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They say marriage is suppose to be between two people that love each other that wanna grow old together .. not forced to make your family happy? How does one marry someone you don't even know? What if I don't like her? What if she doesn't like me? .. but I can't let my family down I have to do this even if it means being miserable...

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My princess's name is Viktor Kuznetsov. My mother and I escaped from Russia because we wanted a better life. So we fled to the United States. Since we've been in America, we thought we would have a better experience, but it didn't happen. When we got there, we tried to find my father, but my mother called her close friend, and they had told her that he died while he tried to escape, they had shot and killed him.

My mother fell into a bad depression, so I had to work. There wasn't much going around till I got a job at the local grocery store while also going to school. One day while I was working, I was pushing carts, and an older man stopped me and asked how I was doing. He was getting to know me but what stopped me was when he asked me if I wanted to work for him, "You'll make great money, and rule all of New York and be the richest man. Everyone will fear you one day; imagine all the power and wealth you will possess." The man stated.

It was Saturday morning, and I was putting on my uniform for work. Once I was done making sure my mother would be okay, I knocked at one of the neighbor's doors to ask them if they could keep an eye out for my mom and that I would be home by four in the afternoon.

"Yes, of course, dear," Mrs. Meyer says, so when I left, I knew that my mom was in good hands until I got home from work.

So when the hours had passed, I looked at the clock, and it was almost time to go, but my boss told me I had to bring the carts in. So as I walked outside, I saw the same car that the older man had been standing by. When I had the carts away, I went in and clocked out for the day, saying goodbye to my coworkers on the way out. I noticed that the car was still there when I walked out, walking past it when I had started to walk home, but when I looked back, I saw the car follow me.

When I turned down my street, I could see my house, but I had stopped when the car pulled up in front of me; the window to the vehicle had rolled down, revealing the older man From the other day. I swallowed hard because he made me feel nervous, especially since he now knows where I lived. "So, young man, have you decided on your answer?"

"Yes, I have. I decided to work for you until I make enough money for my mother. I would be home Four in the afternoon.

After my little encounter with Mr. Vasiliev, I rushed inside my home and quickly ordered dinner. There was a knock on the front door, thinking that the delivery person came fast. I went to open the door to see a young guy standing there. He pulled out an envelope and a phone. "This is for you. Be ready for when the Boss calls you; he doesn't like to wait," he tells me.

Giving him a nod, he was about to leave. "Wait! Can you tell him not to come to my house? My mother is sick, and I don't want her to worry," I tell him. He narrows his eyes as he looks me up and down over his shoulder.

"Got it," he snaps before taking off down the street; I quickly shut the door so that I wouldn't let any more heat out of the house.

Later that evening, the phone rang; closing my bedroom door, I quickly answered it, "Hello, Mr. Vasiliev."

"Viktor, I will have my driver come to pick you up tomorrow night. Do you have anyone to look after your mother?" He asked me.

"No, I don't," I sighed.

"No worries, I'll have one of my girls come and look after her"

"Mr. Vasiliev, thank you, but I don't, so she will wake up and get scared if there is a person inside our house that she doesn't know" I didn't want my mother to start freaking out and call the police all because Mr. Vasiliev was nice.

"Right, figure it out, boy I need you to be there tomorrow night," he snaps over the phone.

"Okay, I'll ask my neighbor, but if not, then I'll give you a call back to let you know."

"Very well."

"Bye, Mr. Vasiliev," I said before hanging up the phone. I only could ask Mrs. Meyer next door. I just hoped she could keep an eye on my mother.

Checking on my mother, I see she's fast asleep in her bedroom. Mrs. Meyer frequently comes to our flat to check and make sure my mom is okay and has everything she needs. Putting the duvet Covers on my mom, I leave her room, leaving the door slightly ajar if I needed to help her with anything. I make my way out of our apartment to Mrs. Meyer's front door. Knocking, she opened instantly.

" Oh, Viktor, it's you, your mother's asleep in her room. Is there anything you need?" she asked.

"Well, first, thank you for looking after my mother while I work; you're much appreciated. I wanted to ask if you can look after her tomorrow night? I have something essential after work that I need to take care of." I said to her.

"Well, of course, if you need to be out longer than you need to, then I'll just stay at your flat until you get home." She looked at me with a weird expression on her face and then continued to talk," I hope you're not getting into any trouble."

She can't know what's going on, so I smiled at her and stated," No, ma'am. Thank you so much. I'll see you tomorrow" I kissed her cheek then headed inside our flat.

Dialing Mr. Vasiliev's number, he answered on the third ring.

"Talk to me, Viktor."

"I'll be there. I have someone to watch my mother," I answered.

"Good, my driver will pick you up straight from work. Don't try to play me, boy I will make your life a living hell. Understood?" he said with an authoritative tone.

"Understood, Boss"

And that's how I started working for one of the most ruthless Russian Mafia in New York, but what I didn't know until later on was that one day I would learn the truth, revealing Mr. Vasiliev was, in fact, my father.
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