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Here it was Spring in Korea.. My life has been chaotic, and I'm here to tell you all about it. Hello My name is Rose, I'm from Seoul South Korea. I have been bullied by the most richest student of my school and I have been abused in many ways that is better untold then told. My fate and destiny is clearly not on my side, Jungkook is the rich student of my school, he is also the best player on the basketball team, but he would kick me and slap me and call me names. I couldn't understand why though, I had looks and talent, did he like me? Who knows? What if my fate wasn't on my side and I found out that Jungkook is a vampire? What if I also find out that he is obsessed with me? What will happen?

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Broken Bones

{Rose's pov}

I was walking out the school doors when suddenly the bad boy of the school walked up to me
"Did you do my homework rose?"
The boy known as Jungkook asked as I scoffed and rolled my eyes
"It's not my work Jungkook, you're what 17 and you can't even do your own work? High school isn't about cheating your way through, you gotta work to get the credit which helps you pass. So please learn to do your own work pathetic little boy."
Apparently that angered him because he kicked me down to the ground causing a crowd to surround us yelling "Fight"
He chuckled as he just continued kicking me harder and harder until he heard a snap in my body as I screamed out and cried in pain
That's when his eyes widened in realization, he had just broken one of my bones from kicking me so hard.
I whimpered in pain as I lied there on the ground curled up into a ball crying even harder starting to hyperventilate.
"Somebody get the nurse!" Jungkook yelled as he lifted my fragile and small body up into his arms trying to keep me awake, but his efforts didn't work as I passed out in his arms from so much pain.
{End of Rose's pov}
"Rose I'm so sorry.. I just get so mad that I can't help what happens, I can't control my anger."
Jungkook said as he continued holding Rose in his arms whom was unconscious but then he heard yelling and running footsteps which were from the school nurse.
"Mr Jeon what happened?" The nurse said as Jungkook froze.
He didn't know what to say or what to do as he just sat there holding onto Rose's unconscious body.
"Mr Jeon answer me!"
"W-We gotten into a f-fight and I a-accidentally hurt h-her."
Jungkook said as he looked at the nurse in tears.
Jungkook had liked Rose but he just couldn't gather up the courage to tell her so instead he bullied her and used her.
"Hand her to me Mr Jeon.. you need to go to the principals office and he'll deal with you, I'm gonna take Miss Park to the hospital and get her treated, you better stay in the principals office until I come back, do you understand Jungkook?"
"Y-Yes Ma'am." He said as he got up walking back towards the school and to the principals office.
{Jungkook's pov}
I don't know what overcame me, it was like I was seeking for revenge or even like I wanted to hurt her, which I didn't.
I sighed as I knocked on the principal's door hearing a soft 'come in'
I walked into his office as I sat down in front of his desk
"Mr Jeon, what brings you here?"
"Sir the school nurse sent me here because I had a fight with Park Chaeyoung and I ended up breaking one of her bones."
The principal sighed as he sat his pen down on his glass desk then looked over at me.
"Mr Jeon.. why did you fight with Rose?"
"Sir.. I haven't been honest, I've been bullying her because I like her, and I can't man up and gather up enough courage to tell her so instead I bully her."
"Mr Jeon you caused a young girl a broken bone! Do you have any idea what you've done?! I'm going to have to contact your father Mr Jeon."
"No please don't! I'll do anything, please!" I begged while crying.
I was scared of my father, he was a major drinker and he would always end up hurting me in the end, I couldn't stand him, He made his own son scared of him because he can't control his actions.
"Okay Mr Jeon, why do you not want me to contact your father?"
"It's personal, just please don't."
"I'm sorry Mr Jeon but you seriously injured a student, you broke one of her bones, that's serious and well.. you've got to suffer the consequences."
The principal picked up his phone as he dialed my father's phone number.
"Hello this is Jeon's residence."
"Hello Mr Jeon, I have your son Jungkook in my office, he severely injured a student today. In fact, he broke one of her bones."
I sighed as my entire body started quaking and tears fell down my face.
I knew my father would beat me for this.
"I'll deal with him once he gets home."
"Thank you Mr Jeon, have a nice day."
After the principal said that he hung up the phone then looked over at me.
"You have no idea what you've done, you'll be lucky if he doesn't kill me."
I said as I got up off of the chair and walked out of the principal's office then out of the school doors and walked home.
As soon as I walked into the front door I immediately got kicked down to the floor by my own father.
"O-Oww A-Appa P-Please!"
"Jungkook you'll be lucky if that girl survives!"
My father yelled at me as he continued beating me until I couldn't even get up and just lied there in pain crying.
"Get up and go wash up for dinner!"
My father yelled at me as I got up limping to the bathroom then went inside and washed my face but winced in pain as the cold water hit my bruises and I flinched a bit.
"Jungkook dinner is ready! Get down here!"
I sighed as I winced more in pain limping back into the kitchen and sitting down looking at the food my father had prepared.
Kimchi, Fried rice, and banana milk.
My favorite drink.
I sighed as I started eating the food and drinking my favorite beverage.
Once I was done I washed the dishes then sneaked out once my father was asleep and went to visit Rose whom was in the hospital.
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