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It was the last year of college and Ryker Pierce could safely say he had an awesome year. His hot looks were almost illegal and he was born into wealth. His grades were more than great, he was a star athlete and had more than his share of beautiful girls on campus. Went through them like a pack of candy and moved on. He had no plans of settling, until an ethereal ballerina, Marlena Perry, caught his eye. He decided to change his playboy ways and give his heart to the most sort after girl at college, and he ultimately got it broken in the process. Leaving him dateless for his upcoming family holiday, couples retreat. He decided to tell his family of the breakup and offer his excuses, but unforeseen events quickly change his mind when he finds out who his older brother, Thorn, will be bringing along. He needed to get a date and he needed to do it fast. Even if it meant blackmailing the school nerd, Paisley Roberts, to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Romance / Humor
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The wrought iron gates of my brother’s mansion on the lakeside district of Sacramento swung open, allowing my friends, Drew, Taro, Malik, and I to speed past the tight security in my brand new Bugatti. The guards obviously knew who I was because I regularly featured here. I would have found my own place by now but my parents were totally against it. They told me I could move out from home, only after the graduation cap was firmly secured on my head. They were not overbearing or anything but they just wanted me to succeed really badly.

“Are you sure he’s not home?” Taro asked again. “We’ve invited a lot of people to this party tonight.”

“And you’re sure he won’t mind us being here?” Malik voiced his concern.

Drew frowned. “It will be really embarrassing if he just shows up and throws us out…”

“Stop stressing,” I reassured him. “Haven’t we done this before? Like tons of times?”

“If you’re sure…” Taro eyed me skeptically.

“I think you guys need a drink. A strong one,” I chuckled and drove the car into one of the vacant parking spaces in the ten-door garage.

“Now you’re speaking my language!” Drew exclaimed as we hopped out of the car and made our way into the house.

Thorn wasn’t the best brother sometimes, but we got along fine. Unlike my parents, he understood that I was still young and needed to sow my wild oats. He gave me permission to use his house if I needed to. Just like our father, he was a very successful and sort-after neuro-surgeon and they were disappointed when I decided to be a graphic designer. But I didn’t care. This was my life and I could choose my career path without their input, thank you very much.

We headed straight to the bar and poured shots as the caterers were busy running around with last-minute preps.

This was the exact reason why people coveted an invitation to my parties. They were not your typical college parties-they were classy. Not just anyone could come or even attempt to crash it. The young, rich, and famous were the usual crowd. Sometimes celebrities usually graced my soirees, those were the levels I operated on. I was friends with kids of heads state and most popular stars, that’s why I had to select the guest list very carefully.

“So what are your plans for the holiday?” Taro asked.

“Just the usual,” I shrugged. “My family and I will be flying out to the Greek Islands, on the so-called Couples Christmas Retreat, where we can bond and they can get to know our significant others.”

“But they’ve met Marlena and they obviously love her,” Malik added. “Will the sultry beauty be gracing us with her presence tonight?” he bounced his eyebrows.

“No,” I replied. “She’s got a family engagement.”

“So you’re a free man tonight?”

“Nah,” I shook my head. “You know that I’m not about that life-not anymore anyway,” I took a bottle of sparkling water from the bar fridge and popped it open. “There is only one woman for me.”

“I must say you shocked all of us when you two started dating,” Drew grinned widely. “She was definitely not your type. You really stepped out of your comfort zone this time.”

“And I’m glad I did,” I smiled as I reminisced. “Let’s get ready,” I said glancing at my diamond-studded, Rolex. “Guests are going to start to arrive in a few moments.”

The party was in full-swing. Music was banging, drinks and meaningless conversation were flowing and everyone was scattered around the house, the poolside or just walking around the dimly lit garden, koi ponds, or the trees and marble sculptures. Multiple bars, valet parking, and waiters were circling around serving hors d’oeuvres and expensive alcohol that most people couldn’t even pronounce.

I was mingling with guests, just sitting on the terrace with the usual crowd, and having a really good time. The drinking competition had started and so far I was unrivaled.

“Hey, Pierce!” When are we going to sample that humongous Jacuzzi?!” Jax, a quarterback at our school called out from across the pool-table. “Heard the room is soundproof too?” he wiggled his brows at his hot piece for the night.

I laughed and hollered back. “Whenever you’re ready bro!”

“How about now!”

“Let’s do it!”

“Yeaahhhh!!!” My friends cheered and I led the way as we ran towards the staircase, rushing to the third-floor where the heated-pool was situated. A sizeable number scrambled to the top, stripping off their clothes on their way there.

As we burst in through the doors the unmistakable sound of groans of pleasure were heard. “Looks like someone is way ahead of us!” Jax guffawed.

Little did I know that a nasty surprise awaited me. One I wouldn’t soon forget. The someone happened to be two people I knew very well. My invited guests-which is like all the cool popular kids in school-and I were unfortunate enough to witness my brother, hammering into my girlfriend from here right through to Sunday. They were so caught up in their illustrious liaison that they didn’t hear us come in.

We all looked on stunned. Some of my so-called friends found the whole thing funny and were daring enough to take their phones out and took photographs and the like.

For a moment, I was immobile and felt like I couldn’t breath-like someone had sunk a knife straight through my throat. This could not be happening to me right now. How could she have played me like this? With my brother at that? After she told me she was still untouched and was saving herself for marriage. I was an idiot. How could I have believed her??

That’s when something inside me snapped and unexplainable hot, white rage washed over me. I didn’t turn green like Bruce Banner but I’m sure with the anger that exploded inside of me, I resembled Daredevil.

I don’t know how I flew across the room but all I know is in the end, all I saw was red. Literally.

You could hardly make Thorn’s face by the time I was done with him. No one dared to interfere or come between us to break up the fight. I was in beast-mode and everyone knew that no one-absolutely no one could tame me when I was like that.

Marlena was whimpering in the corner trying to cover her shamefully exposed body. If people wanted to take pics, let them. She deserved exactly what she got for her Slutty Barbie behavior and for playing me for a fool. The emotional side of me was so tempted to walk over to her and wring her delicate little neck until it snapped, but I thought better of it.

I sauntered over to her and she cowered away as I stripped of my t-shirt and threw it at her. “Get out!” I barked at her and she scrambled to her feet and scampered away like a frightened deer.

I turned to the crowd that had gathered around and barked a similar command. “Party’s over. OUT!”

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