MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 42: Still running?

I parked my car a little far from the tall abandoned building. Henry and I got out of the car as the bang sound of gunshots echoed all of a sudden.
"Omg, what's happening?", Henry jerked because of the abrupt ear-splitting noise.
I took out my gun immediately as I noticed Smith running towards me.
"Boss! Boss!"
"Smith, why are you running this like? What happened?", Henry asked him.
"Boss, get in the car, please. It is not safe for you all. The situation is not in our control"
"What are you saying?", I questioned him.
"However they found out that we're coming and they've become cautious. Before our members started to prepare for backup, they've started to shoot. It's extremely unexpected, boss"
"You're saying that our members aren't ready. Then, how can I go back? Move, I'm gonna show them our power"
"No boss. I'm sorry. I can't let you do that", he stopped me.
"Smith, what's your problem now? Lemme go", I took a step forward as he halted me again.
"No boss. They've surrounded this place! Their main aim is you and your friends", he paused and averted his head as Charles, Alex and Lucas approached us.
"Hey, Lucas! What happened?", I raised a question while staring at his bleeding arms.
"Jax, let's go back first. The situation is not good and-"
I tugged Lucas away and pulled the trigger, aiming at the black t-shirt guy, who was about to shoot Lucas.
Lucas sighed, "Thanks bro"
"Get into the car guys", Alex told us while opening the car door.
Everyone got into the car but I stopped as Hailey approached us.
"Jax, don't worry. We'll handle everything", she assured me.
"But Hailey, how can I go back? This is the last chance for us. As you know, I don't have any other choices", I told her, controlling the rage inside me.
After thinking for a second, "Okay. Park the car behind there and do first aid for Lucas first. I'll call you after we conquer the situation"
I nodded. We went to another side.
I took out the first aid box and started to apply it.
"Dude, the gunshots are booming", Alex said while spinning the revolver.
"I know righ-", before I could finish, someone shoved into me as my body hit the ground.
"Who the hell is i-"...
He lent me his hand after killing a guy with his headshot skill.
I got up with his help.
"Samuel, what are you doing here?"
"How can I stay quiet when my friend is in a live or death situation?", he asked me.
"I've already told you right, we won't let you down, Jax", Hailey said as she approached us.
"Thanks", I gave Samuel a handshake and a quick hug.
"But I don't understand something. Does the situation is being that serious like our three gangs should fight?"
"I'll explain everything later, Jax. I gotta go now"
"Wait, I'll also come with you"
"No Jax-"
"Samuel, it's my problem and I'm the leader. It won't be right without me", I convinced him. I know that he cares for me but I have some responsibilities too.
He sighed and nodded, subsequently I stepped into the combat world.
The heads of two dreadful gangs aka me and Samuel started to swirl and slay everyone like a starved tiger hunting prey.
I grabbed a sturdy guy's neck and slammed his head on the wall. Subsequently, I swerved rightward and escaped from a knife stab as I jabbed on his jaw, which made him collapse at that moment.
Meanwhile, Samuel remembered me the past time memories, when we both made everyone thrilled by our marksmanship.
We kept slaying everyone as my mind interrupted because of a well-built familiar guy.
"You know him. He is a member of the Russian mafia", Samuel informed me while looking at that guy.
I gave a confused look as Samuel answered my unasked question.
"I talked to the head of Russian Mafia since the situation here is getting serious", Samuel demystified as my eyes averted somewhere else behind him.
Amy is escaping! I took a step forward while pulling out my gun from my pocket.
Someone kicked my gun as I saw Amy getting escaped in her car with some bodyguards. It made me more infuriated as I clenched my fist while glaring at that vigorous guy, who kicked my gun away just now.
He clenched his fist and stood in a southpaw stance, challenging me to fight with him. This bastard is challenging me! I stood in orthodox boxing stance while giving him a death glare.
I dodged rightward when he took the first step to knock me and I thwacked in his ribs as he fell down.
I noticed Lucas and Samuel staring at me with a tiny grin while slamming enemies.
"It feels great to see you knocking someone with just one hit, after a long time", Alex praised me from behind.
These guys are incredible. They're praising me in this serious moment.
"All clear. Our members will handle the others. Let's go inside, Jax", Samuel informed me as I followed him to a room, where Amy was talking with an anonymous guy.
We went inside and searched for information as Henry and Charles joined us.
"Boss, we've searched everywhere but unfortunately we didn't get any clues", Smith informed me.
"Jax, we caught this guy. He is one of Amy's bodyguards and he was here when Amy was meeting someone", Alex said after throwing a guy on the floor.
"I won't tell you anything, dickheads", that asshole told us and got beaten up with iron rods until his body got covered by bruises.
"Wait! Wait a minute. This tattoo. Jax, I told you that I saw someone familiar that day right? He also had this same tattoo on his arms", Samuel apprised as I look at his arms.
Th-this tattoo..Crimson mob? Is it still running?

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