MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 34: Guys are always like this

"Ahhhhh!HELP!", I cried while struggling to escape from his grip.
"SOMEONE HELP ME!", I screamed from the top of my lungs but no one came to save me.
Another black-masked guy came towards me with a knife and I couldn't even take a step against this strong man. The guy with the knife smirked and moved his arms in a swift motion as he aimed at my abdomen.


"Anna are you okay?", I noticed Katy sitting on the bed beside me with a concerned look.

I felt my heart beating rapidly.

Thank god. It was just a dream but it made me sweat in fear.

"Drink water first", Blaire gave me a cup of water.

"A-Anna do you wanna go home for a while?", Katy asked me hesitantly.

I shooked my head. I don't wanna go home and make my mom worried. This kind of dream! It's a symptom of feeling insecure.

The last time when I had a dark past, I had got through this kind of dream. When I went to a psychotherapist, he told me that it was a symptom of being insecure and I must be surrounded by the people with whom I love or feel safe. Th-this situation is not even a part of my dark past b-but I don't know why it's happening to me. I feel so weak when it comes to Jax. Lucy, she has a good place in my heart. When she does like that, I felt myself being surrounded by fear because what if Katy and Blaire also leave me? Even though I've already come out from my dark past, I don't want to get through that kind of shit again. I don't wanna feel like an orphan again.

Katy patted me on my shoulder as she noticed me being in deep thoughts.

" I will get ready in 15 minutes. Don't wait for me. You girls go first", I told her as I stood up from bed.

"But Anna-"

"Do what I say Katy", I interrupted and ordered her.

I took a quick bath and got ready. Katy and Blaire went to the class first because Katy knows that I won't listen to her. I'm a stubborn.

No matter what happens, I must be strong enough to handle everything on myself.

I went to my class. It's late but thank god the lecturer didn't say anything. Katy and Blaire are not with me now but Lucy is in the same class. She sat with another girl behind there. I have to be strong and not a crybaby so, I focused on my studies without looking at anyone. The first two classes went smooth. Lucy didn't try to talk with me so I did the same. It's recess time and I tried to find Katy and Blaire. Unfortunately, they're not there. So, I went to another site and...

Even though I tried my best to stay strong, the scene made my heart broke again.

I gulped my tears and went to my locker.

Jax, he was kissing that slut.

I think my fate is playing with me for the second time in my life. My heart is already being cracked and I saw Lucy with Alex before I reach my locker. I took my phone to call Katy but before that..

"What the-"

Someone hit my shoulder and made my phone fell down.

"Who are you?", I asked him.

I took a step back as I noticed I'm being surrounded by a group of guys.

"What are you doing?", I tried to avoid his hand on me. There are five guys and I don't even know their names. They came near me step by step and tried to touch me in that huge hallways while some people are standing there like they're watching a free show.

I gulped without knowing what to do. I gathered my strength and shouted at him.

" Stop coming near me!"

I expected something else but he just looked at his friend who's beside him and smirked. He looked at me up and down, which made me extremely uncomfortable.

"Worth it bro", he told his friend.

" W-what are you talking about? I don't even know who you are a-and I don't have any problems with you. So, leave me alone!"

I noticed a change in the way he looks at me.

"YOU!", he shouted suddenly and gave me a jerk with his deep voice.

He came near me step-by-step while piercing me through his eyes as I went backwards.

"Yeah, you don't know me and you don't have any problems with me but WE have problems with you. Because of YOU, I was admitted in hospital for two days and my FRIENDS were injured", he told me in anger.

" b-but i d-don't even k-know you"

"Yeah, you don't know us but that guy! Who is he for you? In my life, I've never given up when it comes to a girl that I wanted to be with. No one dares to touch me or question me even if I touch a girl without her permission. When I saw you first, I decided that you are my next target ", he pointed his fingers towards me.

" W-what target? I don't understand"

" Babe I even tried to kidnap you for a night. I couldn't control myself and that made me create a plan to kidnap you but that guy KEPT DESTROYING MY EVERY PLAN. When I tried to come near you, he saved you from me but now, no one can save you"

I gasped as I hit the locker behind me. I couldn't move anywhere and I'm stuck here. I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT AND WHO IS THAT 'HE'?

I squirmed when he touched my lips.

"No one is gonna save you baby", he whispered and brought his face near mine.

I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands in fear.

The next moment, I opened my eyes after hearing his screaming sound.

I noticed Jax beside me, glaring at that guy. That guy is on the floor.

"How many times do I have to warn you bitch?", Jax shouted at him. I could feel his anger. Wait, is Jax the person who saved me?

" Who the hell are you? I told you to mind your own business", that guy warned Jax.

Meanwhile, that guy's friend tried to punch Jax but it turns out Jax punched him.

His friend is on the floor, squirming in pain.

Jax must be so strong that just one punch is enough for him to make someone fall and scream in pain.

Jax was about to go near them but the guys ran away after seeing their friend squirming in pain.

"Let's go", Jax grabbed my hand but I took my hand back from his grip.

He gave me a confused look.
" What are you doing?", he asked me as I turned around and walked away.

Almost everyone in the hallway is watching us. I don't wanna create any extra scenes here.

"Anna stop", he told me but I didn't.

"DARE to take another step", he warned me.

He came towards me and tried to lift me but I slapped him.

Omg, what did I do to him? I slapped him in front of these people. I don't know why I did this but something in me told me to do this.

His anger turned into a confused look.

"Anna why", he whispered like he has no words to say.

I turned around but,

"Give me some explanations", he ordered me in a deep voice.

I lost my calm.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? YOU WANT EXPLANATIONS IS IT? Do I look like stupid for you? Just go away and don't come back", I outburst and left that place.

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