Just Kiss Me

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Some Sugar

Nick was sure that he had fire running through his veins. Every time Vincent touched him, the heat intensified, sending tingles through his chest and pooling lava in his stomach.

He sighed breathlessly when he felt those hands rest at his sides, right at the place where his tee shirt had begun to ride up. The way Vincent swiped his thumbs over his hip bones made Nick grab his shirt to pull him even closer, not that they weren’t already close enough.

Not for the first time, Nick was thankful that Vincent didn’t have any roommates to walk in on them making out on the couch.

He tilted his head back when Vincent kissed up the line of his throat, right up to the hinge of his jaw. He moaned breathlessly, too warm and too pleased to feel embarrassed by the noise.

Nick felt his stomach jump—both literally and figuratively—when Vincent’s hands followed along the line of his now-wrinkled shirt and over his skin. He made some kind of noise in his throat when those hands ran up his stomach and over his sides, and leaned back to help Vincent pull his shirt off.

Shedding his shirt did nothing for the heat running through him. If anything, Nick only felt warmer when he noticed the way that Vincent’s green eyes were gazing at him hungrily.

Nick surged forward, connecting their lips at the same time he moved his hands down to Vincent’s shirt. He could feel the way Vincent breathed as he splayed his hands over the man’s stomach and slowly scooted his shirt up to his chest.

“I’ll have to wear a button-up next time we do this,” Vincent murmured in frustration when he needed to pull away to get his shirt off.

Nick’s heart leapt at the sight of his bare-chested boyfriend. He’d seen guys shirtless before—especially considering that he lived with Andrew—but Vincent shirtless was something else entirely. It was just as hot, as sexy, as utterly overwhelming as it had been with any of his past girlfriends.

He reached forward to place his hands on Vincent’s chest, finding even the difference in their skin tones enthralling. “Your heart is beating fast,” he said randomly, swallowing through the tension between them.

“I wonder why,” Vincent drawled in a tone somewhere between sarcasm and fondness. His voice was hypnotic. His eyes burned bright as he waited for Nick to move.

Nick didn’t keep him waiting. He kissed him again deeply with this delicious pressure that made his boyfriend moan. Chest to chest now, Nick could feel the man breathing, just like he could feel the warmth of his tan skin.

It was intimate. It ignited the fire sitting in his gut, sending tingles to even his toes.

Nick lamented the fact that he needed to breathe at all, but he chuckled breathlessly when his lips were no longer occupied. “So much for a sleepy Sunday,” he quipped.

Vincent took a minute to breathe too, shifting a little so that Nick was more firmly on top of him. If he was at all bothered by the situation Nick was currently having in his pants, he didn’t say it. He only smirked. “I slept enough yesterday anyway.”

Nick smirked back at him, aware of the fact that he wasn’t the only one enjoying himself. He leaned back down to kiss Vincent again, sighing at the feeling of their bodies pressed together.

They hadn’t necessarily intended for their day in to end up with them both shirtless on Vincent’s couch, but Nick definitely wasn’t complaining. Vincent was kissing him so fiercely that he certainly wasn’t making any complaints either.

Nick lost track of time with his boyfriend underneath him, kissing passionately and then lazily and then all over his chest. That part was much different from being with a woman, for obvious reasons, but Nick got this heady feeling from exploring this man’s body. He felt like he could barely suck in a breath when Vincent’s hands rose to his torso again, and made quite a few noises when his boyfriend flipped them to kiss a line over his stomach.

“Oh my god,” Nick moaned, his chest moving up and down quickly to match his breaths.

Vincent pulled himself up to kiss him again on the lips, resting his weight on top of him. “Do you want to stop here?”

“I think I’ll have to if I want my underwear to be relatively dry when I go home,” Nick murmured, breathing deeply and shutting his eyes in an effort to get himself under control. It was more than a little difficult with the comfortable weight of his boyfriend pressing into him.

Vincent chuckled and Nick felt the vibrations run through him as well. “It is a little late now too. I wouldn’t want you to fall asleep at your desk on my account.”

“I’d quit my job for this,” Nick said emphatically, meeting Vincent’s glowing green eyes again. He was caught in that gaze, unable to look away. “I really don’t want to go home though.”

Vincent’s expression became curious, or maybe cautious, as if he was trying to cover up the face he wanted to make. He didn’t quite succeed; there was still a little smile curling at his lips. “You’re welcome to stay over. I don’t exactly have any clothing for you to change into in the morning though.”

“Well, I think I’ll need to shower tonight,” Nick said with a smirk, aware of the fact that he hadn’t calmed down at all, “so I could just go back to my apartment to change in the morning.”

“Will your friends notice that you’re gone?” Vincent asked, shifting and making Nick groan again.

He needed a second to get his voice back. “They might, but I don’t mind. I just kind of… it’d be nice to sleep here tonight. With you. Literally.”

“Only sleeping, yes,” Vincent chuckled, finally getting up and offering Nick a hand to sit up. “It would be nice if you stayed and literally slept with me. Feel free to use my shower first though—and please ignore the fact that I haven’t cleaned up in there.”

Nick leaned forward for a slow and short peck on the lips. “I can do that.”

Vincent smiled. Nick was aware of Vincent’s eyes on him when he got up. As he walked away, his boyfriend called, “There’s an extra toothbrush in there if you need it, and you’ll see the towels.”

“Thanks, honey!” Nick called back, feeling extremely light on his feet.

It was only after his shower that the fire in his stomach had finally cooled to be replaced with some lingering warmth that pooled into his chest when he walked into Vincent’s room.

Vincent didn’t look up from the book that he was reading when Nick walked in, as if it wasn’t strange to have him there at all. He was dressed in a tee shirt and some sleep shorts, looking soft and relaxed with the light from his nightstand washing over him.

Nick figured that he was being somewhat dramatic, but this simple moment felt important somehow. Maybe because when Vincent finally did look up curiously, Nick genuinely felt like he belonged.

“Everything okay?” Vincent asked, setting his book down on his nightstand.

Nick smiled calmly, walking over and leaning down to kiss him. He kept it chaste, but his heart still did this little flip at the now familiar bump of Vincent’s glasses and the warmth of the man’s hand when he reached up to touch his cheek.

“Everything’s great,” Nick responded softly just a moment later. “Your bathroom isn’t that dirty, by the way.”

Vincent stared at him with the same curious expression while he walked around to the other side of the bed. His eyebrow quirked up in amusement. “My mom would disagree with you, but I’ll take your word for it.”

Nick inched closer to Vincent in the smaller bed, but couldn’t put his arms around his boyfriend before the man had gotten up. “I have this light connected to the switch,” he explained, smirking at Nick’s little pout.

The room was suddenly swathed in darkness. Only the soft light from the streetlights penetrated the shades covering the windows.

Nick watched Vincent return to bed after depositing his glasses on his nightstand with a quick flick of his wrist. The blankets billowed over them with a gentle whoosh before they had settled and Nick finally got the chance to wrap his arms around his boyfriend.

He hummed in satisfaction at Vincent’s warmth, idly thinking of how nice this would be when it was winter and the air was chilly around them. It was a heady thought—to think that they would be together months from now when the weather grew cooler.

Nick was too tired to really consider it.

“Goodnight, honey,” he murmured, already nodding off.

He felt Vincent’s hand rest on his chest and his hair tickle along his nose. “Sleep well, Nickolas.”

Nick drifted off to the calming sound of Vincent’s breathing. He awoke to the blare of an alarm that Vincent was quick to turn off.

“Vincent?” he slurred tiredly, belatedly recalling that he wasn’t currently in his own bed.

The man hummed, sounding as if he was already falling back asleep. Nick wasn’t far behind, shifting under Vincent’s weight on his chest and exhaling tiredly.

It seemed as if he had only just shut his eyes again when Vincent’s alarm went off for a second time and he needed to sit up to click it off. Vincent huffed and groaned, falling back into his pillow with a murmured, “Too early.”

Nick stretched, forcing his eyes open by sheer force of will. His body felt languid and warm, and he thought that it wouldn’t be so bad to be late for work if he got the chance to just lie here for a little while longer.

He did desperately need to use the bathroom though, and if he slept in any longer, he would probably have to rush to work without coffee. His boss wouldn’t take too kindly to him sleeping through his meetings.

“Vincent? Do you have a coffee maker here?” Nick asked, shifting to run his fingers through the man’s messy black hair.

Vincent finally blinked open his eyes, and it looked like it was taking a truly Herculean effort to keep them open. “Kitchen. I should get up to make it,” he mumbled.

Nick noticed Vincent’s eyes dipping again when his fingers swiped over his scalp. “I can make it. I’ll bring you a cup.”

It took Vincent a moment to answer. “You’re making me sleepy again,” he slurred, his eyes finally staying closed. “Get me in… five minutes,” he murmured, sighing and curling up into his pillow.

Nick smiled fondly, carefully getting out of bed to put the coffee on. He had to run to the bathroom immediately after and was legitimately surprised to find Vincent sitting at his tiny kitchen table instead of lying in bed.

“I was going to bring you a cup in bed,” Nick said softly, unwilling to be too loud in the comfortable early morning silence.

Vincent hummed, definitely not looking much more awake with his eyes shut. “You’re going to spoil me bringing me food in bed,” he said, prying his eyes open. He accepted a hot cup of coffee gratefully.

Nick had to yawn before he could respond. “Maybe you deserve to be spoiled a little bit. I could make you breakfast in bed.”

“You’re adorable when you flirt with me,” Vincent smirked, resting his chin in his hand and giving his coffee a second to cool. “You’re actually the only boyfriend I’ve had make me food to eat in bed.”

Nick raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Really?” He had to stop to yawn again. “No one in your thirty years has brought you food in bed?”

Vincent shrugged, taking a sip of coffee that was probably still too hot. “My mom or my dad when I was sick, but that definitely doesn’t count. It also doesn’t count when I was being an angsty teen and my sisters brought crackers or cookies to eat.”

“Yeah, I’m for sure making you breakfast in bed one of these days,” Nick said surely, pouring himself his own cup and pulling out a chair next to Vincent.

“Alright, but drink your coffee first so that you don’t set yourself on fire,” his boyfriend said with a lazy smile.

Nick dumped in some creamer. “To my roommates’ eternal surprise, that hasn’t happened yet.” He was about to add in the sugar when Vincent grabbed his hand suddenly.

“That’s salt, actually. Sorry. It’s in that thing for baking,” he said sheepishly. He switched the salt for another clear container that looked much too similar. “This one’s the sugar.”

“You’ve mixed them up before, haven’t you?” Nick mused, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I’ve had some really sugary pasta before,” Vincent said dryly, leaning back in his chair and looking pleasantly ruffled and warm.

Nick watched him with a lidded gaze, smiling softly. He didn’t even see how much sugar he had just poured in, but he asked playfully, “Hey, Vincent? Can I have a little more sugar?”

Vincent clearly caught onto his meaning if the fond shake of his head was any indication. “You’re flirty in the mornings,” he smirked, leaning forward to peck him on the lips. “Sweet enough for you?” he joked.

“I don’t know, I like a lot of sugar,” Nick commented, smirking to himself. Goosebumps rose up on his skin when he heard Vincent chuckle lowly, the sound nothing more than a gentle rumble.

“Drink your coffee,” Vincent said, but pulled him in for another slow kiss anyway.

Nick hummed at the heat between them and the gentle swipe of Vincent’s tongue. He could have stayed kissing his boyfriend all morning if the man didn’t need to shower and he didn’t need to run back to his apartment to change.

Vincent still gave him a firm kiss before he left though, which had Nick feeling more than a little chirpy on the way back to his apartment.

He was actually surprised that neither Andrew nor Maddie were in the kitchen to give him questioning looks when he walked in. They hadn’t made coffee either, but he could hear them talking about something in muffled voices in their room.

Nick slipped quietly into his own room to change his clothing and try not to look too rumpled. His two friends were still talking by the time he ran out the door to get to work.

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