MAFIA : The Devil That I Love

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Chapter 7: I'm kidnapped

Katy's POV

"Hey, Katy! Where's Anna?", Anna's mom asked me.
How can I tell her that she's crying?

"s-she's bathing aunty."

"Is everything alright?"

"N-n y-yes aunty."

Why am I blabbering? She's gonna find out that I'm lying. No, it shouldn't happen. Anna will kill me if I tell the truth to her mom.

"We're fine here aunty. How are you?"

"Uhm okay. I'm good but I'm just worried about her. You know what happened in her past right. I want her to be safe and happy."

Oh no, she's worried. How can I lie to her? I have to tell the truth.

"Aunty, she is-"

No. I can't tell the truth. She'll be scared if she knows that Anna is in a problem. What if she brings Anna home? Anna must study and succeed in her life.

"Katy, are you there? What happened to Anna? Is she okay? Do I have to come there?"

"No aunty. There's no need for that. She is perfectly alright"

"Oh thank god. Please take care of her Katy"

"Sure aunty"

She hung up the phone. What have I did just now? I've lied to her. I don't have any idea about what I'm gonna do next. Her mom is trusting me but...Oh God Please Help Me!
Anna's POV

"Anna wake up! It's already late. We must get ready fast"

It's 6.45 a.m and I can't open my eyes. I'm so sleepy. I only got 1 hour of sleep because I couldn't sleep last night.

"Sorry, Katy. I'm not gonna come today."

"Are you okay?"

"I don't know. I just need some rest."

"Okay. Do you want me to be with you?"

"It's okay Katy. No need for that. I'll meet you after your class ends. Tell Blaire and Lucy about going shopping today."

"Okay. Call me if you need anything. Be safe. Bye"

I nodded and fell asleep.
'Raise up a cup up for all my day ones
Two middle fingers for the haters
Life's only getting greater'
I opened my eyes when I heard this song. It's 9.30 a.m. I woke up, singing the song, 'We put the good in the good in the good life, We put the bad in the past, now we alright,Ayy, ayy, ayy,ayy,yeah'. This song is giving me a good vibe every day and I love it.
I wore a black sweatshirt with jeans. I made myself breakfast as fast as possible because I'm too hungry. After eating, I sat on the couch and called my mom. I must talk to her before she comes here to see me.
"Hey, Anna. How are you?"
"I'm good, mom and how are you?"
"I'm fine Anna. How are your studies going? Is everything alright?"
"Yeah, mom. It's nice and everything is alright.No need to worry. Katy told me that you called me yesterday mom. Is there anything important?"
"No Anna. I just want to know whether you're okay or not"
"Yup mom. I'm okay here. Don't worry and take care of yourself"
"Glad to hear that Anna. Take care of yourself. Call me if you need anything. Okay, Anna, I need to go now. I have some works. Bye sweetie"
"Okay, mom.Bye.Love you"
I feel guilty because I lied to her. I have no other choices. I can't tell her that I'm not okay. I stood up from the couch to get some water and my phone started to ring...
"Anna, come to the parking lot in 45 minutes. We'll go shopping today"
"Okay, Katy. Did the class finished?"
"Not yet but it's gonna finish soon. Meet you there. bye"
As usual, she hung up the phone before I say bye. After 45 minutes,
I have to go now or Katy is gonna kill me for being late. I went downstairs. I'm gonna be relax today and it's gonna be my day. There's no tension, stress, or depression.
All of a sudden, someone grabbed me by my waist and made my heart hammer. When I looked at his eyes...Oh My God! Why don't you let me be relaxed for a while?
"Why were you absent today?", he asked me while making eye contact with me.
My words stuck in my throat when he asked that question. His dark brown eyes are giving me a different feel. I don't know how to explain it. I can say that he's looking for an answer but unfortunately, I couldn't make it. His hand is still on my waist and I feel extremely uncomfortable. His eye contact is making me shiver.
"I'm asking you. Did you hear that?"
Before I could answer his first question he asked me another question, which made me blabber.
"I..I'm...It's b-because "
He pulled me closer, "So you're not gonna say anything right? Don't worry. I know how to make you tell me the answer"
He grabbed my hand and led me to his car. Why is he leading me to his car and what does it mean by 'i know how to make you tell me the answer'? Finally, I opened my mouth and asked him a question.
"What are you doing? I must go now"
He replied, "I am not gonna let you go"
"Who are you to order me? Just let me go".I tried very hard to escape from his grip but I couldn't make it. He's too strong.
"I told you right. I'm not gonna let you go. So shut up and do what I say. Go and get in the car", he said, raising his eyebrow.
"NO! I can't. My friends are gonna wait for me"
"Don't worry. They're already gone", he said with having a stupid smirk on his face.
"What? No. You are lying. I won't believe you. Now take your hands from me", I tried to escape from his grip again but he made the grip stronger. He pulled me closer by my waist, closing the gap between us.
He leaned and whispered in my ear, "Won't you believe me?"
His husky voice sent a shiver down my spine. He continued, "I told Charles to inform them that you're gonna be with me. So don't worry. Get in the car"
"Why did you do that? I'm not gonna come with you. Leave me alone"
He laughed, "I'm not asking your opinion. I'm ordering you"
He doesn't have any rights to order me. I'm not gonna be alone with him. God, please help me!
When he noticed that I'm not moving, he lift me and threw me into his car.
"Ouch. Why are you throwing me? Can't you handle me softer? Don't you remember that I'm a girl? It hurts you know", I complained like a kid when he get into the car.
He looked at me and smiled. Omg, why is he so cute when he smiles. He is so attractive. Wait, what did I say just now? He's kidnapping me and I'm thinking about how attractive he is. I'M STUPID!
"Why are you smiling? I'm scolding you", I told him.
"Oh. Are you scolding me? I thought that you're cooing me"
"I'm not kidnapping you"
"Then, what are you doing now? Do you think that you're bringing me on a tour? You've forced me to get in this car and when I didn't do that, you lift me and throw me into this car"
He smirked and said, "Stop saying that I'm kidnapping you. I just want to spend time with what's mine"
I stared at him in confusion. What does it mean by 'what's mine'?
He made the way out of the campus as he said, "By the way, you're cute".
He smirked as I blushed at his compliment. Shit, why am I blushing?
"Where are we going?", I asked him.
He simply ignored the question. Urghhhhh. He kidnapped me and now ignoring me. It's frustrating!

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