took my phone and noticed a miss call from Jax.

Jax! I know that he'll call me. He loves me.

Before I call him back, he called me and I attended.

" hel-", before I greet, someone interrupted,

"I don't fuckin' care who you are. Don't come near Jax after this"

It's a girl's voice!

"Who are you to warn me?", I snapped.

" His love"
Before I could say anything, she cut the phone call.

Who is she!? She said she's his l-love. No way! W-What if it's t-the truth.

I couldn't control my tears and it overflowed.

"Anna why are you crying?", Katy came in and hugged me.

She continued," Lucy will come back to us. Don't cry for this"

"Jax", I whispered.

" What happened?", she asked me.

" I-I don't know. I c-called him but a girl attended it and s-she said th-that he loves her", I cried.

She stayed quiet for a second.
"It must be her!", she murmured.

"What?", I asked her.

She gave me a concerned look.

" Katy just spit it out", I ordered her.

"I don't know who's she but s-she was with Jax", she told me.

I stood up and hastened to the place where I saw her with Jax.

I tried to find Jax in multiple places but I couldn't find him.


" Ahhhhhh!", someone made me fall and I hurt my knees.

I look up as I heard the sound of someone laughing.

"Anna", Katy ran towards me and helped me to stand up.

" Who are you? Why did you do like this?", Katy yelled at the two girls who made me fall and laughed at me.

One of those girls smirked while another raised her eyebrow.

"You don't deserve him", the white-dressed girl told me.

" What are you talking about?", I frowned.

She yanked her head and looked at someone so I did.

My mouth fell open.

That same girl kissing him.
Tears started outburst when I saw it.
They parted and he noticed me. I thought that he would come to me, at least to give me some explanations but he didn't. He yanked his head back to her. That's what all he did.

I started to run on the hallways while crying and breaking down.

Is he a cheater? Why is he doing this? To break my heart into pieces? What did I do wrong to him?

Those girls who made me fall must be that slut's friend. I heard those girls laughing at me when I ran.

It's not my day. First, I had a problem with Alex. Then, a problem with Lucy. Now Jax!

I couldn't hold my tears. I feel so lost. He kissed that slut and he ignored me! What is he thinking about me? Do I look like a timepass for him?

I know that she looks so much better than me, with those large boobs and buttocks. She looks so hot and sexy but I didn't think that Jax would be a person like this. Maybe that day he didn't look into the bathroom while giving his shirt to me because I'm not his ideal type. I'm a fool for trusting him.

--phone ringing--

I look at my phone and it's Jax.


I threw my phone on the wall and it scattered.

Katy tried to make me calm but she couldn't.
"I shouldn't have trusted anyone Katy. My mom used to tell me that we don't know what our future holds for us. I thought it would be a positive thing but in my life, it's not"

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