MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 37: Companion

I followed his lead and went to the parking lot but I got frightened again.
Where are Katy and Blaire? I stopped for a second and looked around but the car is not there.
"Even if they were here, I won't let you go with them. So, don't search your friends", Jax ordered me like he is reading my mind every second.
He opened the car door and I got into his car.
He got into the car and drove away at a quick pace.
It was so quiet for the first 15 minutes.Then,
"Why are you avoiding me?", he asked me like he doesn't know what he did.
"Don't you know the reason? You were spending time with her and now, you're asking me why I avoided you. You are the one who avoided me", I said abruptly.
He stayed quiet for a while.
"Don't you trust me?", he asked me without glancing at me, eyes fixated on road.
"I-I've trusted you but...", I wiped a teardrop which escaped from my eyes.
"You have to trust me", he told me.
"You want me to trust you even after this huh? I'm not an idiot Jax. Did you think that I don't know how much you enjoyed yourself with her? You were kissing her and now you're telling me to trust you", I snapped with tears flowing down my cheeks.
He parked his car in his house garage.
"Can you forget me then?", he looked at me.
I avoided eye contact and downcasted.
He sighed and leaned on the car seat as he rested his head on it.
"Why are you silent? Tell me something. I asked you a question just now", he said while looking at me.
I tried so hard to say something but my mouth didn't cooperate. Something is interrupting me and I couldn't tell him that I don't love him.
"You can't say anything..cause you love me", he said before getting out of the car. He opened the door for me.
"Drop me at campus", I told him.
"What do you want now? W-why are you doing like this? Can't you just leave me alone?"
He grabbed my hand and get me out of the car.
"If I apologise will you forgive me?", he asked me while looking into my eyes.
I downcasted again without knowing what to say. He pulled me into a hug.
"Confess what's going on in your mind. I wanna know that", he told me while hugging me.
"Y-you are making me nervous. I don't understand what's going on around me a-and I feel insecure", I admitted the truth while sobbing.
"Just trust me", Jax caressed and stroked my hair.
I hugged him and let my tears flow down.
"Why were you with her?"
"Don't ask me"
I pushed him away.
"Why the hell are you doing this? Y-you know that you're my weakness and you're using it as your strength right?"
"Anna try to understand"
"Anna please believe me"
"You want me to trust you and follow you blindly but you're not even answering my question. If you want her why don't you just go with her? Why are you torturing me?", I yelled and tried to escape from there but as usual, he didn't let me go.
"Jax please let me go. Don't do like this. Stop torturing me mentally and breaking my heart. I beg you Jax. Let me go, please!", I cried out as I slide down on the wall and covered my face.
He sat down with me.
"Anna I know that I've hurt you so hard and I apologise for that. Please forgive me and stop crying"
He continued, "Anna I...I can't tell you what's going on now but I promise that you'll know everything soon. Until that please be strong and trust me"
"Do you even understand what I'm trying to say Jax? Y-you had slapped a waiter just because he looked at me. Then, how do you feel if I kiss or be close to another guy? You even kept me safe from the other guys, didn't you? Now, you're not giving any explanations for being close to her and holding her like that. Is it my fault for not trusting you?", I confessed my anger towards him.
He stayed quiet without being able to say anything.
I continued, "You know what, my stupid heart is still trusting you and I have no idea why I can't let you go. That's the problem but you're not trying to understand that", I wept.
He embraced me with a tight grip.
"Give me some time to fix everything Anna. From now on, I won't let you feel insecure. I-I'm going through something now and I don't want you to involve in it. Will you trust me and listen to me? Please", he asked me while caressing my cheek.
I nodded.
"Be with me here for a few days. Don't attend the classes for the next two days", he told me.
"But why should I have to skip my classes?", I questioned him innocently.
"Do what I said baby. I won't do anything without any reason and remember that..I love you", he confessed.
I leaned my head on his chest as he embraced me. I feel like his arms are my home. I feel so safe with him.
He carried me in bridal style and brought me to his room. He broke my insecure feel by embracing and caressing me. We had nothing sexual but I feel so good just by cuddling with him.
After charging my phone for a while, I messaged Katy that I'm fine. She must be worried about me. The dark night went smooth with Jax's companion.

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