One Night With A Billionaire

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Meet Kate Lawrence a beautiful,young Lady, she has it all,you name it,riches, fiance,perfect family and a perfect life. But it all changed in a night, all her perfect little world came crumbling down on her Wanna know why right?let me tell you😊😊😊 She had sex with her gardener on the night of her engagement party, yes real good sex..... She woke up regretting it and having no choice she fired the gardener asking him not to come back into her life. But the gardener didn't want that,he found that he wanted more, more of Kate, ever since the night they spent together, he has been thinking about her,maybe we can it obsession or love but he knew he wanted her to be more to him This gardener Of ours has a secret, he is a rich billionaire, a tycoon, everyguy wants to be in his position,due to being pursued by bimbos,golddiggers etc,he decides to hide his identity to search for a girl,a girl who will love him the way he is,he hadn't met anyone until he met Kate and knowing that she is the one he has been searching for,he is not willing to give her up. Now our gardener is back in Kate life but not as a gardener but as a rich tycoon, ready to take what belongs to him and that is Kate......

Romance / Fantasy
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Episode 1

💨kate POV💨
"I think you should wear this,it will suit you more"

"Wear this,its better"

"No blue suits her best,she should wear this gown"

I sighed as I watch my sisters fight over the dress I will be wearing tonight at the engagement party

"Why don't we let her pick,which one would you prefer Kate" Sandra said

"Pick the blue, it suits you better" Jessica added

"No the red one,its more sexy and martin will love it on you" Lucy added

"You guys don't need to pick for me, I already know what to wear" I said and went to bring out a white gown

"Always dressing up as a Maid" Jessica said as she sat on the bed

"Its what am comfortable in,I dont really like that gown" I said and watch them gave me a disappointed look

Its always been like that between my sisters and i.
Well a little intro,am Kate henshaw,the third daughter of Peter henshaw,am 24 years and am what guys will term as average beauty,my sisters are what people refer to as damsel,Angel and gorgeous,am a kind and shy person,my sisters Jessica,Sandra and our last born Lucy,as have said earlier my sisters are what they call damsel,my sisters are always followed by men and am always left out and I dont really mind because working and getting to the top is what really matters to me.

Have always thought that I won't ever get married but martin came, well its not a love at first thing,its an arrange marriage my dad prepared for me and I dont have any choice than to accept and martin is a sweet guy.

"My God he is really hot" Lucy suddenly said from the window.

We all went to check out the person she was starring at and its the gardener, liam stood downstairs shirtless,planting some leaves

"Have never seen him shirtless before ,he really is hot" Sandra added

"Its a shame that he is just a gardener,if only he was rich,at least if he was in our class,I would have slept with him already" Jessica said

And I watched them,ever since liam was brought into their mansion to work,they've never liked him,always insulting him and humiliating him whenever they get the chance but I have always found it cool being with him,he makes me laugh, advice me sometimes and he is always ready to fight for me anytime am being bullied by my sisters.

"Just look at his biceps, ohhhhh I really love hot men" Lucy said

"Just yesterday,you had been calling him a fool and now he is hot to you,you all are just the same" I said

"We are sisters,so we will be the same, you are also the same with us,dont try to act like a saint,I know you also like the gardener" Sandra said

"And what makes you say that?" I said

"The way you look at him and the way he stares at you,haven't you seen the way he looks at you,that guy likes you" Jessica added

"Liam and I are just friends and please dont repeat that again, I dont want martin hearing some crazy rumour created by you" I said starring at them

I starred at Liam downstairs,could what they say be the truth,no liam only sees her as a friend and I also see him as a friend too.

I thought and just then he looked up at my window and smiled, I could see my sister Lucy waving at him but he only smiled at me and that got me blushing something which have never felt with martin,I quickly went to the room......

❤liam POV❤
I saw her by the window,she was starring at me,looking gorgeous as always, I gave her a smile but she went inside without waving as she always did, is it because of her sisters who are with her ?

I thought as I starred at her window,I saw Lucy the last daughter waving at me but I ignored her,I only want Kate greeting and besides what have come over her,she never liked me along with two of her sisters.

I only get along with Kate,Kate who I find isn't as shallow and classy as her sisters

She is more better than her sisters but she doesn't know that,anytime I chat with her,she is always saying,she is ugly and that her sisters are more better than her,if only she knew that she is far more better than them and she is not ugly, well to him i find her to be a very beautiful lady.

A lady i admire and like a lot,its just a shame that she is getting married to her fiancé and her engagement is tonight, i wasn't even invited.

💨kate POV💨
I walked around the party with martin,greeting the guest invited by mom and his mom.

I remembered telling the both of them that I only want a small gathering but knowing my mother she would invite the whole world if possible...

We were still greeting the guest when martin pulled me outside,we got to the garden and he pulled me to him kissing me

"You drive me crazy Kate" he said kissing

Because it's an arrange marriage have never let things gone far between martin and I

We only kissed and cuddle but have never gone to bed together

"Let me make love to you,right here" he said suddenly kissing my throat

What is he saying?there is a party going on and he wants us to make love and besides he has promised me that he will only sleep with me when we get married, so what has bring the Change now,I thought as I pushed him off

"No martin,it's our engagement party tonight and besides you've promi....."

"I know what I promised but am tired already,we will be getting married anyway,let's just do it once and for all" he said pulling me to him,kissing and touching me in places no man have touched before

"No martin,let me go,let me go" I said pushing him away

"Dont get me angry Kate,I want you already" he said

"Then you will have to wait,no dont touch me Martin" I said trying to push him and just then I heard laim voice not far away

" the Lady said you should leave her alone"

We both turned and I saw the angry look on liam face, if care isn't taken, he would beat the hell out of martin and I couldn't allow that to happen,not when there is a party going on..........

💨Kate POV💨
"Who the hell do you think you are to meddle in our affair" martin said walking towards liam

"Am Kate friend and I won't sit back and watch you hurt her " liam said

"Like seriously Kate,you should chose your friends wisely, you the daughter of a wealthy man is friends with a gardener, common Kate how can you stoop so low"

I suddenly got angry after hearing what Martin said,just because liam is poor doesn't mean he should look down on him

I got in between the both of them and stood facing Martin

"Am not stooping low,everyone deserves to be treated equally and that goes for Liam,he might be a gardener it doesn't mean I should not befriend him,he is my friend and I wont let you insult him" I said

"Your supporting him over me,your fiance" he said

" am just saying the truth and am not supporting anyone"

"Well that doesn't look like it, your taking that gardener side and I won't stand for it,I just won't" he said and walked off angrily

Another one of his tantrums,I just hope he doesn't makes things worse.

"Are you okay" liam said behind me,I turned and gave him a smile

"Am okay liam" I said

"That guy is a real pig,isn't it time you leave you before it's too late" liam said

"I can't do that not when everything is all prepared and you know my dad,if I decides to quit the wedding today,he would make things hard for me and I dont want that" I said and suddenly he moved close to me holding my cheek starring at me intently

"Would you run away,go far away,somewhere you know they won't be able to find you" he said


"I can help you Kate,just say yes and you won't be able to marry that shit of a guy" liam said

I find his offer too tempting,if I left without saying a thing,It would be irresponsible of me and whether I like it or not have made a commitment to martin and have got to fulfil it

"Say yes Kate,I can take you some where you......"

"No liam,have got to stay,have made a commitment to martin and I just can't leave,it will be irresponsible of me" I said moving away from him because suddenly I felt so fascinated with him close to me

"But that guy doesn't deserve you,just leave all this and let's go'" he said

"No liam,I can't, I just can't" I said and left him standing there.

I got back to the party and was stopped by busy body sisters

"What were you doing out there alone with the gardener" Lucy said

"We were just talking"

"Really?talking? We saw him holding your cheeks" Jessica added

"And he had this lover look on his face when he was talking to you" Sandra said

"What do you have going on with him?" They asked in unison

",nothing!!!! Have told you guys countless of time that I don't have anything going with the gardener, please just leave me alone" I said and walked off leaving the three of them starring at me

💨 Liam pov💨
I walk around in the garden feeling so restless,why would she want to continue with a loser like Martin,i have to find a way to stop her from doing something stupid.

I was heading into the mansion when I heard someone voice

I went to where the voice was coming from and I saw martin there,he was on the phone

"Yes my darling,I can't wait to get out of this boring party and come to your arms" he said to whoever was on the phone.

Could it be Kate but Kate is in the party right?I turned and saw Kate heading to the pool side

If he isn't talking to kate then it means the bastard has a lover

"Kate?she won't ever find out,don't worry I have her in control,tell me what you will do to me once I come your house my love" he said

On hearing what he said I wanted to go to him and punch his face but I stopped myself,its a good thing that the bastard has a lover,well that means that Kate won't be marrying him when she finds out that he is cheating on her.i have to tell Kate about it I thought as I left the Hall.

💨kate pov💨
I sat on the chair starring at the pool, it looks so beautiful in the night.

Why wouldn't it?dad had spent a lot of money on it.

ThankGod I made an excuse and get out of that party,I felt so suffocated,I just had to be on my own,to think,I don't know why suddenly am feeling weird anytime am around liam,I feel so happy and safe around him,something which have never felt with Martin or anyone else.

Just then I felt his presence,I turned and found him behind me,he was starring at me in a strange way .

"Hey why aren't you at the party" he said coming to Sit beside me

"Because am feeling so suffocated, I just had to escape,so I lied that I was retiring to my room and knowing this place to always be peaceful, I came here" I said

"Kate I need to tell you something" he said suddenly and judging by the look on his face,its something serious.

Could it be that he wants to tell me that he likes me,could what my sisters be saying the truth?

"You dont really need to tell me" I said and he starred at me

"Have got to tell you,its really important" he said

"No please dont?I don't think I can take it" I said.

Unknown to her he wasn't trying to tell her about his feeling for her,he only wanted to tell her about Martin and his lover

"Just listen to me" he said

"No liam, not you too,am as confused as it is,I don't want you to confuse me more" I said

"Confuse you?"

"Yes, I know that you like me okay,my sisters told me that you like me not as a friend but as something more" I said starring at him

"Is it true ?"I said wanting to know the truth

💨liam pov💨
I stood starring at her,I had no intention of talking to her about my feelings for her but now that she has brought it up,its best I tell her the whole truth

" yes Kate,I like you a lot "I said and heard her gasp

" but you can't?you shouldn't have?you know that am engaged"she said

"An engagement of benefit right?you don't want him and am sure you dont even desire him,whereas I know that you want me" I said

"Then you don't know me well enough" she said

"I know you so well that I know that you are lying, should I prove you wrong" I said moving to her and pulling her in my arms

"What are you doing liam,let me go" sge said

But I wasn't listening to reason anymore, I only wanted to taste her lips,lips which have always fascinates me and without further thinking I kissed her

💨Kate pov💨
He kept on kissing me Even when I pushed him away.

I wanted to feel disgust by his kiss but no I didn't feel such,instead I found myself wanting more,my body craved for more

He stopped suddenly and I found myself pulling him back

"Easy okay,we will continue but not here" he said and before I knew what he was doing he carried me in his arms and took me to his room,he put me down on the floor and held me to him

"Are you sure about this my love" he said kissing my neck

I could only nod In response"yes I am sure.

💨kate POV💨
I woke up the next day to feel someone kissing my neck and it felt so wonderful.

I closed my eyes and smiled at whoever was performing wonders by kissing me

"You look so beautiful in the morning" he said and that broke the spell

I opened my eyes to find myself in the workers room and there was liam all over me,starring at me,what the hell happened, I thought as I pushed him away.

"Hey what's wrong?" He said starring at me

I took a quick look at everything and saw the mess have put myself in,I just slept with the gardener, I just cheated on my fiancé,this is crazy,how can it be me?why did I do this?I thought starring at everywhere apart from him

"Hey?" He said again touching my shoulders and I moved away from him

"What's wrong with you, why are you suddenly acting cold" he said

"Why shouldn't I!!!this should never have happened,I shouldn't have slept with you" I said

"You were Happy to do it last night,why are you now behaving this way" he said

"Its because I am engaged,have done something immoral,have cheated on martin" I said feeling so guilty

"No you didn't cheat on Anyone Kate" he said getting up from the bed,naked.

I quickly averted my face and I heard him laugh

"Its too late now, you saw the whole thing last night and you love every bit of it" he said walking towards me and holding me

"You wanted it to happen,you loved every bit of it and I did too,there is no need regretting it" he said

I pull free from him and stood up from the bed

"You can convince me liam,this should never have happened"

"Don't say that Kate,what happened between us is destined to happen" he said moving towards me

"Its not,I shouldn't have let anything happen,please liam stay away" i said as he walked close to me

"Now that we are down to this I want you to know that I like you a lot Kate and I don't think I can let you go easily" he said kissing my shoulders

This is getting worse as it is,I shouldn't have slept with him,I shouldn't have done this, if I want this to stop I have to stand my ground with him

I pushed him off angrily and I walked past him

"No liam don't come close to me okay,please, this is a mess as it is,so please leave me alone" I said and took my clothes and went into his bathroom,I quickly wore my clothes and went back into the room,thank God he isn't here,I thought as I quickly left his room.

😢Liam POV😢
I kept on digging the floor,feeling so angry and hurt

How could she have ask him to forget everything

It had been a very good night last night, he had thought that with him being the first man in her life she won't be leaving him,she would leave that Martin and come to him but she didn't,she keeps on wanting to be with that good for nothing Martin

I still have to tell her what martin said last night,the Bastard is having a lover while Kate hates herself for cheating on him

I have to tell her the truth,had to make her understand that martin is a cheating Bastard.

I began to walk to the house when i saw martin walking into the house,I saw Kate running up to him hugging him tightly.

I felt so sad just seeing her in his arms,had she really forget everything that happened between them,is she really that cruel.......

💨kate POV💨
"So you want to tell me something right?" Martin said starring at me

I can't tell him what I did ,I just can't, if he knew everything will be ruined,I just can't tell him.......

"Its nothing Martin, why not just go in,mom will like to have a word with you" I said and he kissed me and went in

I stood outside thinking,"so did you tell him "liam said behind me and I turned to see him walking towards me

I didn't want to talk to him,I just dont feel like talking to him,I thought walking off but he caught up with me

" let me go liam,dont you know that I don't want to talk to you"

"Why?is it because your feeling guilty about our night together" he said

"Shhhhhh.....someone might hear you " I said getting scared

"I dont give a damn kate and I can't forget what happened between us last night,I want you Kate" he said pulling me to him

"But i dont"

"Yes you do,you want me as much as I want you,your just scared" he said touching my face

"Liam, let me go,someone might see us"

"I dont give a damn,I want to kiss you and am going to" he said and kissed me

I tried pushing him off but he is more stronger than me and I found myself kissing him back

"My God what's wrong going on here"

We both turned on hearing someone spoke.

💨kate POV💨
We both turned and saw jessica there,she was starring at us with disgust

"Like seriously Kate how could you do this?your fiance is just around the corner and here you are messing up with this good for nothing gardener" she said

I quickly pulled away from liam and walk towards her

"Its not what you think Jessica,I can explain" I said

"Explain what?I can see it very clearly,your having an affair with that guy,no wonder you were always supporting him, why you were friends with him,it's all because he is pleasuring you in bed,you act like a saint amongst the three of us when your nothing than a slut" Jessica said

"That's enough!!!! Enough with the abuse, Kate and I aren't doing anything,so just excuse us and go away" liam said

"Wow!!!so now the gardener is talking back at me,well I won't blame you,I will only Blame Kate here, cause if she hadn't been sleeping with you and had put you in your place,you won't even dare look at me" Jessica said

"Why act so high and proud,your nothing but a spoilt brat,have you even sit for a day to think about your life, your the eldest child and a useless one at that, you never got to finish your school because you got pregnant and landed yourself with a husband at A very young age but that didn't make you smart right,that didn't get you to think about your darn life and make a change,you don't have a job and you leech off your father hopefully waiting for the day he dies so you can get your shares of the inheritance and Now here you are bragging to me,go brag to some lousy fool" liam said angrily

I stood in between them,the situation is just getting worse

"How dare you???how dare you talk about my life" Jessica said with tears in her eyes

I knew how much Jessica image matters to her,the secret about her life have been kept well hidden between the family and she hearing it from liam will only get her sad

"I dare to because......."

"Its enough liam!!! Enough!!!! Just go away" I said pushing him

"But Kate?"

"Leave, your only adding fuel to it, just leave please" I pleaded and with one last look at Jessica,he walked off.

"Your the cause of all this,you had told him right?" She said

"No I didn't?why would I"

"To spite me,well I wouldn't let this go either,I will tell Martin and father the whole truth" she said and began to walk off

No!!!she mustn't tell dad or Martin, if Martin find out he will stop the engagement and dad will be so disappointed in me and I dont want that,I thought as I ran to after Jessica .

"Please Jessica dont tell them, please,I will do anything you ask me to do,please" I pleaded

"You will do anything right? "

"Yes i will,just don't tell dad about it"

" Fine, your the only dad listens to amongst us,so tell dad to fire that good for nothing gardener "she said

" but he is homeless and poor,working here is the only source of his income and dad is very fond of him, it will be hard for me to convince dad about it"

"Then I will just have to tell him what I saw in the garden" she said walking off and I pulled her back

"Fine I will do it okay,I will talk to dad " I said and she smiled and patted my cheek

"Do it as soon as you can,I want him out of this place today" she said And walked off

It will be unfair to him if I got him fired but that's what Jessica wants to keep her mouth shut and its for the best,if he is not here, i wont be seeing him each day and be feeling guilty about what i did with him

I went to my dad study and found him there as usual,he is sorting some documents.

"Hello papa" I said walking in

"Come in,come in Kate" he said smiling

It was true with what Jessica said,my dad loves me more than he loves them and it not because I am the third child and all,I just keep proving myself to my father.

While my three sisters mess up their lives by going to parties,dating guys,busy with having a boutique,I was studying real hard,I was always the serious one among them,I got a degree in business Management and I work in dad company, i am the only one who takes dad company seriously and I think that's why dad favoured me more than them.

"So tell me Kate what's got you looking like that" he said bringing me back to reality

"Dad urrrrgh its about liam" I said

"Liam?what's wrong with him"

"Dad don't you think it's time you fired him" I said

"But why?liam is very good with his work And besides the both of you get along"

"That's the issue here dad,martin is getting jealous just by seeing us together and I don't want an issue when he will think the wrong thing and break the engagement" I said

"Fine then,if you think that's the best then I will fire him" he said

"Urrrrgh dad can I give him the news myself" I said

"If you would like to" he said and I nodded and left his office.

I went in search of liam and I found him at his quarters,I have to be the one to tell him,the sooner he leaves the better for me.

"Liam" on hearing me call him he turned to stare at me

"Kate" he said walking towards me but I moved back

"Just came to tell you that you are fired,when your through packing go to my father,he will give you your last payment" I said not looking at him directly

"So you think having me fired will make us forget what happened last night?"

" I know it surely won't make us forget but its for the best"I said about to leave when he pulled me back

"Dont do this Kate,dont give up on us,not for that guy,do you even know what he is doing, he is cheating on you kate, that creep has a lover" he said

I pulled him away from me angrily "enough liam!!! Enough okay,I won't have you saying bad things about Martin" I said

"But Its the truth Kate, Martin is a liar"

"Okay that's enough,I want you to leave and never come back liam,just get out of my life please" I said and walked off

I know that with those last word of mine, he will surely leave for good and just thinking about him leave hurt a lots

It hurts to see him go but he has to go,have got to forget him for good,have got to.

💨kate POV💨
"Hey have you heard the latest"🚺

" what ?"🚺

"The company is bankrupt,soon we will all be jobless "🚺

" but why?how come one of the biggest company is bankrupt"🚺

"Its all because of that of miss Kate"🚺

" miss Kate,what has she got to do with this? "🚺

" she is about to get married right?well her father have spent a lot chunk of the company money for her upcoming wedding"🚺

"How do you know that?"🚺

" am her father secretary right???"🚺

On hearing all of that I walked out of my office, what rubbish are they saying about the company going bankrupt,I thought as I walked to the two girls

"Oh miss Kate" they both said on seeing me, they had thought I wouldn't be in the office

"What rubbish are you spitting from your mouth, the company isn't bankrupt" I said

"Am sorry to say this miss Kate but its the truth, your dad didn't tell you,so as not to worry you but you've got to know that the company has lost a lot of money by just preparing your wedding for you"my father secretary said to me

"But dad would have said something to me, I need to talk with him" I said walking off ready to confront father

If this bankruptcy rubbish is really true then its all martin and his parents fault,they had been the telling my dad to make the wedding a big one,I never knew dad would have said yes to it,how could he?

I got to his office without even bothering to knock the door,I went in, I found him by his desk, having a worried look on his face.

"Don't tell me its true dad ,the company isn't really bankrupt"I said again

"How did you find out?"

"That doesn't matter dad,just tell me please" I said

"Its the truth"he said and immediately I went to hug him,I knew how much the company meant to him

" dad Is this because you carried the full cost of my wedding "I said still holding him

" its not that my child,the company has been having money issue since the beginning of this year,its been hard for us to get a contract anywhere "he said

" oh dad I never knew, I and my sisters kept on collecting money and you never told us what situation you were in,am sorry dad"

"Dont apologise my child,it will all be fine and Besides am waiting for an important investor heard he is interested in buying a large amount of share in our company,if he does buy it then we will make our loses back"

"And that will make the person the major holder Of our company" I said sadly

"Yes it will but the good thing in all of this is that we can still safe our company" he said

"Yes we can dad" I said feeling a but sad for dad

This company has been his whole world and now he is losing it to someone else,if I had the money, I would have payed but I dont,we will just have to wait for that investor, he or she will determine the future of our company

Later that day before going home, I went to the mall,to get something's needed for my wedding which will be taking place next week Saturday

By Saturday I will be getting married to Martin, I will be his wife and probably the mother of his kids

Just thinking about that got me having goose bumps,I just can't imagine my life with Martin,I can't.

I got to a section where plants and flowers were being sold,just seeing them made me remember him.

Its been a month since have asked him to leave our house,a month since he has left,not hearing a thing from him or about him.

After sending him away, I felt guilty, I had asked dad to try to contact him,to give him work in the company but it all turned out to be in vain because we found nothing.... Well its good we didn't find him,if he comes back into my life, I will keep on remembering my night with him And I dont want that.

I was heading out of a mall when suddenly I saw him or rather someone that looks like him

He was coming out of the flower shop that I just passed,he looked really different, gone were the shirts and jeans only to be replaced with a smart suit,he had trimmed his long which had made him looked like a pauper and now he did his hair stylishly,he looked classy and different,could it be that he has found a new work place where they payed him more,I thought starring at him

He said something to the girl beside him and she smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek and soon they both left

I stood wondering who that girl could be,is she is new girlfriend,lover or maybe wife, just thinking about that got me feeling angry and why?I don't know.

I got back home still thinking about what I just saw,I phoned martin to cancel our dinner date,though he threw a lot of tantrums,he finally gave in and cut the call even before I could finish talking.

I went to bed still thinking about liam and the Lady I saw him with ,now more than ever I really want to know who that girl is and why with her.

T B C....
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