A Sparkle Of Hope

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"Why should I believe you?" I queried in a quiet tone. "I don't know. If believing is a bit of an excessive thing that I am asking, then you don't have to do it. I will not force you. But you have to compromise with us a little and if you do it, you will be out of here. Very soon," she smiled, seeming absolutely promising. But still, her words were altogether unbelievable. Though in that disbelief, there is a sparkle of hope and a feeling of confidence that were slowly instilling in the corner of my mind. ××××××××××××××× Sparkles of hope flickering through the air are always surrounded around us. We can't see those but we can certainly sense those by our hearts; only if we really want to feel those hopes. At present Steeve Orion Willer believes all of that. There always comes a stage in our lives when we are on the verge of losing hopes and some of us lose it all but currently, Steeve is rigid and always persistent on his pursuit to find his angel. Whenever something goes wrong in his life, Steeve only inhales a deep breath along with those hopes surrounded us, and incaging the hopes into his every body cell like oxygen, he breathes out all his negative thoughts. Then when Steeve opens his eyes, he can sense those rare sparkles as his savior said. But he wasn't like this afore. Someone special somehow stealthily had managed to reform him this way while he was kidnapped.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Steeve's P.O.V.

I was sitting on the chair in my office. Leaning my head on the chair, I let myself get drifted in the thoughts of my past- how I meet my angel six years ago after getting kidnapped. My sweet angel of death.


It had been two days from the day l was abducted by the gang. I was a normal teenager boy who had gone to a regular party with the friends of my elder brother who were in college. When I heard my elder brother was going to a party in the bar where only adults were allowed, I just couldn't control my excitement and curiosity to witness their party. But I was seventeen and a very soon to be eighteen and a future adult which meant I wasn't allowed in the bar. Even though I wasn't allowed there, I tried to convince my brother to let me see their crazy friends party. And guess what he agreed.

So having an andernaline filled with excitement and joy, my heart was literally jumping when I entered in the bar for the first time in my life. Though it was illegal but it was quite thrilling to break the law and furthermore, it wasn't very difficult to enter in the bar since my brother bribed the security.

You know the phrase that curiosity killed the cat; but in my case, my curiosity of going to a bar got me kidnapped.

When I went to the washroom during the party, I saw two men standing there. As they saw me, they smirked menacingly and closed my mouth with a napkin. I couldn't get enough time to do something because I instantly became disoriented and slowly lost my senses. I was sure that napkin was contaminated with chloroform or some other chemical which was the culprit behind my unconsciousness.

After that I couldn't remember anything but waking up in a dark room. Opening my eyes when I saw that horrible and terrible darkness, I wanted to let out a scream. But I reminded myself not to be a coward. I was just harmonizing to a comfortable position and meanwhile a idea from nowhere popped in my mind which seemed quite befitting to me.

Couldn't it be a prank by my brother?

Yes. Yes. It's a billion times yes. This should be definitely a prank by my brother. That idiotic fool thought making me unconscious and keeping in that repulsive darkness, he could make a fun of me. No way. I wasn't going to let myself down. He surely was my elder brother but I wasn't a complete fool. So assuming my thought as truth, I remained silent in that awful darkness and started to think how could I make my brother's plan backfiring him. Maybe I could pretend to be dead. This would make him think either the chemical or the darkness effected my body in a negative way. After that he surely would start to freak out. Then I would laugh aloud clutching my stomach tightly. Thinking all this I started to smirk sneakily in my mind.

But alas! My bliss didn't last for too long. Suddenly the lights turned on and two bulky and hulky men entered in the room. When I looked into their eyes for the first time, I only could see the dominance floating there which wanted to make me afraid of them. But I didn't avert my eyes from them and tried my best to promote my self-confidence. But unfortunately as they were coming closer, my heart started to beat faster and my confidence started to abbreviate.

I almost got a heart-attack because of those two hulks sudden barks and demands to utter for whom I work.

If I answered them truthfully, my answer would be no one because I didn't work for anyone except my mother in order to earn some extra pocket money by babysitting my little sister. But I couldn't answer them that and the sole reason was they gave me options. They asked me if I worked for NYDP or FBI etc anti crime organization. I didn't work for those. In fact, I didn't work for any organizations. Why weren't they understanding?

After not getting their satisfied answer, they made me purple, blue and red by beating me to death. When their first hit touched my skin, my body filtered the pain and poured the thought of all this messed up things being a part of my brother's prank. That was the moment I finally realized that I was actually kidnapped.

Through out their entire torture session, I didn't utter a single word because I knew if I opened my mouth nothing but screams would have come out and those screams wouldn't have lessen my pain; on the contrary, those would have given the monsters an extensive amount of satisfaction and inspiration to beat me more because they would know that their dominance impacted on me.

When they realized they won't be able to get their expected reactions from me, they eventually stopped. It was like a huge victory for me and a disgraceful defeat to them. As they stopped, I perceived my body wasn't capable of taking more. But in no matter, I wasn't going to let myself down; not even in my most evil times.

When the devils were leaving the room, we had an eye contact and I gave them a smirk.

An extremely sinister one.

I knew it wasn't my place to smirk. That smirk would only provoke the devils which wasn't obviously good for me. Fortunately I didn't have to suffer the consequences of my provocation only because of the agony which had taken over my body pushed the shut button of my body and I fell into a deep slumber.

This was the scenario of my first day of kidnapping. The second day was similar to the first day. They asked me the same questions and then tortured me. But I heard them saying something like he is a tough and trained one.

Dude. I wasn't trained. Trust me, my parents didn't train me how to tolerate their tortures and I also didn't take any sorts of training for that from any institutions. I didn't even know how I just endured those.

By their cross-examination, they made me feel like I was an undercover agent who just got caught while sweeping some details about their illegal works. For this reason, I had a feeling maybe they mistook me with someone else.

Today was the third day. They brought me to another room today. The previous one didn't contain anything but darkness. This room had a window which was providing me some sunshine. They didn't even tied my hands today. In the former two days, they used to tie my hands with ropes and only used to untie whenever they gave me something to eat or I had to go to the washroom.

However, I was having vibes that today would happen something good. Maybe they wouldn't torture me today or they realized that they captured the wrong person. So they would release me today.

What a waste of time they did by abducting me for two days! Bloody Blockheads!

Suddenly I visualized a girl around fifteen or maybe sixteen years old in the room. She had mendously thick caramel brown hair which seemed primly smooth while it flowed over her shoulders; complementing her pale skin. The girl was lanky; nevertheless, she looked sweetly cute as she was wearing kidult clothes in an offbeat way.

But there wasn't any girl scratch that because there wasn't any living person in the room before. So how the hell she came here? I also didn't see the door opening. Even the window which was the mere hole of those gigantic walls surrounded around me wasn't appropriate for anyone to come inside through it.

My blue eyes met the girl's brown ones. The girl gave me a sweet cheeky smile. I assumed the smile was like a signal of assurance that she wouldn't hurt me.

But my subconscious told me to stop assuming things because nowdays my assumptions were far from truth.

The girl came closer to me and held my hands. She quickly placed a pill in my hand and a glass on the table. I was taken aback by her sudden and swift gestures. I stared at the pill and the same time wondered what was the pill for. I held the glass to drink water but instead of seeing waster, l saw a paper. Becoming confused, I turned my head to both sides to trace the girl but she was nowhere to find.

Holy fuck. Where did she go? Who was she? That mysterious and abstruse girl was emitting angelic auras. She also appeared from nowhere and vanished in the air like an angel. Was she really an angel? Was she here to help me? A bubble of hope started to build around me. Taking a deep sigh, I unfolded the paper and saw something was written there in a beautiful cursive handwriting.

I knew a bubble doesn't last long and even this one also didn't last long. The writing in the paper was like a sharp needle which pinched my beloved bubble and bursted it. There was written-

Gulp the pill when they will come to interrogate you.

This crushed my hope of something good would happen today and I became sure that the flint-hearteds would come to torture me again today. Wasn't the fairy here to help me? But again, was she really an angel?

While I was sinking in my own thoughts about that mysterious girl, the door was abruptly opened. Two men came and sat in front of me. One of them held a stick and the other started to ask the same questions. I eyed the stick which would give me more bruises today and thought about the pill which was still in my hand. I gulped the pill before they could notice what I had in my hand. I was unaware of the fact why I gulped the pill and moreover why I decided to obey the girl with weird gestures.

The man was still asking me questions. After two minutes, their voices started to fade and my vision started to blur. My body was becoming numb and I was losing my every control over it. Was I dying? Was that weird girl the angel of death? Was I now going to yield up myself to the ghosts? While thinking about all this, I passed out.


I got distracted while thinking about my past because of the knocks on my door. Getting irritated and cursing whoever the idiot was, I told the person to come in. The idiot was my assistant. She was looking like she wanted to tell me something but hesitating. So I asked, "What is it now?"

She replied, "It's eight-thirty, sir"

"So," I asked in a monotonous tone. As I stated that, I realized what a I fool was. Her shift was over one hour ago. So she was here to ask me if she could go home now.

"My works are done. Can I go home?" she asked so politely; perfectly covering her annoyance by fake politeness.

Damn her civility. Our project's deadline was today. So there were so many works nowadays that she had to do overtime. But she did those without complaining; maybe with cursing me in her mind.

"Yes, you can. But before that, tell my driver to prepare my car and I am going to my parent's house for two days. So you don't need to be present in the office for those two days and also on the weekend." I said believing she deserved some days off.

"So see you on Monday, sir," she said to make sure if I really gave her three days off or not.

As I gave her a slight nod, she started to thank me again and again. Crazy woman. But not as crazy as my angel was.

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