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Ann Mary Lesley hadn't had life the easy way, from being disowned by her abuse manipulative father, to the streets at just 15 but her being a strong and wise girl she managed to peruse her dreams. Meet Antonello Angel Ampelios A demon hidden inside the body of an Adonis is what most people say about him . his name is never mentioned in full or even metioned by many people . he is ruthless , care free , manipulative cold hearted and the king of the underworld. What happens when this two meet? ~~~~~~~~~ "Mr.Angel what's this thing in ur pocket it's so long can I touch it?" She asks innocently. I look at her but will it hurt to try I smirk and nod then she starts moving her hand nearer to *groan* "Did I hurt u?" She asked but I just shook my head then "Fuck,babygirl"

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter one ~new job,new life,and a bestfriend


I can't believe my dream came true.

I have been in the states for 7yrs. And I did my university from here. In Nigeria, I was able to get a scholarship and study from here and I studied architecture but I decided to start with a small job that would help me adapt to the environment.

So. I have been working at a diner for 3 years and also I have been taking coding classes just in case I don't get a job at an architect company and I am very good at coding so I will either get a job at a software company or just steal money by hacking people's bank accounts.

But any whooo.. life is good right now I won 1m dollars because I had graduated top of my class and the sponsors of my scholarship were so proud that they helped me get permanent citizenship and an apartment.

I have made lots of friends and my best friend is called Grayson or Cameroon or Cam I have known him from college and we used to share the same dorm room his gay but hot ASF. He has beautiful blue eyes,brown hair,a perfect jawline and red cute lips.

But right now I had to sleep because tomorrow I have an interview and its already 2 am yet the interview is at 9 am and this is all Grayson's fault he made me watch 365dni and my brain has been replaying the bathroom and boat scene all night I just couldn't sleep.

He goes to the club and an hour later he's back with someone else and they had been making weird sounds all night his been having one night stands since a month ago when someone he fell in love with broke his heart and it was the first time I saw he cry so much I have tried to tell him to stop these one night stands but he never listens to me

But after some time I do research on the owner of the company I am getting a job from but I slowly drift to sleep.


"JESUS THIS STUPID ALARM CLOCK," I SHOUT but the moment I look at the time I quickly rushed to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, brushed my teeth combed my t hair and run outof the bathroom, got what to wear.

I chose a dark greeen pencil skirt and a beige shirt with little dark green butterflies.

I look my self in the mirror and run out to find Grayson in the kitchen preparing breakfast,"oh hey Les-"before he could continue I cut him off " don't hey Les me Mr. You made me stay up late because of that weird movie and ur moans u fool.. " I shout and he smiles and akwardly scrunching the back of his head. "Come on Les don't worry I will give you a ride I do work there any way." He says as he puts some pancakes on my plate. I look at the time and it's 8.20 thank we still have time. By the way I forgot to tell u that Grayson works in the software development department of the company. Though i will be working in the design department .I finish my b breakfast and head in the car with Gray or Grayson whatever

As his driving he turns to me and says, "Since ur getting a job in the designing department your going to have to listen to me I know ur annoying and stubborn but don't look in the eyes of the CEO because he is going to interview u and don't say his name just call him Sir boss or master-" i cut him off and say "wait a damn minute u want me to call him master is this some kind of kinky BDSM shit, and isn't it supposed to be the head of department to do that ?" I scoff."No Les he doesn't like it u will be in deep trouble and as long as there are interviews of major he does the interviews and am telling u he has an intimidating look and he is the king of the mafia world ....well that's what people say and on the bright side his hot as fuck but arrogant, ruthless and a man whore. People say he doesn't even say a word but as long as he looks u in the eyes ...BOOM it happens and u sleep with him. telling u his a demon covered by an image of an adonis."he says and by the end of his speech am laughing hysterically,"that's the funniest thing I have ever had u say any whooo bye we reached," i say and run out.

Here I come dream job but what's the CEO'S name again ahh let me just ask some one . I walk up to a tall man with a sexy bum but his too far so I run and pinch his back,"hey sorry I just wanted to-
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