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Chapter 38: This is real

I groaned when the first beam of sunlight hit my face. I opened my eyes and wriggled on the cosy bed. Wait, where's Jax?
I looked around but there's nobody with me. The room is empty. Jax isn't here.
Instantly, I stood up from the bed. I noticed a sticky note on the bedside table, blowing in the wind. There's a note on it.
"Good morning baby❤I'm going to the class..You can use the towel and shirt on the second row of the cupboard... From: Your love💘"
Why is he so sweet?
I went to the cupboard and took the clothes as I noticed another sticky note on the cupboard.
"I've prepared the breakfast for you. It's in the kitchen❤Don't forget to have it"
A silly grin appeared on my face.
I took a cold bath in the hot weather. After wearing his hoodie, I went to the kitchen and took the plate.
Yoghurt french toast with strawberries! Wow, I love strawberries!
I enjoyed the tasty breakfast while scrolling my Facebook newsfeed. I messaged Katy and reassured her that I'm safe.
Wait, there's another sticky note here. I took the sticky note from the marble cabinet while thinking about what he had written in it.
"Hope you enjoyed the breakfast. I know it'll be boring. Watch some movies on tv. I will be there soon❤Call me if you want anything and don't open the door if there's any sound outside. I have keys and I'll open the door myself, okay?❤I love you"
Oh my god, his note is making me smile like an idiot.
I went to the cosy couch and let myself fall in it. The next three hours just went by using my phone and watching Jumanji. I love this couch. It's so comfortable. Currently, I'm lying on my stomach on the couch and watching Jumanji.
"Baby, I'm home!", Jax greeted me as fast as he reached home.
"Hey, Jax! I was waiting for you". I turned around on the couch as he fell on me. "Ahh Jax"
I opened my eyes as I felt his breath tickling me.
"Don't worry baby. I won't hurt you", he whispered while being on top of me as his hand's are on the couch on my right and left sides.
"I told you to watch movies but I didn't expect you to watch an action movie though", he exclaimed.
"What's wrong with it?", I questioned innocently.
"Nothing is wrong", he said as a tiny smile appeared on his face.
"I'll be back after bathing", he said and sauntered to his room after giving me a peck on my lips.
This guy is something!
I went to his room after the movie finished. I opened the door and went inside but,
"Omg. I'm sorry", I covered my face and turned around, looking at the door's direction.
What did I just saw? My god!
"You don't have to close your eyes baby. I'm not naked. I've already worn my boxer", he teased me. I could say that he's smiling behind me.
"I-I'm going to the living room", I said before opening the door but my heartbeat stopped for a second because of him.
He grabbed me and pulled me closer and he isn't wearing his shirt.
"Jax lemme go", I murmured.
He smirked. "Aww my baby is so cute while blushing"
"Yahh I'm not blushing", I lied.
"Oh. Then, are you wearing any makeup? Is it makeup or are you blushing?"
"M-makeup", I lied again.
"Ohh. I didn't know that there's a cosmetic that can automatically glow up and disappear", he chuckled.
"Jax!", I whined.
"What?", he whined and imitated me.
"You're so flirty sometimes", I complained.
"Yeah be happy about that. I could be flirty 24/7 with you. Do you want that?", he winked.
"Stop it", I pushed him away.
"Hey, you. How dare you push away this handsome heartthrob of the great Harvard University while he isn't wearing a shirt?", he acted dramatically.
"Oh really? I thought Lucas is the heartthrob of the University, not you", I shrugged and went away.
"Wait what? What did you say just now? Don't try to make me possessive or you're gonna regret! Do you even hear me? Come here, I'm talking to you!", he started to yell at me as I went away to the living room without giving any response.
Wow, teasing him feels so good! He must be frustrated by possessiveness.
I should eat something. My stomach is growling.
"DADDY I AM HUNGRY!", I screamed from the living room.
Oops, I'm dead! He ran downstairs and he's not wearing his shirt. He tried to reach me as I tried to escape from him.
"I had already warned you to not call me like that", he said while trying to catch me. I went to the dining table as he's standing on my opposite.
"You better come here babe", he raised his eyebrow.
"Okay I'm sorry but I'm really hungry now", I apologised before being caught by him. To be honest, I don't dare to go near him after calling him daddy.
"Looks like someone is afraid to tease me", he smirked.
"Yahh Okay I agree"
"Aww I think my baby's automatic glow-up makeup is working again"
"Stop it!", I yelled in embarrassment.
"Okay then come here"
"No, I won't"
"Is it okay if I come there?", he asked me, crossing his arms.
I went near him without saying anything.
"Come more closer"
"Jax n-"
He raised his eyebrow.
Okay, I don't dare to argue with him so, I took a step closer.
"Two steps more", he ordered.
"Jax I'm already standing close to you", I said hesitantly.
"Do you want me to-", before he could finish saying it, I did as he said.
"Hug me", he ordered me again.
My heart is gonna explode for sure. This guy! He isn't wearing his shirt and he is freakin hot. I knew that he has a fit body but I didn't know that he has abs and tattoos on his body. How am I supposed to survive?
"What are you thinking? I told you to hug me"
"Stop doing like this. Why do you like it so much to make me flustered Mr Jax?", I complained.
He gave me a charming smile while looking at me as he licked his lips.
"Jax please stop it", I murmured while covering my blushing face.
He laughed as he gave me gentle hug.
"Okay relax. It's're so cute when I tease you"
"I'm hungry", I admitted.
"Okay, get ready. Let's go out"
"How can I get ready without my clothes?"
"I don't care if you didn't wear any clothes and stand naked", he chuckled.
"JAX!", I whined as I hit his arms.
"Relax. I'm just kidding. I've brought some of your dresses from Katy"
"You did?"
He nodded. "And I reassured her that you're safe. She was worried about you"
I nodded. I went to the room and took my clothes but,
"Ouch", I sat on the bed, holding my stomach.
Omg, what's the date today?
I took my phone and remembered something. Shit! I forgot. It's my period date. Ahh, my stomach is paining a-and I don't have sanitary pads!
B-but why is it paining a lot today? Is it how a period cramp feels? I had never experienced it before. Instantly, a teardrop escaped from my eyes in the pain.
"Are you read-", Jax froze as he noticed me crying.
"Baby what happened? Are you okay?", he kneeled in front of me and asked concernedly.
After a moment,
"Baby a-are you on your periods?", he asked me hesitantly.
"Can you drop me at campus?", I asked him.
"I must go.I-I don't have sanitary pads and I'm having period cramps", I said hesitantly while holding my stomach tightly.
"I'll buy it for you but I can't let you stay there"
"No Jax y-you..Ahhhh",I writhed in the extreme pain.
"Baby wait for me okay"
He left the room as I squirmed in pain.
In a few minutes,
"Baby come here. Drink some water"
"N-no I don't want"
"Baby listen to me,please",he sat beside me as he holds the glass for me and I drank it.
"Relax okay", he whispered as he gave me a forehead kiss.
He left me again and went downstairs as we heard the doorbell sound. He came back in a minute.
"Here", he handed me sanitary pads as he continued, "I had ordered the food. Have a warm bath okay?", he said with a concerned look.
I nodded.
"D-do you need any help?", he asked me hesitantly as I shooked my head.
"Okay, I will be outside. Call me if you need anything...Are you sure that you don't want any help? Is it paining a lot?"
"Just sit here. You don't have to go anywhere"
He nodded.
I went to the bathroom and took a shower as fast as possible. IT IS REALLY HURTING A LOT!
I went out from the bathroom as I noticed Jax entering the room with bedsheets.
"Uhm sit on the chair for a while", he said as I noticed something.
Is this for real? It's so embarrassing. My bloodstains on the bedsheet. I just want the ground to open up and swallow me.
I sat in the chair, eyes downcasted.
He started to change the bedsheet.
"Y-you don't have to do it. I'll do it later", I told him.
"Nahh I'll do it. There's nothing to feel shy or embarrassed with. It's just a normal thing that every grown-up girl experiences. Relax baby", he said calmly.
Is he even real? I know that he's so understanding but I didn't expect this.

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