MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 35: What do you want?

Two days went by without doing anything. I even skipped my classes yesterday and stayed in my room. I don't know what Jax is thinking about me. These two days, he tried to come near me and talk to me but I completely avoided him. When my mind was about to change and I tried to go near him, he was spending time with that slut! I-I have no ideas about what to do. Lucy didn't try to talk with me either. She was with Alex all the time. Meanwhile, Blaire and Katy didn't leave me alone for almost 24/7.

That girl who was spending time with Jax. Her name is Amy. She was that girl, who was expelled from here because of those five devils. She is also the same person, who was messaging Jax with those stupid heart emojis.

Guess what? I don't understand what's happening between them. Jax is kissing her but Alex hates her. Lucas is glaring at her all the time but Henry is talking with her. Charles is behaving like he doesn't even know anyone of them while hanging out with some other new friends.

It's freaking confusing!

So let's just do the piled up assignments while deleting these thoughts from my mind. It's better than getting stressed, isn't it?

"Did you talk to your mother? How's she?", Katy asked me while handing a cup of coffee to me.

"Yeah. She's doing good there", I assured her before taking a sip of that appetising coffee.

"Blaire can I refer your assignment for a while?", I asked Blaire.

"Yeah sure"

In the middle of doing the assignment, there was a knock on the door.

Katy opened the door as Blaire and I looked at each other in confusion.

It's Henry.

"I wanna talk to Anna"

"What do you want?", I asked him.

"I just wanna invite you to the club tonight", he said in a breath.

"What?", we asked him in unison.

"Katy and Blaire, you also can join Anna"

"Wait I didn't even tell you that I'm coming", I snapped.

"You must come there", he ordered me and turned around.

I stand up from my chair and stopped him from moving.

"What are you and your friends are thinking about me huh? Do I look like a bobblehead doll? First, you guys messed up with me. Then dragged me into criminal stuff. After that, became close to me. Now that stupid guy separated me from Lucy. Another one is kissing a slut while trying to convince me that he's not doing anything wrong and making it look like everything is my fault", I shouted at him.

" but-"

I interrupted as I felt tears forming in my eyes, "Enough Henry. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Just leave me alone after this"

"Please leave us alone Henry. You guys have made enough for us", Katy told him.

After a minute of silence,

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything that happened. I think you should give it a chance. I won't force you but I would be happy if you come there. I will send you the address and I will look for you", he said calmly and went out.

Why is he behaving like a good person? ANNA STOP TRUSTING EVERYONE!

I got a message from Henry. It's the address.

"Anna we don't have to go there", Katy assured me hesitantly.

"No Katy. We must go there."

"But why should we? I don't think it's safe for us", Blaire said in confusion.

"I noticed his honesty. No matter what I still trust Henry. I don't think Henry is the same as the others. One thing I've learned about him is he is stubborn. I mean he won't say sorry that easily and also he won't lie in this kind of situation. If he's not interested or doesn't care about something, he'll say it straight to the face."

"Anna you are believing everyone. I don't think they deserve another chance and you've changed your mind just because he said sorry. Think well Anna", Blaire told me.

"I'm going there tonight. You can come with me if you want", I told her and went to bathe.

I took a warm bath. I don't think my gut feel will let me down again. Let's just follow my heart and brain for now.

Around 10.00 pm we went to the club. I know that Blaire and Katy won't let me go alone there. They are so caring and they came with me.

We went inside as I felt a lot of people dancing to the blaring beat.

I noticed Henry, waving his hand to me. We went to him.

"Glad to see you here", he told me with a smile but his expression changed within a minute.

"Wait I'll be back. Drink something first", he told us before disappearing.

I tried to find out where he's going but I couldn't do that in the crowd. So, I just found a place with a small number of people and we stand there.

Everything was fine until,

"Katy look there", Blaire murmured to Katy as I overheard it.

I yanked my head and noticed Lucy coming near us while Alex is standing on another side with Charles.

I avoided her and turned around to go to another side but Lucy grabbed my hand.

Blaire and Katy kept quiet.

"I wanna talk to you", Lucy told me.

I was supposed to avoid her and tell her that I don't want to talk to her but all I could do is *nod*

I nodded and we went to another side.

"Anna I'm so sorry", she apologised.

"Ok", I told her and tried to get away from her.

"Anna I'm serious. I'm sorry for what I did"

"What do you want me to do now? I thought you were my best friend and you would be me with me no matter what but you threw words at me for that guy", I told her in disappointment.

"I know that b-but I promise I won't let you down again. You're my best friend Anna"

"Is that so? Then why didn't you try to approach me these two days? You were spending time with him all day long right?", I snapped.

"Anna I was guilty. I-I w-was so guilty for hurting you"

"Then what made you come here now?", I questioned her.

"Anna I...Okay, let me explain. Alex, he was not like what you think-"

"I didn't ask you about him", I snapped.

"Anna please let me finish"

I nodded.

"H-he is a good guy. He even told me that what I did was wrong. I was feeling guilty to face you and he is the one who brought me here and told me to talk to you. He said that you will accept me as a friend again"

"So you are telling that he is the reason you are talking to me isn't it?"


"Lucy wait, let me finish. To be honest, I don't think he's a good person. If you're not agreeing, let fate prove to me that he is a good guy. In this situation, I'm not gonna trust anyone and be free to talk with Blaire and Katy. I won't interrupt you. You can do whatever you want.", I told her and went to Katy.

Is this the reason why Henry told me to come here? If I know this is the reason, I would stay at the campus.

"Ouch. I'm sorry-", I accidentally bump into someone and it felt so hard.

When I look up, our eyes locked. I gulped.

Jax? He is here too?

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