MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 40: Hint?

Anna is safe at my house, my friends are with me and it seems like everything is okay. But what's really going on here is a ton of pressure in our minds.
Everyone is on their phone, trying to find ways to escape from this tragedy. Even Henry, the consigliere of this dreadful mafia, couldn't find ways to escape from this.
"Jax, I couldn't find any other ways to solve this problem. In my experience, I had never felt this much tension in the air", Henry admitted.
"Yes, Jax. I've even asked help from some loyal customers, who buy weapons from us but I didn't get any clues till now", Alex said.
"Why don't we just threaten Amy when we already knew she is the one who did it? We can make her admit who's helping her", Lucas suggested.
"Do you think she will admit the truth? Even the spy that she sent is loyal to her until he dies", I said.
"And also, we can't make a move carelessly. I think she has a great backup. A small inexact move can cause a huge loss to us", Henry explained.
"Yes. She also has the video footage of Jax shooting her dad. She can do whatever she wants with that video. It is really dangerous for us"
I clenched my fist in rage. I feel like I wanna stab all my enemies with a sharp knife to control my anger. Amy, she has already caused many problems to us. It's all my fault. I should have killed her at the same time when I killed her dad. I felt pity for her and let her go but I didn't know she would come back to take revenge for her father's death. Her dad, William is an interfering busybody. He was giving us a lot of trouble for no reason and as a result, we had sent him to hell.
I took out my phone as it rang.
Shit, him again!
"I will talk to him", Lucas told me as he glanced at my phone.
Cristopher, the head of 'Dead Eyes'. He has called me more than fifteen times just to remind me that we only have one day more to supply the drug or we're gonna become his slaves. How many times do I have to explain my situation to him? That bitch is teasing my patience! He has betrayed us! He threatened Charles to sign in that document when Charles was alone. After Charles signed on it, he has faked Charles's sign and created another document with the rule, 'if we didn't supply the drug before the next Tuesday, we have to help him to destroy my loyal friend, Samuel's gang and we have to do whatever he says'
Point number one, I can't betray my friend. Point number two, even if I try to mislead Samuel, my gang is gonna be in peril because he has a great influence over the Russian mafia, and also there's a chance of losing the faith of my loyal customers. Overall, if I didn't supply the cocaine, this dreadful mafia will become a powerless mafia and everyone around me will be in danger. My life also will be unguaranteed.
I can't even destroy Cristopher's gang since he has some mighty gangs by his side. It would lead to unnecessary hostility between me and his partners.
"What did he say?", Charles asked Lucas as he hanged up the phone.
"As usual, intimidating us"
"He is getting on my nerves!", I sighed.
"Jax, our bodyguards around your house has noticed some unusual things happening there. They've also seen some suspicious guys", Alex informed me.
"Anna is alone there right? Why don't you go there?", Lucas asked me.
"Ye-", I paused.
"No Lucas. I'm not gonna go there", I told him.
"B-but why not?", Charles asked me.
"Alex, order our bodyguards to be cautious all the time. Tell them that they can call more guards if something more suspicious happens. She must be safe", I ordered Alex as he went to make a phone call.
"You have a plan?", Henry questioned me.
"What if someone is trying to divert us by doing something suspicious there?", I asked them.
I continued as I placed my hands in my pocket, "and if it wasn't their plan, they will probably know that our bodyguards are there. So, plan number one, they won't enter my house but something else will happen in another place. Plan number two, they will enter my house..if this happens, it means they've already prepared a huge backup"
"Y-yeah, you're right. But if the second one happens, it's not safe for Anna. I-it's so dangerous for her", Henry informed.
I nodded, "I don't think that they'll show their face before Tuesday ends..but if this was their plan, war will happen..A war between THEM and US"
"Boss boss boss!"
We yanked our heads as we heard Smith calling me repeatedly in a rush.
"What?", I questioned.
"Boss, we've got a hint. As you ordered, our spy team has found.."

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