MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 4: It's my fate

What had I done? I accidentally splashed it on another person's face.
When I spilled the juice on his face, he moved slightly and escaped but it spilled on another guy's face, who was standing behind Alex. My eyes went wide in shock.

"I'm so sor "
I opened my mouth to say sorry but unfortunately before I could tell anything Blaire grabbed my hand and made the way out of the cafe.

"Why did yo "

"Just shut up. I'll answer your questions after we reach your room", Blaire said.

Why is this happening to me? I don't even know who that guy is. Why did Alex move at that specific time? Just missed.


Why is she shouting at me? I didn't do anything wrong. Doesn't she know what happened there? He is the one who talked about my mom. How can I shut my mouth and sit there when he does like that?

"Why are you shouting at me, Blaire? Don't you know what happened there? He talked about my mother. CAN YOU STAY SILENT AFTER SOMEONE TALK ABOUT YOUR MOTHER LIKE THAT ?", I shouted at her.

Her anger turned into a concerned look.
"I didn't mean it, Anna. d-do y-you kn-know who you messed with now?"

Okay. Now I'm confused.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Anna the person that you spill the juice is...i-it's", she took a deep breath.

"Do you remember what I told you yesterday? The five guys. The two guys beside Alex are Lucas and Henry. The one who went to buy food is Charles and the one you messed with is.."

"Who is that?"I asked her.
I'm scared if it is Jax.No Blaire. Don't tell me that he is Jax.DON'T.


All of a sudden my knees go weak. I sat in bed for support. She told me to not mess with Jax but it has happened. I don't even know that he is Jax. I didn't aim at him but it happened.


I wanted to know about the five guys more than what Blaire told me. So, I asked Olivia, Jessy, and Sophie. They are my seniors but they are so friendly. They told me about them, especially they warned me to not mess with Jax. When I get to know what Jax did to the guy who messed with him, I'm just frightened.


"What are we gonna do now?", asked Lucy.

"I don't know", I replied.

"I didn't expect this to happen", said Katy.

"Don't worry Anna. We'll be with you", Blaire hugged me.
Katy and Lucy did the same.

"Thanks", I told them.

"But I'm scared of them. Especially Jax. Did you notice how he looked at us? If looks can kill, it would've happened there. He was giving her a death glare", Lucy told us.

"I know but we can't ignore her for that. She's our friend. Don't worry Lucy. They will only take revenge on the person who mess with them, not on the person who is around them. But if we stand against them...I'm sure that we are gonna be in trouble", Blaire explained.

They're my friends and they care about me but I don't wanna cause them any trouble.

"I know that you all care for me but I don't want you to be in trouble. I'll handle it myself. It's better for you if you all didn't stand against them", I told them.

Katy replied, "But Anna we can't let y..."

"No Katy. I don't want you to be in trouble because of me. So, if you think you want to do anything for me, just do what I say. please"

"How could you stand against them. I mean against the 5 monsters. Are you telling us that you are gonna handle it alone against five of them? It's not a game. It is a serious matter Anna", Katy told me with a concerned look.

"Of course I know that Katy. I'll handle this. Don't involve in this matter. Just focus on your studies. I don't want you to be in trouble when you didn't do anything wrong"

"But Anna you also didn't do anything wro "


Lucy and Blaire have no idea about what I am talking about. Katy stayed silent because she knows my past. She really cares for me. My mom had told her to take care of me but I have no other choices. I must handle this alone. I still have no idea WHY MY FATE IS WRITTEN LIKE THIS.

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