my forbidden love

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kenzie and xander have known each other their entire lives, their moms had been best friends since they were little, and even got pregnant with their kids at the same time. but when kenzie's mom leaves for italy, kenzie is stuck living with xander and his family for a year. they could never be together, but will her love for him grow over this next year?

Romance / Drama
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chapter one

his soft fingers brushed my hair out of my face. his lips and breath felt fuzzy against my ear as he whispered to me how beautiful i am. finally, he leans in for a kiss...

"kenzie let's focus on our chemistry lesson today please, unless you would like to share with the class what seems to be so much more important than the lesson im trying to teach." mr. williams is the worst teacher i have ever had. the class just stares at me, this is the 4th time this week he's called me out in that mocking tone of his.

"my bad mr. williams. its not important." i really need to stop fantasizing about xander. at this point its getting a little out of control.


when the bell rings, i head towards the cafeteria for lunch when i see xander at his locker, his fluffy brown hair sitting perfectly on his head, and his dark brown eyes and straight smile lighting up the halls as he's talking to his friends.

"oh kenz," xander comes running over to me. "my mom told me to tell you your mom needed to get on an earlier flight. after school today im taking you home to get everything youre gonna need and then you're staying with me a little longer. meet me in the lot after school." before i could even respond, he was gone just as quickly as he appeared.

i grabbed my phone from my locker, and just as xander said, i had a text from my mother. she had to catch a flight to italy early, and she said its looking like i might be spending a year with the ryans.


"so my mom got on a flight today," i said to my friends as we all started sitting at our lunch table. "i'll be living with xander for the next year." everyone just looked at me, their individual faces letting me in on their opinions on the matter. xander is that boy in school that every girl wants to be with, and every guy wants to be. i've been friends with xander my whole life, our moms are best friends and me and xander have always been so close. but the past few years he's gotten hotter. and i fell in love with him. but he doesn't know.

"well i heard from brandon that he broke up with alyssa the other day, so maybe its time for you to shoot your shot." ashley is my best friend. shes dating xanders friend brandon. she knows everything about everyone. she's the only one of my friends that actually wants to see me and xander together. everyone else just wants him for themselves.

"yea he told me about that. im probably gonna end up helping him put all her shit in a box. we should throw it off his balcony. but if im being honest, he's probably gonna ask me to return it to her so he doesn't-" i look at my phone to see a text from xander. my mom just sent me $50 to my card, she's gonna be stuck at work all night so we get to order food. let me know what you want for dinner. its on me:)

"ooohhh kenzie what's that smile on your face for," ashley knows this smile better than anyone. its the smile xander puts on my face. "fill us in bitch you can't leave us hanging like that!"

i laugh as i say, "xanders mom is stuck at work tonight so he's gonna order in food for us for dinner tonight. he told me to let him know what i want for dinner, its on him." i notice my other friends seem more jealous than happy for me. so i don't stop there. "he's driving me home after school to pack my shit, im gonna make him help me. then its to his house for the next year. hopefully it won't be too bad."

bree has been in love with him for the past few months, she cuts my off by saying, "you know its not gonna be a bad thing staying with him. yall are literally gonna be living together. hes gonna fall in love with you and you know it. so you don't get to complain." everyone at the table stopped taking. all eyes were on me. everyone was just waiting to see what i was gonna say.

"im not complaining. ive just never lived with him for this long. ive only ever stayed there for up to 3 months while my mom was away. hes stayed with me for only as long as 2 months. a whole year with him? im allowed to be nervous. ive been in love with this boy for years. its finally my chance. i cannot fuck it up." bree rolled her eyes at me and didn't say another word. the bell rang and it was time for us to go our separate ways.


after the final bell, i head to my locker, and alyssa was there waiting for me. she looks different than she used to, her long, blonde hair messy in a bun, she's wearing glasses today, which i didn't even know she had. she also appeared to be wearing yesterday's makeup, her eyeliner and mascara was more under her eyes than on them. her blue eyes that were always filled with so much light now look lifeless. "hey kenize," she sounded very hesitant, which wasn't like her. she was always mean to me among everyone else, but she sounded hurt and scared and alone when those words came my way. "i heard you're gonna be staying with xander for a while, and i know you're just his best friend, but please take care of him for me. please keep an eye on him. he hasn't been the best mentally recently and i was really trying to help him i-"

"calm down for a second." her words were flying out of her mouth faster than i could process them. i know about xanders mental health. ive known longer than her. and i could be a bitch about it. but i bite my tongue for xanders sake. "i know you just want him to be okay. and he will be. ive been his best friend since the day we were born. if anyone knows xander it's me. i know him better than he knows himself sometimes. im gonna make sure he takes care of himself. he means a lot to me too." by the look on her face, i cant tell if she's relieved or jealous, but it doesn't matter. i think she forgets that i know the truth about the breakup.


when i get to xanders car, hes not there. but alyssa is.

"okay i really wanted to be nice but what the fuck are you doing here and where's xander?" she looks at me with a blank expression for a moment, as if she doesn't know im talking to her. finally, she smiles at me.

"i was hoping he could give me a ride home. i missed my bus."

"i think you need to leave before he gets here-" i get cut off by xander approaching us.

"alyssa." ive never seen xander look so emotionless. "you need to leave."

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