MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 36: Why am I weak?

Jax? He is here too? Instantly, tears formed in my eyes as I noticed him holding that slut's waist. She was standing too close to him but after seeing me his grip on her loosened.

Before he could finish saying my name, I rushed out of the club. WHY COULDN'T I STAY STRONG? These stupid tears are automatically coming out from my eyes. As fast as I went outside, Henry grabbed my hand.

"Anna wait"

"LEAVE ME! Did you tell me to come here to break my heart? I trusted you Henry but I didn't expect this from you", I wiped my overflowing tears.

"Anna this wasn't planned"

"That's what I'm trying to say, Henry. This wasn't planned. That's the problem. If this was a plan, he isn't going to hold her like that. Jax didn't even come out from the club. He was enjoying himself with her a-and Lucy is telling me that she came back to me because Alex told her to do it. Am I a joke you? Did you tell me to come here to see these things?"

"Anna I didn't expect Alex to be here and I have no idea about how Amy came here. Believe me", Henry said.

"You didn't know? Do I look like a stupid?"

"Anna I swear that's the truth. Please trust me"

"Okay then. Tell me the real reason why you told me to come here", I questioned him as I crossed my arms.

"I-I told you to come here because..."

"Just spit it out, Henry"

"Jax said he wanna talk to you", he admitted.

"Don't follow me", I ordered and went to the car as I called Katy and told her to come out.

I am trying m-my best not to cry b-but I couldn't. Tears flowed down my face like a river escaping a dam. To be honest, I didn't know that someone could break my heart into pieces just by avoiding me and being close to another person. I'm gonna go to my house, to my mom. I can't be here anymore.

"Anna don't cry", Katy ran towards me and hugged me.

"Blaire where's the car key? Let's go back", Katy told Blaire.

After searching the key, Blaire gave us a panic look.

"What happened?", Katy asked her.

"I..Uhm..I-..The k-key is missing", she said dreadfully.

"WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?", Katy glared at her.

"ANNA!", someone called me.

I turned around to see who it is.
It's Jax. I don't wanna talk to him. I have no guts to do that and if it happens I would probably break down.
I started to run without saying anything to Katy and Blaire. I just wanna escape from him. I DON'T WANNA TALK TO HIM. I'm not ready to experience another heartbreak in my life.

I ran to a street and turned around. He is not there but the thing which is frightening me is nobody is in the street. I ran without noticing anything and stucked in a dark street,which doesn't even have a pin drop sound. My body started to shiver because of the cold breeze. Immediately, I took out my phone but it switched off before I call Katy. Urghh I forgot to charge my phone.

Fuck! It's so scary. God, what should I do now? I looked around without knowing which side I should go.

After a moment,


I closed my eyes and cried in fear because of a sudden sound on my left.

In a sudden, I felt someone pulling me into a tight hug and made me feel safe. I don't dare to open my eyes but all I know is someone's hand is stroking my hair. I buried myself in the safe arms. I yanked my head to my left side and it was a black cat that made me scream just now.

W-wait! A-Am I hugging a guy? I looked up as I felt my head against his hard chest. I gasped.

" Jax", I whispered like I don't have the energy to utter a word.

His magical eyes locked with mine as I felt him melting against me. He didn't utter a word but...his eyes..He looked at me affectionately as his eyes told me how much he cares for me.

I gulped as something hit me in my mind. I pushed him away and tried to move farther from him but he caught me.

"What are you doing? Leave me", I pushed him away again.

"Baby, why are you-"

"Don't call me like that!"

He gulped and downcasted for a second.

"Let's go home. I wanna talk to you", he grabbed my hand but I took my hand back.

"I'm not gonna come with you"

"You have to"

"Who are you to order me? You have no right to do that", I shouted.

He sighed and looked around, "Anna, it's not safe here. It's too dark. We should go back"

"Why do you care all of a sudden? I know how to take care of myself and I don't need anyone's help. So can you stop disturbing me and mind your own business?"

He crossed his arms.

"If you don't listen to me, I'm gonna kidnap you and if that happens you're not even going to take a step against me", he warned me in a gruff voice as he gave me a dead stare.

Uff w-why is he so s-scary?

"I-I know how to save myself from everyone", I said, eyes downcasted.

I turned and took a step...Oops!

He grabbed me by my waist and closed all the gaps between us. I gulped because of his cold stare. My body shivered because of his strong grip.

"l-let m-me g-go", I stumbled on my words as I tried my best to push him away but I couldn't do it. The harder I tried to get away from him, the more he pulled me closer.

His breath on my neck set me on fire as my knees became weaker. I became more weak than I could ever imagine when his hand sneaked under my shirt, exploring every inch of my skin. He slowly moved his hand and was about to reach my breast as I feel like I'm losing myself.

"Jax stop", I whispered.

He didn't stop doing it instead, he straightly brought his hand to my cleavage. I couldn't stand anymore and he made his grip on my waist harder. I buried my face in his chest as I hold onto his shoulder as strong as I could. His lips started to tickle my sensitive neck while his fingers kneaded my breast.

This man is the death of me. I was supposed to avoid him but what he said was right. I couldn't even take a step against him. This is really insane! I'm standing this close to a guy in this DARK STREET while his hand touching me everywhere!

I swear I'm feeling too weak but he is not stopping it. Just standing beside me is enough for him to burn me in his heat and he also knew it. Then why is he doing these things to me?

I kept gasping as tears started to flow down without having the strength to overcome his heat.

"J-Jax please", I whispered.

His hand started to go down to the edge of my pants. Out of the blue, his hand slide inside my pant slowly.

"Jax please! I-I can't a-anymore..Please I can't stand the heat ", I hugged him and sobbed in fear.

Finally, he stopped it before reaching my most sensitive part. He looked at me and tucked a strand of my hair.

"Will you come with me or do I have to kidnap", he whispered huskily.

I don't even have the strength to say a word. He moved my chin up but I downcasted. I would probably look like a tomato now. He looked at my eyes for a moment as he tried to read my mind.

Suddenly, he took off his jacket and gave it to me.

"Let's go", he told me and waited for me to move.

I followed his lead and went to the parking lot but I got frightened again.

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