MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 39: Tell the truth

After changing the bedsheet,
"Babygirl, why aren't you listening to me? I told you to eat right..Is it hurting a lot?", Jax asked me.
I nodded.
"Eat a little bit. Then, I'll give you the medicine", he told me as he fed me a spoon of the sheet pan pesto salmon with roasted sweet potato.
"How did you buy everything without going out?", I asked him.
"I ordered it online baby"
"I-I didn't ask about the food", I told him without mentioning that I'm talking about the pad and medicine.
"'s. I messaged Alex to buy it"
"He did?", I asked him doubtfully.
He nodded.
"It's enough. I can't eat anymore", I told him as he stopped feeding.
He gave me the medicine. 'Ibuprofen'. This medicine! My mom had told me about this medicine. It's used for period cramps. How did he know about these things?
"Lie down in the bed and take some rest okay? I'll be here in a few minutes", he told me as he sauntered to the kitchen.
Jax's POV

"Jax, it's urgent! I can't tell you that on phone"
"But how can I leave her alone here? She's not feeling well. Just tell me the matter"
Lucas sighed,"Jax, we've been fooled! If we didn't supply the cocaine before next Thursday, we're not just gonna face the consequences but we're gonna be their slaves"
"What the heck are you saying?", I clenched my fist.
"The reason behind Samuel compelled Charles to sign on that document is not just because of the cocaine. I think we're trapped. It looks like everything is pre-planned and we should make a move quickly"
"I will be there. Send some guards to watch over my house. It's not safe to leave her alone here"
"Okay", he told me as I hanged up the phone.
I dashed into my room as I saw Anna, sleeping while clutching her stomach. In a moment, my tension turned into concern. I went to her and caressed her hair affectionately. Unexpectedly, she opened her eyes and looked at me with her cute puppy eyes. God, only this girl could make my heart beat faster just by making eye contact.
"What happened?", she asked me as I came out from my thoughts.
"Uhm I-..It's-", I stumbled on my words because of the way she looks at me.
"Babygirl, can you please stop looking into my eyes like that? You're making me stutter now", I admitted.
She chuckled as a tiny grin appeared on my face. I stroked her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead.
"Is that okay if I leave you alone here?", I asked her as she looked at me confusedly.
"Where are you going?"
"I have an important work to do...I-It doesn't mean that you're not impo-"
"I know that. You don't have to give explanations", she cut me out.
"Is that really okay for you?"
She nodded. Oh man, how understanding she is!
"Call me if you need anything", I reassured her and embraced her before leaving my house.
I noticed the bodyguards who were already surrounded my house. I called one of my trustworthy gang member, Smith.
"Smith, is all set?"
"Yes, boss. Just waiting for your order"
"Abduct him and bring him to our warehouse, ALIVE", I commanded and hanged up the phone call.
I accelerated to our underground warehouse.
I entered as my gang members lined up on my both side, downcasted and not daring to look up at me.
Smith came to me with a nod of respect, "Boss, we've tied him in the chain and beaten him up but he's not revealing anything"
I reached out my right hand as my guard kept a reloaded Glock 19 pistol on my hand. I dashed into the room as I saw him with scars all over his body. In a second, I pulled the trigger, aiming his right arm. He screamed in pain as I pulled a chair in a swift motion and sat on it.
"So, who sent you?", I asked him in a gruff voice.
He stayed quiet so, it's not a big matter for me to trigger another bullet to his leg. His blood splashed as he hollered in affliction. His crying melody echoed all over my warehouse.
"As a don of the most perilous mafia, finding another clue to escape from this issue isn't a matter for me. The matter is whether you'll be alive or not. Basically, I don't like to waste my time so, I'm gonna give you five seconds to tell the truth or you know what will happen next", I intimidated him with a dead stare.
"1", I uttered.
"2", I noticed the fear in his eyes.
"3", I reloaded the gun.
"4", I aimed the gun towards his head.
"and -"
"NO! I'll tell the truth. Please don't shoot me. I beg you", he cried.
"Then go ahead. Who sent you? Why did you help her to steal the cocaine and how the hell did you know our drug trafficking route? "
"I..I followed the gang members and got information about the route"
I bounded from the chair and kicked it away at a quick pace as I held the gun towards his forehead.
"Are you provoking me? Do I look like a fool? THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING! ANOTHER LIE, YOU WILL DIE", I menaced him.
"I..But if I say that, they will kill me"
"If you don't say that, we will kill you. If we kill you, we won't show mercy. The choice is yours", Charles entered the room with a death threat.
"Don't kill me. I will tell you everything. I don't know about the route. As you already knew, someone is helping her but I don't know who it is. Amy gave me money and told me to join this gang and follow you. That's all I know"
"Dude, he's lying", Charles told me.
"Yeah I know", I nodded.
"No, I'm not l-" before he could tell something, I sent him to the hell by my gun.
"Why did you shoot him? Maybe we can torture him until he opens up the truth", Charles told me.
"No, he won't tell the truth. Amy is not a fool. She'll always choose the most trustworthy person to do this kind of work"
He sighed, "What are we gonna do now?"
I looked up at him, "Let's find another way"
I went out and met my friends.
"Did you track the number that sent you this message?", I asked them.
"No, Jax. We tried to track the number but we couldn't. They must be corporate criminals. They're making every move without any small fault", Lucas explained.
"Don't worry. No matter how professional someone is, they will make mistakes. Even a little clue is enough for us to defeat them. Let's wait for it"

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