Just like every other love story.

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Hey readers. This is my first story here. You always have heard a story about a dream prince and beautiful princess, even Disney tricked us. But have you ever heard a story between two Princesses or Queen? Read to know more. It's a short story. Hope you like it. :)

Romance / Humor
Khushee ;
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She, loves She.


Just like all teenagers of my age, I too have a love story. It's just the same like others, where we met, fall in love, and later on things didn't work, so, we broke.

But still, someone said, that every story has something unique in it, my story too. Here, me, being a she, doesn't mean all the time that I want a prince or a handsome guy, it might be a princess or a beautiful girl.

Yeah, you heard it right, I didn't fall in love with a boy but a girl, and I didn't feel ashame of that. Believe me or not, but the things are just the same. She can protect me too, I can take care of her,She can sleep in my shoulders, I can still hold her hands.

We can do almost every single thing we wanted to, trust me the feeling are same (or maybe more exciting than that).

It was hard to tell my mom that yes, your daughter didn't find a boy of her dreams, but a girl of her reality. She wasn't able to accept the fact for sometime, but you know social media makes huge impact on mentality, so I showed her videos regarding lgbt.

Everything, was perfect, but you know something was still missing. I mean by the time, things changed, people change, so on.

And our relationship too, like in every relationship, misunderstanding made a huge break in both of us, and so, we broke up.

It was sad for me, but, I later control myself. And things are back as usual. I got in love, hurt and broke. (On loop lol)

But but but, me loving her or she loving me wasn't the reason of our break up. Not at all. It was just like every other simple break up.

But, glad to know that my past, contain something, normal and okay. I mean, not a mess type of that.

And yeah, if someone ask me "who was your first love, how HE looks like, what's HIS name? "
Then I'm proudly gonna say that "how did you know it was HE, why not SHE? well, about love, it was pretty good, she was beautiful af. Her everything was soo amazing and yeah, she was as sweet as honey. "

It might make them feel awkward, but I don't care because it's none of my business. LoL.
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