MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 41: It's unexpected

"Boss, we've got a hint. As you ordered, our spy team has found the place of Amy meeting an anonymous person"
"Jax! Jax, I got an information from Samuel. He said that he tried to contact you but he couldn't make it", Alex told me in a hurry.
"What did he say?", I asked him.
"H-He said that he already knew what's going on in our gang. He knows everything. The matter about Amy, the cocaine, the document, and everything. He said that he wanna talk to you and it's urgent"
How does he know everything? Anyways, I must make a move quickly.
"Smith, go to that place and send me the address. Alex, tell our spy team to keep an eye on them. Lucas, order our members to surround that place. Charles, inform Hailey that we want help from her. Send the address to her and tell her to watch over who has been there and if something unexpected happens, we need back up. She could also divert our enemy if we need some time", I ordered them.
"What should I do?", Henry asked me.
"You're gonna be with me, Henry. Guys remember that this is our last chance. We shouldn't miss this or you know what will happen next"
They nodded and whizzed to that place as Henry stayed with me. I hastened to the underground armoury with Henry to pick up bullets while calling Samuel.
"Samuel, how did you kn-", I started without even greeting him but he interrupted,
"First, listen to me. I'll tell you everything later but there's a thing that you have to know for now. As you already knew, the place that you found just now is a place that they usually meet. Your guess is correct. Amy has a great backup and she has two mighty gangs behind her. The owner of this master plan is a guy. I repeat, HE IS A GUY and he has many guards around him. What I'm gonna tell you now is too important so, listen carefully", he paused as I stayed quiet.
Samuel is one of my most trustworthy friend. Whatever he says in emergencies had always helped me before this. So of course, I will trust him in this matter.
"This must be a hostility that you left in the past and it is still chasing you to slay you. It feels like someone has waited for the right time to attack you and everything you have by your side"
"If it's a hostility that I had left in the past, it must be non-other than Amy right? She is taking revenge for her father's dea-"
"No Jax. Amy is just a bobblehead in this situation. Someone is using her for their own good. There's something behind this. Be careful with every move that you take", he clarified.
"But I'm so confused. How are you saying it for sure?", I asked him while reloading my gun and taking enough bullets as Henry did the same.
"Because I saw a guy with the guards at that place and I feel like I've seen him before this. I couldn't see his whole face but his body language and the way he behaved gave me a thought of someone. I'm sure that I had seen him before and I think you also know him. When I saw him, it felt like I had already seen him before three years. My gut feel won't betray me"
"Yes, even I believe in your gut feel but I don't really have much time"
"Yeah, I know that. Don't worry Jax. I won't let you down that easily. You're always proving to me your honesty and the value of our friendship. You didn't betray me even when you know that you're in huge trouble. Make any move and I promise that my gang will be there for you to back up"
"Yeah okay. Thanks, dude"
"You don't have to thank me, Jax. Amy is still there till this moment. Be safe", he hung up the phone.
This guy is the real meaning of friendship.
"What did he say?", Henry asked me.
"He said, it's a hostility that we left in our past and it's still boiling in anger because of our existence and Amy is just a bobblehead in this matter"
"Wait what? Hostility from the past but it's not Amy. Leaving an assignment halfway is not in our life history except Amy right? If it is not Amy, t-then WHO IT COULD BE?", Henry puzzled.
"I don't know but I think..We've missed something somewhere"
We got into our black Bentley Continental GT as I accelerated to that place.
Among all the confusions and questions, particularly that one question kept running in my head and boiled my blood, 'WHO THE HELL IS HE?'. Is there someone who is really brave enough to play with us like this?
To be honest, I'm so excited to meet him face-to-face because isn't it interesting when someone plays hide and seek with the Don of 'Bloodthirst Devils', one of the most dangerous mafia that nobody would dare to touch?

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